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recalls plus I am willing to wager a bet that most of you, like me, have bought presents- toys, specifically,  to give to children this holiday season. But what a lot of us don’t stop to think about is safety- or possible recall. I know that I truly didn’t even think about recalls when purchasing gifts until just yesterday- and now I sit here scratching my head wondering why it never occurred to me before.  I get email alerts daily with any recall notifications- but I kind of always thought of those as “stuff you already have” recalls, not things I’m purchasing now, you know? But now it’s in my head and I’m so happy I have a smartphone, because now I have Recalls Plus on it and I can get alerts any time there’s a recall- and not just on toys.  (You can use Recalls Plus with Facebook if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet).

When my oldest was 18 months, we gave her a little doctor set from a very well known brand for Christmas.  She was delighted and played with that set for hours each day.  I had enough checkups between Christmas and New Year’s to keep me healthy until 2076- until the day I realized that a piece of the stethoscope was gone, poof, vanished, and nowhere to be found.  A perfect choking sized piece.  Thankfully, my daughter hadn’t ingested it (or if she did, we never “caught” it), but I called the company immediately once I determined she was ok.  I won’t ever know if it was my call that set the wheels in motion, or if mine was the first (or last) of many, but I do know that same doctor kit was recalled not long afterward.  I was quite impressed with how the company handled things- they sent me a prepaid shipping box so that they could inspect they toy pieces.  They also sent a very generous gift certificate so that we could replace our daughter’s beloved toy.  I was very impressed with how seriously they took my phone call, and how quick they were to do right by us, but also to look into it further.

Recalls Plus helps us get alerted instantly when there are recalls.  It’s been designed by parents of young children FOR parents of young children, and you are able to select an age range appropriate for your family or for those you are purchasing for, so that you are notified of the recalls that will affect you most directly.  You can also track recalls on items you have, or are thinking of purchasing.

recalls plus recall alerts based on age
The other “big” thing that Recalls Plus monitors is 8 FDA-mandated food allergy recalls.  This is HUGE in these times of anaphylactic allergies- now you can know before you hit the store that that salad dressing you’ve been wanting to try has a dairy product in it but it isn’t labelled.  Food allergies are a scary thing for so many families, and it’s my opinion that you can’t be too safe when allergies are life threatening.  Apps like this will be a huge help to parents and caregivers- and even to the kids with allergies as they get older. The app will alert you or you can search through a nationwide list of recalls reported.

recalls plus facebook

Some recent recalls shared on Recalls Plus:

1. Dream on Me Ultra 2 in 1 Infant Tub, Toddler, Niagra, Baby Bath Seats

Hazard: The bath seats can tip over, posing a risk of drowning to babies.

2. Sportspower Sports Authority Parkside Trampolines
Hazard: The trampoline’s metal legs can move out of position and puncture the jumping area, posing a risk of injury.

3. Step2 X-Rider Car Children’s Riding Toys
Hazard: Children who lean too far forward on the seat can go over the handle bar and hit the ground.

4. JoAnn Fabric and Craft Foam Pumpkin Turkey Craft Kit
Hazard: Magnets holding the pumpkin shell pieces together can become loose, posing an ingestion hazard.

5. Boden Children’s Pajamas
Hazard; The pajamas fail to meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear, posing a risk of burn injuries to children.

**All products listed above where listed on Recalls Plus within the past two months. Product recalls were identified by the appropriate government agency. Please go the Recalls Plus App for more information about the above recalls

Download Recalls Plus: Apple Store

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I’ve downloaded this free app, will you?



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Giving the Gift of Caring

One of my most favorite songs of all time is Twila Paris‘ “It’s the Thought That Counts” and I can tell you that I’ve never once heard it without feeling inspired to do for others.  So how do we actually GIVE the gift of caring to our children, our friends, our families?

twila paris its the thought

In my world, growing up, I learned how to give by watching my family give to others- my parents opened their home to anyone who needed a place to go, on every single holiday.  Last minute? No problem.  My parents always found a way to have some kind of special surprise under the tree for anyone spending time at our home over Christmas.  But it was more than that- more than just Christmas, or holidays I mean.  They taught us how to care by example- when someone had a loss in the family, or was sick… we helped.  We cooked, we babysat, we ran errands.  We were there, to support and care. I remember when my cousin came home from a tour in Iraq and my parents offered her the use of our lake house for a week.  Just because they knew she might need a place to chill and kind of recharge, reconnect with her family.  It was in these acts that we kids learned how to give the gift of caring.

One of the ways we, meaning my husband and I, try to show our children how to give the gift of caring is also what my parents did.  When our old neighbor calls and needs her gutters cleaned, off my husband goes.  She’s elderly and hasn’t got anyone else to do it.  When a coworker needs to move a heavy piece of furniture- my husband goes.  When a friend needs an hour of quiet, we watch her kids.  When we see someone struggling, we offer help.  Sometimes, we just offer a smile or a kind word.

kleenex care kit

A simple way we can teach our children the gift of caring- giving them what I think is one of the best gifts we CAN give them, is by doing.  Even fun little things like sending one of the Share the Softness packages from Kleenex is a way to help teach our children the gift of caring.  Kleenex is still running the promotion:   visit your local retailer, purchase a Kleenex brand bundle pack and redeem the code on the box. Then simply visit and follow the directions to send a Care Pack to someone who needs a little care, while supplies last.

Other things we do with our kids: baking goodies for elderly neighbors, visiting with neighbors, holding doors, smiling, sending a card or note in the mail when we think of someone who’s not so close by.  There are so many ways we can give our children the gift of caring, don’t you think?

How do you think we can give the gift of caring? 


“I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Kleenex brand and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Preparing Her For That First Period

u by kotex tween productsI’ve been sharing with you my journey relating to first periods, and talking about them, with my 7 year old for several months now (see previous #KotexMom posts).  This is my “final” official post, although I’m sure as the time for her period gets closer down the road, I’ll be sharing more once again.

It’s been a mixed bag of experiences with this series of posts. I’ve had a lot of support, and an overwhelming number of you agree with me that yes, we should talk to our girls ahead of time, so that they can be prepared for what’s coming.  I’ve had a few of you who have emailed me with concerns that preparing my daughter is asking for trouble and that I should just wait until she starts having her period.  I’ve even had a select few folks who had some very unfriendly things to say to me about this.  I’m a firm believer in arming my children with the knowledge they need for things.  To those who don’t agree with my viewpoint, please feel free to stop reading- I won’t be offended but I do hope you’ll try to see my point of view.
I was alone and unprepared when I got my first period, and those feelings didn’t go away for many, many years- thinking something was wrong with me, or that I did something wrong.  I don’t want my girls to experience that. I want them to know that it’s normal and not have to feel embarassed or unprepared.  It’s very easy to keep a U by Kotex pad or two in a tiny pocket of your backpack, just in case, and knowing when and how to use that. I know it’s just as easy to not talk about it, because it isn’t exactly a fun conversation and it’s not a comfortable subject for many. It isn’t comfortable for me, either. I just believe that having the knowledge ahead of time will give my kids tools they need to cope with changes. In all areas of life.

The Kotex site has great tools such as a calendar with facts about puberty, questions your daughter may ask, ways to start the conversation and more.  My daughter isn’t quite ready for this but I’m glad to know it’s there as a resource for both of us when the time comes!

Don’t forget to visit the U by Kotex website for period questions that could be helpful for tweens and teens. I told my friend about this- her daughter started her period a few months ago, and both have said that it’s a great site for her to go with questions. She really loves the U by Kotex products-she said she likes that its a fun color package but mostly it’s smaller than her mom’s period stuff and fits her a lot better.

It’s been an interesting road, with these conversations, but I feel like I’ve opened up new lines of communication with my daughter, even if we don’t revisit them for a few years- and I know it’ll be that much easier when it’s time for the same with my younger daughter.

I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Gratitude and Thankfulness with Kids During the Holidays

christmas treeThe holidays are here.  Wish lists, Santa visits, holiday cards, packaging, presents, elves…anticipation- there’s a lot about the holiday season that doesn’t always make you think of gratitude or thankfulness.  Especially when there are children involved.  It’s not always easy to keep overtired, overstimulated little ones the importance of being grateful and thankful and showing gratitude, but it’s worth every bit of effort.

With all of the excitement and anticipation of the holidays, many folks often get run down and over tired this time of year.  That can lead to runny noses, colds…and more.  Why not show a little bit of gratitude by sending someone you care about a Kleenex Cares Care Package this year?  It’s a very simple way to show your little ones a way to make a gesture for someone else.   Showing someone you care doesn’t have to be a big gesture. It doesn’t have to be a costly gesture, either.

Some other gestures that may help children to learn more and understand more about gratitude and thankfulness that I have:

Drawing a picture for someone.  Think of the smile on someone’s face when they open a paper and see your child’s drawing with “I’m glad you are my friend/teacher/neighbor” on it.

Baking.  Most of us do some baking at the holidays- why not put together a few of those baked goods on a plate with a festive bow on top and let your child bring them to a neighbor, just because?

Music.  This one may not be a great fit for all kids, but if you have a child who loves music, I’m sure there are family members or friends and family who’d love to have some holiday songs sung to them or played for them.  You can do this on Skype if loved ones are far away.

Playing.  Spending time together.  Simply being with someone and spending time with them is a wonderful way to say “Hey, I’m glad there’s you!”

Gifting. I have a friend and she has started to let her children gift “something” to their friends for the holidays.  It might be a slip of paper or a print of a photograph- it can’t cost them money but it can give smiles, she says.  What a cool thing to have our kids do- to take a photograph of a happy memory and share it with a friend or loved one to remind them how special that memory is to them.

kleenex care kit
•Kleenex brand is giving consumers the opportunity to make the care complete with a Kleenex Brand Care Pack. To participate, consumers can visit their local retailer, purchase a Kleenex brand bundle pack and redeem the code on the box. Then simply visit and follow the directions to send a Care Pack to someone who needs a little care, while supplies last.


Visit Kleenex on Facebook page to learn more!
“I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Kleenex brand and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Cooking with Kids is so much fun I wrote a book about it! #LittleChefs

little chefs projectWell, I wrote part of a book.  Contributed to a chapter.  But I did!  I'm proud to say I'm one of 40 amazing bloggers who came together for the very first crowd-sourced ebook designed to help get you cooking with kids, the Little Chefs Project!  is all about cooking with kids and includes tips, tricks, recipes, experiences, resources, and more. Sections include the following:

  • Feel Like a Kid Again
  • Teachable Moments
  • Everyday Fun
  • Family Time
  • Fun with Flavors
  • Family Traditions
  • Additional Resources
  • Chef Boyardee Timeline
  • Contributing Bloggers

The chapter I'm included in is  “Everyday Fun” and I couldn't be happier.  I'm not gourmet. I'm not fancy. I don't create edible works of art (unless things are meant to look “meh” frequently).  But I do love having my kids in the kitchen with me and having them involved in cooking and baking.

My family may not be gourmet, but we do LOVE to spend time cooking and baking together. Almost every Saturday morning is spent making pancakes “from scrap” together- my husband lines the kids up at the end of the island in the kitchen and gives each a task- we do the griddle part, but the kids are all there helping to measure, mix, etc.  It's a mess and it takes forever to both make the “cancakes” and clean up, but no one minds.  We're all together in pajamas, cooking together and making memories.  We even clean up together (which is never as much fun but also necessary).

I have a lot of people in my life who don't cook with their children- maybe it hasn't occurred to them, maybe they don't feel they have the time, I'm sure there are many reasons. I feel it is important, and teaches kids so much- and it really is a great bonding experience.  Once you let go of expectations and just let yourself enjoy it, you can just have fun!  The entire Little Chefs project was designed to share how real-life moms (yours truly included!) have their kids help in the kitchen- and we're not models, we're not perfect- we're just everyday moms like you doing the best we can.  Real photos of real kids, in real kitchens (not even perfect kitchens!) cooking real things.  (In my case, a REAL simple recipe!).  There are so many great tips and suggestions- I definitely think you should check it out!  Plus, I want to know what you think of MY tips in the book!

What are your suggestions for having kids help in the kitchen? 

 I am participating in the Chef Boyardee Little Chefs program in conjunction with The Motherhood and I’ve been compensated for my time.  Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own.

Come Join Me for The Little Chefs Project Cook-Along 10/24

One of my family's favorite things to do together is cook…bake…even make playdoh together. My kids love to make things “from scrap” and have all loved taking part, even as little one year olds barely able to stand on a chair to hold a spoon.  It's not always perfect, and it's definitely always messy, and I probably won't ever win an award for most attractive food produced, but you know what? It doesn't matter.  Cooking with kids, creating the memories, giving my kids these experiences- that's what matters.  Plus, we'd never refer to cooking from scratch ingredients as making stuff “from scrap” if we hadn't started this journey, and that's way more fun to say than the conventional expression, right?

My little one happened to be the only kid here with me the other day.  Big sister and big brother were both at playdates and she was feeling a little left out that she couldn't have a playdate too, so we decided we'd take a little mommy-little girl time and make pizza together for lunch.  Of the three kids, they all really love helping, but my youngest seems to be a lot more interested in learning about things, and trying to do more than the others have….so it's a real treat for her to do cooking activities just mommy and her.  We decided we'd make the Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit together- we could make it together, and do whatever WE wanted, and no one else could voice an opinion about toppings or shapes or anything.

So, we took the ingredients out…and got the dough mix into the bowl (note the mess starting)

chef boyardee making pizza dough

You have to expect messes when you cook with kids.  Without that expectation, you'll get frustrated.  Just trust me.  Messes can be cleaned.

chef boyardee pizza dough

Let them do it! Look at her face- she LOVES doing it by herself!

chef boyardee pizza dough 3 year old style

Flattening the pizza dough is oh so much fun…

chef boyardee pizza dough flattening

Spreading sauce  is fun too!

chef boyardee pizza sauce

We love to sprinkle cheese- and other fun toppings.

chef boyardee pizza toppings

I totally forgot to take an after photo.  And wouldn't you know it, we ate almost ALL of the pizza for lunch!

Do you and your family love to cook together?  It can be such a great bonding experience, and a learning experience- and really, just plain fun.

What: A virtual Cook-Along called Everyday Fun, part of The Little Chefs Project series on The Motherhood. 

The Little Chefs Project series consists of live chats called Cook-Alongs taking place every Thursday at 2 p.m. ET until November 15, and each Cook-Along covers a different topic around cooking with kids. Everyday Fun addresses how you and your kids can create fun, lasting memories in the kitchen around events like sleepovers or holidays, or around everyday events like family dinners.

When: Thursday, October 25, at 2 p.m. ET.  It will last 30 minutes.

Where: The Motherhood – here is the link to the page where the class will be held:

About the class: 
From weekend breakfast rituals to holidays like Halloween, you can find any occasion to cook up some everyday fun with your kids. Grab a can of Chef Boyardee and join in for further inspiration and ideas for getting started.

To participate, just click the link above, log into The Motherhood using your member ID (if you don’t have one, it’s easy and free to sign up), and chat away in the text-based comments. We’ll also have a video feed running during the half-hour Cook-Along, so you’re welcome to show up simply to watch if you’d like!  (Note: *I* will be LIVE on the video feed.  That's right.  Come watch how nervous I can really be!)

The Cook-Along is sponsored by Chef Boyardee, and it is hosted by The Motherhood.  You can visit Chef Boyardee online at or on Facebook at

I’ll be there with several other bloggers to co-host the class, and I hope you’ll join us!  The fabulous people who will be co-hosting with me are:

Brett, This Mama Loves Her Bargains
Carrie, Making Lemonade
Christi, Frugal Novice
Corine, Complicated Mama
Kim, Shop With Me Mama
Michelle, Ace and Friends Co.
Roxanne, Children Teaching Mama

Chef giveaway

One reader will win a Chef Boyardee Prize Pack so you can have fun in the kitchen too!

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TO ENTER: Leave a comment and tell me your favorite activity to do with your kids!

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FREE ZinePak® with a Purchase of a Dove Bundle (Walmart GC Giveaway 4 winners)


Photo by Jenni Mirock

Being a mom of two girls, and a woman who struggled with self-esteem for much of my life, I know how important it is to help build my girls’ self-esteem.  I have long loved the Dove campaigns for more acceptance, and celebration of women without being perfect- and I’m glad that they have decided to include younger females in their campaigns as well.  The messages we send children about their looks, their bodies- their self-esteem- those messages are long-since engrained within them by the time they are adults.  Giving girls- children of both sexes, really- giving them the tools they need in order to have a good, strong self-esteem is something that we should all be focusing on.  We’ve already used several Dove products as a family for a long time and we’ll be continuing to do so. free zine pack

Walmart and Dove® have teamed up to give US- that’s right- folks like you, and me, an exclusive deal that is made to inspire girls of all ages to feel beautiful! Right now on, The Living Project: Dove, when you buy a customized Dove® bundle, you will also receive a FREE ZinePak® valued at $7!

dove movement for self esteem

This exclusive FREE ZinePak® includes all of the following:

  • 80-page magazine filled with style tips, inspirational stories, & fun ideas to look and feel your best.
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  • $6 in Dove® coupons
  • 108 glittery nail decals to wear & share with friends.
  • Magazine is filled with features designed to boost self-esteem, including exclusive interviews with Carly Rae Jepsen, Ellie Goulding, Nelly Furtado, and more!

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Come join us for the Cool Whip Frosting Twitter Party 10/25 #CoolWhipFrosting #CBias

cool whip frosting

Cool Whip Frosting is new, and oh my goodness gracious. It’s delightful. That’s right. Frosting. From Cool Whip. Cool Whip Frosting. Once you try it, you’ll start making up reasons to include the frosting in your grocery cart. I may or may not have decided that I should bake a cake today and frost it with Cool Whip Frosting simply because we’ve gone 12 hours without a political phone call. It’s the little things, right?


Carrot Cupcakes with Cool Whip Cream Cheese Frosting by

Anyway, Cool Whip Frosting is throwing a party and YOU are invited (and I’m hosting (@brettbmartin), along with  Beth (@plussizemommy) and we’re going to talk about celebrating Everyday Occasions.  I hope you’ll join us, especially since we’ll be giving away lots of fun PRIZES!

cool whip frosting cupcakes

Cool Whip Frosting Cupcakes from

WHEN: October 25, 2012 from 12-1 pm EST

WHERE: (or follow along with the #CoolWhipFrosting hashtag, but I find the Tweetgrids far easier to keep track with)

PRIZES: Walmart GCs $25 gift card, $50 gift card, $75 gift card, 1 $100 gift card!

WHY: Parties are FUN!  Let’s celebrate!!

I will be compensated for hosting the Twitter party.  Opinions are, as always, my own.


Rules: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE TAXED, PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY LAW. Subject to Official Rules. Open only to residents of the United States.


Enter by RSVPing for the Twitter party on the link above, be actively participating in the party and are using the hashtag #coolwhipfrosting. To be eligible, entries must be received by 1:55 p.m. EST  on October 24, 2012, except that mail in entries must be mailed separately and postmarked by October 20, 2012. To enter without purchase, hand write your name, completed address, age and telephone number on a 3”x5” card and mail it to Collective Bias, 205 S. Main Street, Ste. 1, Bentonville, AR 72712.

Prizes will be limited to   (1) $25 Walmart GC and (1) $50 Walmart GC and (1) $75 Walmart GC and will be given away every 15 minutes during the 1 hour duration of the party on October 24, 2012. The grand prize of  (1) $100 Walmart Gift Card to 1 winner will be given away at the close of the party. All winners will be chosen using from the RSVP link and winners must be present and participating in the party using the hashtag #CoolWhipFrosting at the time that they are drawn as a winner. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. Winner will be notified via Twitter @ message by @plussizemommy  during the party on October 24,  2012 and must respond to @themommyfiles within 5 minutes of being selected to claim their prize. All entries will be eligible for any unclaimed prizes after the close of the Twitter party via random drawing held on November 7, 2012 .

To obtain a copy of the Official Rules, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Collective Bias, 205 S. Main Street, Ste. 1, Bentonville, AR 72712.

SPONSORS: Collective Bias, 205 S. Main Street, Ste. 1, Bentonville, AR 72712

All winners will be chosen using from the RSVP link and winners must be present and participating in the party at the time that they are drawn as a winner.  There is a limit of 1 (one) prize per household during the party.

Brandi Chastain and Libby’s Snack Duty Takeover Program Give Back#LibbysSnackDuty (Giveaway)

brandi chastain east hartford soccer clubSaturday morning I got to bring my kids and share with them an experience that had nothing to do with us and everything to do with “paying things forward.” Soccer star Brandi Chastain and Libby’s Snack Duty Takeover Program were in a nearby town to give samples of Libby’s and a $5,000 check to the town’s soccer club. We were there to watch it happen and were fortunate enough to be able to get some photos with Brandi. She even autographed my son’s soccer jersey (ok, so it did relate to us a little, but it wasn’t an event for our town). It was a really cool thing to see. Plus, for the first time ever, I got to see one of the huge checks that are always shown in TV and in the movies.

brandi chastain with this mama loves her bargains

Mostly, it was really neat to see a world class soccer player doing what she does best- playing soccer on the field- with all different groups of children- little, big, it didn’t matter. Brandi Chastain was playing soccer and it was very clear to all that she loved every second of it. How cool of her to be out there on fields, in a town full of strangers, teaching kids some of HER favorite soccer techniques, just like any one of us might be. Did I mention that it was about 40 degrees and really chilly? You’d never have guessed. The folks from Libby’s and Brandi were full of smiles and happy to be there, to be presenting a cash gift for the soccer club. It was a pretty awesome experience. I was glad I could bring my kids to see what an impact things like this can have.

Brandi’s words were very motivating. I was pretty impressed that even as she was speaking about being able to give money to support the sport she loves to people who live in a town she’s not from- she turned her head, reminded a few boys who were a little bit antsy where their attention needed to be, and never missed a beat. Brandi Chastain may be a soccer star, but it’s also very clear she’s a mom. She’s a pretty cool lady, if you ask me. It was neat to hear her talk to the kids about never giving up on their goals– no matter how bad things may seem (and I was surprised that the example she gave was one that was probably a hugely embarassing moment for her- but a powerful message for the kids). Mostly, it was just pretty cool to know that even superstar athletes can be normal and down to earth.  Plus, Brandi exemplifies healthy living and really encourages kids and families to eat healthy and play healthy.


When we local bloggers were introduced to her, we were each asked a question. I was so unprepared. I wasn’t anticipating US being asked questions! It was really cool to talk about snacks and food for kids to keep them going especially before and after sports practices.

Brandi’s Kid Friendly Tips for Healthy Living:

Hydrate to perform great. Kids should drink water before, during AND after exercise. While exercise generates heat and increases the body’s core temperature, water works to bring body temperature back to the normal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Let your child pick out a colorful water bottle to make drinking water fun!

Always make time for healthy meals. The USDA says that half our plates should be filled with colorful fruits and veggies, but when your children are constantly running from school to practice and back, it can be tough to get them to eat that perfect meal. Add Libby’s® Single Fruit Cups, which contain one complete serving of fruit, to your children’s bags for an easy and nutritious snack.

Sleep is important! Children should receive an average of eight hours of sleep each night. Without enough sleep children get cranky and lazy, and will not perform to their full potential during school, practice or games. Help your children stick to a regular sleep schedule by making bedtime fun – read them a story or sing a song while they fall asleep.

Turn exercise into a family affair. When exercising is a solo act, it can sometimes feel like a chore. Bring the whole family on-board and make exercising fun, family time! Join your kids in a game of soccer, Double Dutch or kickball.

Lead by example. When you set a good example, your kids are more likely to follow. Although it’s easy to stop at the drive-thru on the way home from practice, make an effort to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. Become a role model by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods, like Libby’s Canned Fruits and Vegetables, with your children. It’s easier when you make it a team effort!

libbys prize pack

Libby’s wants to send one of my readers a prize pack just like the ones handed out Saturday at the fields to all of the players (and bloggers)!

To enter, leave a comment telling me your go-to healthy snack for you or your kids.

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Identifying Bedwetting vs. Night time potty training (Prize Pack Giveaway)

I wet the bed until I was in fourth grade.  My parents tried everything they could- limiting fluids, waking me to pee at night- everything.  My oldest had wasn’t fully night trained until she was 5 1/2 years old- she day trained at 21 months.  I was told by more than one medical professional that until my child was dry at night and during the day that I could not say she was truly potty trained.  I beg to differ.  I also explained to them why I disagreed and respectfully asked them to educate themselves on my way out the door.  (Politely).


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Understanding where Potty Training ends and Bedwetting begins is crucial to finding the right solution for your child.

5-7 million children wet the bed in the United States according to the National Kidney Foundation – that’s more than the number of children who entered kindergarten in the United States in 2011 according to the U.S. Department of Education. (I always thought I was one of few with this problem.  Turns out, nothing could be farther from the truth!)

95% of both boys and girls are potty trained by age four but 40% of parents say their child between the ages of 4 and 6 wets the bed at least once a week. (I’ve always believed that bedwetting and “night training” are totally separate of potty training)

GoodNites® Underwear are 40% more absorbent than the leading training pants and are specially designed to protect while lying down, to help protect pajamas and bedding, helping kids get a better sleep and wake up feeling ready for school. (My daughter has always been a very heavy wetter.  There’s no training pant that was absorbent enough to keep her dry, and even if there were diapers that could keep her dry, I can’t imagine making my 5 1/2 year old wear a diaper just to stay dry– we need products like the GoodNites for bigger kids!!)

Finding a solution that works for your child is SO important.  Educating ourselves about bedwetting vs. night time potty training is also important.   I’m almost thankful that I’d been a bedwetter as a kid, because I felt like maybe I could understand more what my daughter was feeling.  Some nights, she’d be in tears promising she’d wake up and not wet the bed.  It was awful.  She wanted it so badly, but like her mama, she’s a very heavy sleeper with really vivid dreams.  Not conducive to waking up and getting to the bathroom on time.

goodnites bedwetting vs night training infographic


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