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Delicious Dishes Recipe Party: Breakfast Recipes

We are on day 5 of winter break. Send help.  Also casseroles. I'm exhausted! So much packed into 5 short days. Ending it all with a regular gymnastics filled evening but it's photo night so the kids have to wear competition leos and have hair looking decent before practice.  Thankfully I planned ahead and did [...]

>Disney’s Black Cauldron 25th Anniversary Special Edition

>Disney’sThe Black Cauldron: 25th Anniversary Special EditionDVD FACT SHEETThe Black Cauldron, Walt Disney Pictures’ 25th animated feature-length film, celebrates its25th anniversary with a Special Edition DVD release September 14 from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.  Based on Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain books, this mystical, action-packed adventure debuts just in time for Halloween. The film tells the story of Taran, an [...]

>MommyParties sponsored by Webkinz, Jr.

>Thanks to the folks over at MomSelect, we recently got to have a MommyParty sponsored by Webkinz, Jr.  They sent us a HUGE box of Webkinz, Jr., reusable tote bags, coloring books, stickers, and music CDs.  We even got a Webkinz Jr. DVD to watch!Getting ready to PARTY!!Look at the LOOT they sent!!Busy B just [...]

>Belli Skincare Review

>Not long ago I agreed to review the Belli Skincare line.  (Which, again, I'm going to throw the disclosure out once again that I'm NOT PREGNANT.  Just think its a great product my readers might like to hear about!!)Belli was developed by a medical doctor for his wife when she was pregnant.  There are 3 [...]

>Rockin’ Green Soap #Blogmania Sponsor Review & Spotlight

>Rockin' Green sent us some samples of their classic detergent to try out. We got to try 2 of the Motley Clean scent and 2 of the Smashing Watermelons scent. I think most of you already know we use cloth diapers.  Finding the 'right' cloth diaper detergent isn't always simple, especially, for some reason, with [...]

>Scentsy Review- Blogmania Sponsor

>Pre-Kids, I was a candle burning junkie.  Oh, did I love me a nice big jar candle burning in just about every room of my house.  Of course, with kids came my realization that safety with candles isn't just about fire safety, and I slowly weaned myself from candles and tried some soy varieties- although [...]

>The Clean 15: Foods You Don’t Have to Buy Organic

>Buying organic makes sense for the health of the earth, farm workers and your family ... But if you're pinching pennies (and who isn't these days?), choose from this list to avoid pesticide residue.  We've probably all heard about the Dirty Dozen foods (watch for a post on that later today) to always buy organic- [...]

>Requesting Assistance and/or Advice Please. Time is a factor.

>So I have heard of "Trunk or Treat" for a few years now, on the internet.  I have not, however, heard of Trunk or Treat anyplace near to me.  I think this is a REALLY great idea for small towns (like mine) AND for small children - everything is in one place and safe. I'm [...]

>Hasbro Guess Who Mix n Mash Review- Family Game Night!!

>We got to check out the new Hasbro Mix n Mash game - its so much fun!!  Its the Guess Who I remember from  years ago, playing with kids I babysat, my nieces, and nephews, etc....only with a twist.  There are over 3,000 face combinations in this edition!!   It isn't just a man or [...]