Tips for Helping Baby Sleep All Night

Tips for Helping Baby Sleep All Night

With 7 kiddos between us, you’d think that my husband and I would be pros at finding and sharing tip for Helping Baby Sleep All Night and while we’ve got a lot of it figured out the truth is that all babies are different so sometimes it means trying different things with different babies.  Some of [...]

Digital Scrapbooking- love it or hate it, I think it’s here to stay

Digital scrapbooking has become a booming industry. Sometimes I marvel at how much we do digitally now that just a few short years ago, wasn't even a thought in anyone's head. I remember when scrapbooking really started to take off and I was amazed there were entire stores dedicated solely to scrapbooking!! I do adore [...]

The Royal Wedding – William & Catherine DVD (Giveaway)

royal wedding dvd

I think I'm one of 5 houses in the world that didn't either get up to watch William & Catherine get married or record the wedding to watch later.  To be honest, I'm a little bit sorry I didn't think to make a fun thing of it with the kids.  My day was spent looking [...]

Rokenbok ROK Building Toys (Special 50% off Reader Code!)

We love building toys around here.  I'm including myself in that, because I truly do.  Doesn't matter what the blocks are made of, we can make building blocks out of a tissue box if need be.  But we do prefer the ones you can buy, that are uniform in size and click together and stay [...]

Has anyone tried Jillian Michaels’ program?

  I keep hearing about Jillian Michaels over and over and over again- and I hear she's amazing with what she teaches people and shows them they can do with their bodies- has anyone tried her weight loss program?  No gym required intrigues me. I think I have a special kind of hatred for the [...]

Quality Bicycle Products Recalls Civia Bicycle Racks Due to Fall Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product. Name of product: Carrier rack for mounting over front [...]

Don’t Forget Dad: BARBAR Professional 180 Clippers(Giveaway)


Over the winter, I shared with you about my awesome new hair dryer with the 11 foot cord.  We've added something new to our house from the fabulous and eco-friendly BARBAR Hair Tools, in the form of hair clippers!   I may not be able to cut my daughters' hair myself, but I sure can do [...]

SaleLocator- a savings search engine and iPhone app

There's a new kid in town.  Or rather, a new search engine.  SaleLocator is a search engine for sales and shopping (um, hello, did they make it just for me?)  I think this has some great potential because it shows what's on sale near to you - local sales, local businesses- I'm all for shopping [...]

Kokopax Review/Giveaway and Discount!


Some people call me picky. However, when it comes to stylish accessories I will not settle for less. This is particularly true of baby items. I had been searching for years for that perfect diaper bag. They all seem to fall short in some way. Either they aren't structured enough, too big, too small, not enough [...]

Don’t Forget Dad: Thai Kitchen All Purpose Sauces (Giveaway)


We received some Thai Kitchen Dipping & All Purpose Sauces to review.  I love Thai flavorings- so complex, always a bit of a kick to it, and delicious.  I'm a big fan of all purpose type products when cooking because, well, I'm not a chef.  Lots of our meals end in calling for pizza take [...]