Duct Tape Flower Hair Clip

Duct tape is one thing that has so many uses, you should always have several rolls in stock.  In addition to helping you to hold things together, duct tape is now highly popular to use to make fashion accessories.  Although it may look difficult, duct tape is very easy to work with and allows you to make a wide variety of items.  Duct tape can be put together to use as a fabric in addition to it’s normal sticky form.


You can easily make cute flowering hair clips utilizing a variety of duct tape colors, a little hot glue (or glue dots), one rhinestone (or button) and a hair clip.   It only takes a few minutes from start to finish.  These flowers can be made in any contrasting colors to match your favorite shirts.  If you’d like a smaller flower, simply make your flower petals smaller and use a smaller barrette.

How to make a duct tape flower hair clip


Supplies Needed:

  • 2 colors of duct tape
  • Hot glue gun or glue dots
  • 1 Rhinestone or button for flower center
  • Hair clip/barrette


1.Cut 20 inches of each color of duct tape.  Combine the two pieces by placing the sticky sides together.  Start on one end and align the edges, slowly matching them as you continue to the end.


2. Cut out a petal shape that is approximately 1 inch wide with a flat bottom and point at the top.  Cut these out across the length of your duct tape.


3. Fold each petal with the same color on the inside.


4. Add either a drop of hot glue or glue dot on the outside base of the petal and attach another petal.  Repeat until all the petals are attached, affixing the final petal to the outside petal’s base.


5. Cut a 1.5 inch square of each color of duct tape and again, place the duct tape pieces together to form a square.  Glue this to the bottom of your flower to help secure it.


6. Affix your flower to the hair clip/barrette with a few drops of hot glue/glue dot.  Add a small piece of duct tape across the bottom of the barrette to help secure the flower.


7. Flip your flower over and glue your rhinestone onto the center of your flower.



Baseball Decor – DIY Baseball Wreath

Our family loves everything baseball, especially Boston Red Sox Baseball and Baseball Decor like this DIY Baseball Wreath.  We have tons of baseballs around our house but none that my son was willing to part with and I really wanted the baseballs to look aged and well used so I headed to the thrift stores and found enough to create this great wreath just in time to show my love of baseball for the end of this season.

DIY Baseball Wreath

Baseball Decor – DIY Baseball Wreath


  • used baseballs (quantity depends on how big you want the wreath)
  • wire wreath form or wire coat hanger
  • small screws
  • copper wire
  • ribbon
  • wooden letter (to represent your team or monogram for last name)
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • paint


I like to make things from stuff around the house as much as I can and keep costs down so instead of purchasing a wire wreath form, I used an old wire coat hanger.  I took bent it into a circle but left the hook part of the hanger in place.  I knew that the wreath would be heavy so I thought this would be the best way to hang the wreath when it was finished.

Baseball Wreath Decor

To attach the balls to the wreath, I inserted small screws into each one.  I didn’t have to drill wholes as the screws went into the balls very easily.  I used pliers to hold and twist the screws rather than a screw driver because I didn’t want to chance the screw slipping.

Once the screws were in each ball, I cut a length of copper wire and twisted it around each screw.

baseball wreath tutorial

This copper wire then gets twisted around the wire wreath form or coat hanger to hold the ball in place.  Add wire to each ball and attach them to the wreath.

Use a small amount of hot glue between each ball to keep them from shifting or slipping.

I also used a bit of hot glue to cover the wire and screw on the back of the ball.  This will keep it from scratching the door or wall where you hang the wreath.

I purchased a small wooden B and painted it red for Boston Red Sox and blue ribbon to keep with the team colors.  I tied a simple bow in the ribbon and attached it to the back of the B with hot glue and attached the bow to the wreath.

It’s a great wreath for the front door of the house or would be perfect for a boy’s bedroom!

Baseball wreath



Washi Tape Ideas: Washi Tape Bandaids

I’m not the most graceful swan on the pond.  Truth be told, you can usually find as many bruises on my shins as those of my kids. We go through a LOT of bandaids in this house.  We have dozens and dozens of fun kid-friendly bandages, but my oldest is turning 9 and she’s not always wanting kid stuff…. and really, sometimes I’m not super excited about sporting a Ninja Turtle bandaid when I’m heading out and about.  Since we always have fun washi tape around…. and I’m always up for new washi tape ideas, we thought it would be fun to make washi tape bandaids!

Washi Tape Bandaids


Materials –

1 box of band-aids, any brand

2-3 rolls of your favorite color washi tape


Directions –

Open the band-aids and choose 3-4 (or more if you’re feeling super crafty!). Next, remove the outer wrapper leaving the white hygienic strip on the band-aid.


Choose your washi tape and unroll above the band-aid about 1cm longer on either side and cut with scissors. Next, evenly line the tape up with the long edge of the band-aid and stick the washi tape on. Cut a second piece and cover the top of the band-aid completely.

Now that the band-aid is covered use your scissors to trim the edges. I used the white hygienic strip as a guide.

Repeat with the other band-aids using the other washi tape rolls.

Store in a sandwich baggie or place back into the box when you’re done.


I love this craft and my daughters love making their own custom band-aids. We go through a ton this helps make getting them fun!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Felt Bracelets Craft

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Felt Bracelets

mickey minnie mouse felt bracelets


Black felt

Red Felt

Red ribbon for bow

Blue flower shaped ribbon

Red & white polka dot ribbon

Black Velcro

minnie mickey felt bracelets supplies



Hot glue gun

Mickey Mouse shaped stencil


1. Cut a long strip of felt, 1″ wide. Place felt around wrist and cut felt to size of your wrist.

minnie mickey mouse felt bracelets cut

2. Cut a piece of ribbon to fit the length of the felt, minus 1″ inch.


3. Using the hot glue gun, glue ribbon to the felt. Make sure to leave room on the left end for the velcro.


4. If available, use Mickey Mouse stencil to trace and cut out shape from black felt. If you do not have a stencil use chalk to draw shape on black felt and then cut out. You will need 2 shapes per bracelet.

5. Hot glue 2 Mickey shapes together and then adhere them to the center of the bracelet. If you are making a Minnie Mouse bracelet cut out a small length of red ribbon and make a bow. Attach to her ear.


6. Lay the bracelet flat with the top side is facing you. Using the hot glue attach one piece of the velcro to the left side of the bracelet. Turn the bracelet over and attach the other piece of velcro to the right end of the bracelet. You should have a piece of Velcro at each end of the bracelet. One on the front and one on the back.

7. Wrap around wrist, attach Velcro together and wear.


DIY Fabric Flower & Button Hair Clip

Not too long ago we shared a tutorial for a DIY Button Hair Clip for St. Patrick’s Day.  It was a fun project that upcycled buttons into a cute hair accessory.  This hair clip is another upcycled button project but adds an adorable flower.  You could create this in the same fabric as an Easter dress or make it more neutral to go with everything.  If you don’t have the right color of buttons, you can purchase many color combinations for only a few dollars in most craft departments.

Fabric Flower & Button Hair Clip


  • hair clip or barrette
  • 7-9 buttons
  • 1 piece of fabric approximately 8″ long and 2″ wide
  • needle & thread
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • scissors

pink button and fabric flower hair clip supplies

Begin by gluing all but 2 buttons to the barrette.  Set aside to cool.

pink button and fabric flower hair clip buttons in process 2

Cut the piece of fabric to have 1 scalloped edge, creating large scallops at 1 end working to smaller.


Begin working the needle in and out of the fabric on the straight edge, starting at the large scalloped end and pulling the fabric onto the thread.

Once all fabric is on the thread, begin to gather the fabric into a circle.

pink button and fabric flower hair clip flower process 2


As you draw the fabric tighter, carefully tack together to create the center of the flower and continue gathering and tacking until you’ve completed the flower.


Sew a button or two onto the flower to create it’s center then hot glue the flower to the center button of the barrette.

This is a great project to make with or for little girls!

Check out these other crafts and DIY posts from other #TBCCrafters! You never know what inspiration you’ll find :)

Dollar Store DIY: Lucky Leprechaun Garden


Dollar Store DIY: Lucky Leprechaun Garden

If your children have ever wanted to catch a leprechaun, this Dollar Store DIY project is for you. This Lucky Leprechaun Garden is so sweet and simple, and can be created using just a few dollar store supplies. Perfect for crafting during the St. Patrick’s Day season, this Lucky Leprechaun Garden is an enchanting little spot that any leprechaun would want to hide away in. Take a peek at how to craft your own for just a few dollars.

dollar store DIY leprechaun garden finished

Lucky Leprechaun Garden

Supplies needed:
Round, flat glass candleholder
Moss covered craft stones
Faux/silk clover stems
Green glass rocks
Gold glitter (optional)

We were able to find all of these materials in the candle/floral aisle of our local Dollar Tree store. Total cost for this project was $4, with plenty of supplies left over for our other crafting needs.

1. Begin by placing the moss rocks in the bottom of the candleholder. We were able to fit all but one of what was included in the packaging.
2. Fill in the cracks between the stones with some green glass rocks.
3. Take your bundle of silk clover stems and snip off the heads. You only want to use the actual clovers themselves. Take a few and tuck them down in between the rocks. If you are worried about them staying in place, add a dab of glue to the back first.
4. Finish the leprechaun garden by giving it a sprinkle of gold glitter.

Now, place your leprechaun garden out for everyone to see. You can even use additional green glass rocks to create a cobblestone path leading up to it. Throughout the season of St. Patrick’s Day, you can place gold chocolate coins in or around the garden, a gift from the leprechaun to your kiddos, direct from his own treasure!

dollar store diy leprechaun garden supplies

Craft this Lucky Leprechaun Garden with your children and you are sure to create some new St. Patrick’s Day memories!


DIY St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Garland

Decorating your home for St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t need to be pricey or time consuming. With a quick trip to your local dollar store, you can craft this St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Garland, perfect for adding a little luck of the Irish to your home. It only takes a few minutes to make, and in no time you will have a frugal yet whimsical shamrock garland perfect for adding some St. Patrick’s Day flare. Take a peek below at how simple it can be to craft your own!

DIY Shamrock Garland

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Garland

Supplies needed:

  • Assorted foam clover cut outs
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue, glue gun

We were able to find these foam clovers at our local Dollar Tree store. You can find them in various shades of green, sold in packs of 12 for $1 each. The ribbon, a red, blue, and green striped pattern, was also found at our local Dollar Tree store for just $1 per roll. Final cost for this project was a mere $2. Now that is a frugal and fun deal!

diy st patricks day banner garland


  1. Begin by laying your ribbon flat on a table or floor. This will make it easier to apply your clovers.
  2. Add a dab of glue to the top/backside of each clover. Press it firmly to the ribbon, holding it in place for several seconds until it adheres well.
  3. Repeat this application process, spacing your clovers out 1-2 inches.
  4. You can create a banner as long or short as you wish. With 12 pieces per package, you can make a pretty lengthy banner if you wish!

Once your banner is dry, you can embellish any way you wish. Glitter, additional ribbon, or even lettering are all great choices. Display your banner from an entry way, on a mantel, or anywhere you can use some St. Patrick’s Day color.

Head to your local dollar store and give this fun and frugal craft a try!

Join in on the fun and get crafting! Share your projects or link up to the party below.

DIY Button Hair Clip for St. Patrick’s Day

This fun and easy DIY button hair clip craft would make a fun project to do with the girls.  It’s a great way to update an old or boring hair clip and will be a fun accessory for the hair on St. Patrick’s Day, or any holiday!

diy button hair clip


  • hair clip
  • buttons in the colors of the rainbow
  • green ribbon
  • needle & thread
  • hot glue



I love picking up vintage buttons at tag sales and this is a great project to use a variety of really great buttons!  I’ve selected a button for each color of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green followed by blue, indigo, violet!  I found a great yellow button with a rhinestone center that doubles as my “pot of gold” for this project.


Begin by using hot glue to attach each button to your hair clip, starting with the last colors and overlap as you go.

attach buttons


Finishing with the red button (see the close up of my beautiful yellow button).

attach buttons 2


Next you’ll begin creating your ribbon shamrock.  Cut a length of ribbon approximately 1 1/2″ to 2″ long.  Fold the ribbon in half and gather the cut ends onto your needle & thread.  Pull the thread tight to bunch the ribbon together, creating a petal.  Continue with 2 more pieces for the 3 leaves of the shamrock.



Attach the first and second leaves together, securing well.  Then attach the 3rd leaf to the first two.

shamrock 2  shamrock 3

Angle cut an additional piece of ribbon approximately 2″ long.  Using hot glue to secure, roll the ribbon to create a stem for the shamrock.



Hot glue the shamrock leaves and stem to the violet end of the clip.

attach shamrock 1
You can really make any kind of flower or ribbon decoration for the end of your hair clip to go with your colors, the event, holiday or season.
finished clip 2

Do you have a Thrilling Thursday craft to add? Add a link to your blog post in the linky below after you’ve left a comment on this post.

How to make felt flowers

I’ve been into all kinds of crafty stuff lately, and with my wreath obsession, wanted to make a wreath with some felt flowers.  I’m kind of thinking about a pillow with some felt flowers as accents next.  Anyway, I thought I’d share with you how to make felt flowers because I was kind of overwhelmed at first and it’s really NOT super complicated.

How to make felt flowers

how to make felt flowers


Mum Flower




1-9×12 piece of felt, any color


Hot glue




1. Cut the piece of felt in half, lengthwise. Cut in ½ again so you end of up with a piece of felt that is 2.25” wide and 12” long.

felt mum tutorial 1

2. Run a line of hot glue along the edge of the 12” side. Fold the felt in half securing the two long ends together.

felt mum tutorial 2

3. Cut fabric into strips about ½ inch apart without cutting all the way through to the end. (see photo)

felt mum tutorial 4

4. Starting at one end roll the felt, gluing after every couple rotations.

felt mum tutorial 5

5. Securely glue the end to the roll of felt. If needed, cut a small circle of felt to glue to the bottom of the flower to give it a finished look.


 Petal Flower




1-9×12 piece of felt, any color


Hot glue


Directions (see photos for reference)


1. Cut the felt in half so you have 2 pieces that measure 6×9. Cut one of those pieces in half giving you a 3×4.5” piece.

felt mum tutorial 6

2. Fold the 3×4.5’ piece in half, than fold in half again.

felt mum tutorial 7

3. Round the corners

felt mum tutorial 8

4. Using the photo above as reference cut the felt into one long strip of fabric.

felt mum tutorial 9

5. Starting on the outside end roll the felt. Tack with hot glue after every couple rotations.

felt mum tutorial 10

6. Securely glue the end to the roll of felt. If needed, cut a small circle of felt to glue to the bottom of the flower to give it a finished look.

felt mum tutorial 11


NOTE: You can alter the size of the flowers by cutting the felt different sizes. Want a larger flower only cut the felt in half. Want a smaller flower, cut the felt into quarters or smaller.

felt flowers on sweater wreath

Now, if you want to see how to add these felt flowers to a sweater wreath, head over and check out  how Deb from Just Short of Crazy worked her magic!

DIY Grinch Crafts and Recipes

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is one of my all time most favorite stories EVER. I love it. My family loves it too, thankfully!! Here are several DIY Grinch Holiday Crafts and Recipes for you, and some Grinch Cookie Pops that are fun and festive as well!



If you love the Grinch and want to find a way to add some “grinchiness” to your holiday tree, this gorgeous Grinch fur ornament is the perfect solution. Made from a few supplies found at your local dollar store, you can easily whip up one (or two!) in no time and for just pennies. Take a look below at how to make your own and add some Grinch flare to your holiday décor.


Gorgeous Grinch Fur Ornament

If you love the Grinch and want to find a way to add some “grinchiness” to your holiday tree, this gorgeous Grinch fur ornament is the perfect solution. Made from a few supplies found at your local dollar store, you can easily whip up one (or two!) in no time and for just pennies. Take a look below at how to make your own and add some Grinch flare to your holiday décor.


Gorgeous Grinch Fur Ornament

Supplies needed:
Green feather boa
Round drinking glass
Craft glue

We were able to find the green boa and ribbon used in the sample picture at our local Dollar Tree store.

1. Begin by tracing a circle on a piece of cardboard. Use the drinking glass as your stencil. Cut the circle out.
2. You now want to cut a small circle out of your larger circle, leaving you a loop. You can do this by tracing a smaller glass on the inside of the circle, however we just freehanded one. Cut it out.
3. You now have what looks like a cardboard wreath form. Take the green boa and begin wrapping round the form.
4. Wrap until there is no boa remaining and your form is completely covered. Use your craft glue to secure the end of the boa to the board.
5. Cut a length of ribbon and run it through the now green and fluffy wreath. Tie it at the top into a bow.

That’s it! Your gorgeous Grinch fur ornament is all ready to be hung. So find a spot, nice and central on your tree so everyone can see your love for the Grinch!




Grinch Glass Cozies


This holiday season, wouldn’t it be fun for even your drinking glasses to show some Grinch pizzazz? These Grinch Glass Cozies are so easy to make, and don’t require you sewing single stitch. Plus, they will keep your hands warm while you sip. If you want your glasses to have some Grinchy goodness to them, take a look below at how to make your own Grinch glass cozies.

Grinch Glass Cozies

Supplies needed:
Mason jars or simple drinking glasses
Hot glue, glue gun
Old green sweater

A thrift store is the perfect place to find the materials you need for this project. Our local thrift store had some simple clear glasses we used for this project as well as an old green sweater perfect for snipping.

1. Begin by snipping off the sleeves of your sweater.
2. Starting at the wrist of the sweater, insert your glass to get an idea of how much sleeve you will need to cut in order for the fabric to fit.
3. Now, cut the sleeve to fit the glass.
4. Slide the sleeve onto the glass. Make sure the hemmed edge is at the top of the glass. If there is not a clean hem, just roll the sleeve down once or twice to make one.
5. Your rough edge will be at the bottom of the glass. Pull it so it folds under the glass. Continue pulling the fabric towards the center of the bottom of the glass.
6. Apply a generous dab of hot glue to the center of the glass. Continue pulling the fabric towards the center, pressing it to the glue. The fabric will adhere to it and create a nice and clean finish at the bottom of the glass.

That’s all there is to making your own Grinch Glass Cozies. They are perfect for sipping egg nog or any other holiday beverage you want to enjoy!


Grinch Party Favor


Whether you need to come up with holiday favors for your child’s classroom party or a party you are hosting in your own home, these Grinch Party Favors are the perfect treat. Made from a few simple Dollar Tree materials, these Grinch Party Favors make the perfect take home treat. Take a peek below at how to make your own.

Grinch Party Favor

Supplies needed:
Holiday ribbon
Candy canes
Green feather duster

We were able to find all of these materials at our local Dollar Tree Store, making this a holiday project that is just as frugal as it is fun!

1. Begin by snipping off some of the green feathers from the feather duster.
2. Cut some holiday ribbon (if you use the thick variety as we did, cut it in half to make it skinnier) and set aside.
3. Gather your candy cane and feathers together almost like you are making a bouquet. Place the long feathers in back of the candy cane.
4. While holding the bouquet together, start wrapping the ribbon around the base. This will hold the feathers to the candy cane nicely.
5. Finish the favor by tying any remaining ribbon into a bow nice and tight.

How simple was that? These only take seconds each to make, so they are the perfect favor if you need to make them in bulk.

Head to your local Dollar Tree and gather all of the fixings to make your own Grinch Party Favors! It is a treat your guests are sure to love.


Grinch on a Stick Fruit Skewers


Who knew that a healthy holiday snack could be so fun? These Grinch on a Stick Fruit Skewers are the perfect appetizer or snack at your next holiday party! Kids and adults both will love how fun and easy it is to turn their favorite fruits into a resemblance of the Grinch himself. Take a peek below at how you can make a batch of your own.

Grinch on a Stick Fruit Skewers

Supplies needed:
Wooden skewers
Large green grapes
Mini Marshmallows


1. Begin by prepping your fruit. Do this by washing all of the fruit and allowing it to dry. Cut the bananas into ½ inch thick coins, remove the tops from the strawberries, and wash and leave your green grapes as is.
2. On your skewers, you will place the fruit in this order: grape, banana coin, strawberry (point facing upward) and mini marshmallow.

The finished product looks like a green little Grinch all decked out in his Santa hat! How cute is that? Arrange these Grinch on a Stick Fruit Skewers in a vase or glass bottle for simple display and for guests to easily admire and help themselves to.

Make these for your child’s classroom party, for your own holiday gatherings, or just as a fun holiday craft with the kids. It is a fun and festive treat you are all sure to love, and a healthy one at that.

So head to your local grocer and gather all of the supplies you need to make your own Grinch on a Stick. They are sure to become a holiday fave!



Glowing Grinch Candle


If you are all about the Grinch décor this holiday season, this simple Glowing Grinch Candle needs to be on your to-do list. Easy to make using just a few Dollar Store materials, this Glowing Grinch Candle is the perfect way to light up your home for the holidays in a way that is a whimsical nod to the green guy himself. Take a peek below at how to make your own.

Glowing Grinch Candle

Supplies needed:
Green jar candle
Construction paper
Craft glue

We were able to find everything on this supply list at our local Dollar Tree store. So not only is this a fun and festive craft, but it is one that you can make for just pennies.

1. Begin by cutting a red strip of construction paper. This will serve as the Santa jacket on your Grinch!
2. Apply some craft glue to the ends of the red strip, wrap the strip around the candle, and press the ends into place until adhered.
3. You now want to create a buckle for the belly of your Grinch candle. To do this, cut out a square of black construction paper. Fold the square in half and cut a smaller square out of the inside of the larger one. Discard the small square leaving what looks like a nice shiny black belt buckle.
4. Apply some glue to the buckle and press it to the red strip.

Your finished product will look like the belly of the Grinch (the green candle) wearing his Santa gear (the red coat and buckle) in hopes of popping in on Who-Ville! This project takes just minutes to make, pennies to create, and is a fun way to add some Grinchy fun to your holiday décor. Give it a try and see what you can create!


Grinch in a Glass Bottled Drinks


A party just isn’t a party without the perfect beverage. If you plan on entertaining guests this holiday season, these Grinch in a Glass Bottled Drinks are the perfect solution. Easy to make and so whimsical, these green bottled drinks would make the perfect addition to your menu. Take a look below at what a cinch they are to create using a few simple supplies. Take a peek!

Grinch in a Glass Bottled Drinks

Supplies needed:
Glass bottles with lids (found at most dollar and discount stores)
Lime Kool Aid
Miniature red/white stockings

The miniature red and white stockings can be found at your local Dollar Tree. They are sold in a two pack for just $1. Glass beverage bottles are sold at most discount stores. Be sure to find ones with screw on lids so you can make them up ahead of time and refrigerate them until needed.

1. Begin by preparing your Lime Kool Aid per packet instructions. If you don’t like this beverage you can always use any green or yellow/green beverage of your choice.
2. Fill the bottle with the beverage. Place the lid on tightly.
3. Place one of the mini stockings on tops of the bottle.
4. Gather the top of the stocking and bunch it. Wrap a rubber band around the top of the stocking creating a small puff at the end. It should now resemble a Santa hat.

Fill a tub with your Grinch in a Glass Bottled Drinks and then allow guests to serve themselves. It will look so festive filled with green beverages and topped with a Santa hat, just like the Grinch!

So gather your supplies and give this fun party idea a try! It is sure to add some Grinch fun to your holidays.