Join the #AmazingInside Twitter Party 3/4!

This post brought to you by Florida Department of Citrus. The content and opinions expressed below are that of this mama loves.

Now that you have had a few months to put your New Year’s resolutions into practice, how are you doing? This is the make it or break it time when people are either sticking with them or are ready to quit (or have already quit.) With weight loss and healthy living being the top resolutions people make, it is easy to see why people can have a tough time sticking with them. Adding enough fruits and vegetables into your daily diet is part of a healthy way to lose weight. By adding 100% Florida Orange Juice, you can easily get your RDA of your 5 servings.  


With each 8 ounce serving of 100% Florida Orange Juice you will find something # …an “Amazing 5” to be exact! The Amazing 5 benefits inside 100% Florida Orange Juice are taste, no added sugar, and being a great source of vitamin C, potassium and folate. As a busy mom, I know how important a healthy diet for my family is and how tricky that can be. Now, I can add just one 8 ounce serving, any time of the day!   

I will be Co-hosting a super fun #AmazingInside Florida Department of Citrus Twitter party on 3/4/2015 from 1:00pm-2:00pm EST. You can win (and you must attend to win as winners are announced throughout the party.) Be sure to use the Hashtag: #AmazingInside 

(1) $200 Visa Grand Prize + FDOC swag 

(1) $75 Visa Gift card + FDOC swag 

(2) $50 Visa Gift cards + FDOC swag 

(6) $15 Visa Gift Cards + FDOC swag 

Host/CoHost: @ModernDayMoms and @BrettBMartin 

If you are a first time Twitter party attendee, please head over here for all the info you need: Be sure to leave a comment below when you RSVP for the party.  

Join the #AmazingInside Twitter Party!

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#Flipp4Holidays #TwitterParty! 12/16

People who are using Flipp this holiday season are finding what they need at the best prices. You’ve got to love an app that saves you time and money. I have much love for things that help me spend smart and not waste overspend in one place because I didn’t have time to check into sales or promotions.

Flipp is a circular aggregater app, which means they bring all your flyers to your mobile device. Two main features give you great reason to download this app- search and discount finder. Obviously you want to be able to search for deals.  But the discount finder helps you further and you  may just find (as I have) that you discover some surprise discounts along the way!

You can download Flipp at:

flipp holiday-twitterparty-fb

Why am I going on and on about Flipp?  It’s not just because I love shopping!!(Although I’m really good at it, so there’s that…) but really… it’s to invite you to the…..

What: #Flipp4Holidays Twitter Party!

When : December 16 9-10 PM ET

Who: YOU, and you… and you over there!!

Why: Um, shopping.  Plus prizes (2 of them,  $100 each)

How: You don’t even have to RVSP you just come and tweet along with us #Flipp4Holidays

I hope you’ll come join us as we dish on Flipp and get some insider tips and scoop on finding that perfect gift for someone you love!


I have been hired by Flipp to help out at the Twitter party. Opinions (and money spent shopping) are my own.

#BegginforPresents #TwitterParty 12/10

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Triad Retail Media. All opinions are 100% mine.

Year-round, Purina®  works to give you the best options in food and treats for your pets. You can visit a Walmart store for great prices on Purina®  products, or go online to the Purina®  Pet Park for great deals, tips and pet advice. raistlin In continuation of Purina® ’s dedication to your pets, we are wrapping this year up with an amazing Purina®  Holiday Treats Twitter Party! Join us 12/10 at 1PM EST for the chance to win $1,200 in prizes. #BegginForPresentstobeysnow catch You can continue the holiday pet savings by visiting the Purina®  Pet Park on and playing the Holiday Treat Catcher game for a chance to win a free treat coupon.


Join us for the #BegginforPresents Twitter party and be ready to share pictures of your adorable pets!

  • Dates: 12/10/2014
  • Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm EST
  • Host/CoHost: @dealseekingmom and @brettbmartin
  • Prizes: $1,200 in prizes!
  • Hashtag: #begginforpresents
  • Must RSVP and attend party to win, winners announced throughout party. (RSVP below)

First time going to a Twitter Party? Some helpful hints   lloyd and tobey Be sure to check out Holiday Treat Catcher Game– you could win a Purina® treat coupon. So grab your pet and help spread some holiday cheer their way with free treats and a Purina Pet Party all about them! (And since I’m not so fast with the game because I have a splint on my right middle finger, can also know you will beat my score!!) treat catcher game

RSVP Below:

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#ChocolateHistory #TwitterParty 11/11

Ready to party? I am.  What’s the occasion?  Well, some of my favorite chocolates are going to be available for purchase where some of my other favorite chocolates are available for purchase.  What’s better than CHOCOLATE?

AHC Twitter party 1

Seriously, though.  Remember when I went to G Dub’s House? (Mount Vernon) or when Racquel went to Old Salem and Monticello?  Well, we’re so enamored with American Heritage Chocolate  and we KNOW you are too…

American Heritage Chocolate Apple Pancakes

so naturally, when we heard that American Heritage™American Heritage™ Chocolate will have a retail presence at M&M’S World® in Times Square, we got excited.  When we heard we were invited to GO there, we were giddy. When we were asked to host the Twitter Party, well, there was squealing. And whooping.  Because, chocolate.

american heritage chocolate

American Heritage™ Chocolate is the perfect baking chocolate and unique gifting option for the upcoming holiday season. It’s got the sweet, but it’s got a little spice, and it’s interchangeable with any chocolate called for in a recipe. It’s versatile and it’s historic- it’s what our ancestors enjoyed back in the day.

So the details, about the party?


Who: YOU! and all of your friends (at least the ones who are on Twitter)

What: Party, party party….

Where: Twitter.  #ChocolateHistory 

Why? Well, CHOCOLATE.  and prizes. Plus, it’s part of our history.  Chocolate is universal, friends. AND now you can get all historic right in Times Square.

When: 9-10 pm EST 11/11

Hosts: @choc_history and @brettbmartin

Panelists: @ellenblogs, @dawnchats, @amomstake @bobbiesblogs@momof2monkeys

Prizes:  (Be sure to RSVP below, because you have to RSVP and participate to be eligible for prizes!!)

Can’t wait for the party?  Check out American Heritage Chocolate on Facebook and Pinterest for some fabulous recipes (and find out where they’ll be on location next). Oh, and of course, buy it NOW!




I will be compensated for hosting the Twitter Party.  Opinions are my own.  Calories consumed are your own. :)

Join us to talk beef! #Beef4Dinner #TwitterParty 9/30

Looking for dinner inspiration? Look no further, during the #Beef4Dinner Twitter Party we will be chatting about easy recipes to bring more beef into your dinner routine. We love to use beef for meatballs (in many varieties like Pumpkin Meatballs), Meat Pie, and Cheesy Chili Bombs are all easy to make and sure to please the whole family. Marinated Flank Steak is quite delicious but does take a little more time to make. Worth every moment spent! I’ll be compensated for co-hosting this Twitter party.


If you love to cook with beef, but are looking for more ideas to change up your routine join us during the #Beef4Dinner Twitter Party. In addition to sharing ideas with other Tweeters, RSVP below and participate in the Twitter Party answering host questions to be eligible to win a beef dinner!

While you are waiting for the party to get started, go ahead and plan a beef-inspired dinner for this week- you’ll find tons of ideas by following Beef Pros on Pinterest.

marinated-flank steak

#Beef4Dinner Twitter Party

When: September 30 at 1 pm EST

Hashtag: #Beef4Dinner

Hosts: @SuburbanMomClub, @BeefPros and @BrettBMartin

beef logo

Prizes: There will be 5 randomly selected winners from active participants who have RSVPed below.

  • (3) Big Beef Bundle (assortment of steaks, burgers and dogs) ($75 value)
  • (2) Steaks for Four & $25 Visa gift card for sides-Grand Prize ($100 value)

RSVP: We hope you will join us in chatting about easy beef recipes, be sure to RSVP below to be eligible to win prizes.

Recap of the #ReadyforAnything Twitter party

This post brought to you by Triad Retail Media. The content and opinions expressed below are that of this mama loves.


If you missed the  #ReadyForAnythingTwitter party, let me tell you, it was a mess.  Or rather, we shared our messes. And how we use Angel Soft® facial tissues in oh so many ways to help with those messes.  We’ve all used facial tissues for blowing and wiping noses, but there are so many other ways we’ve used them!

You can use facial tissues to wipe drool (my littlest does this all the time. The record length of her drool to date is about 18 inches…)

  Steadying a wobbling table…  

Taking care of creepy crawlies…

Playing at a water park. Or IN water. Or around water. Or near it. Or thrown water..  

My Grama Evelyn used to keep a tissue tucked into her watch band.  Just in case. You really just never know…

So we came, we tweeted, we partied, and gave away prizes.

Don’t forget to head to Walmart to grab Angel Soft® tissue packs!

They conveniently fit in your purse making them available at home and on the go. Sad movie? Allergies? Is your little one wearing lunch on his face? Was there a juice box spill in the car, again? The everyday stuff that only a mom truly understands just got a bit easier thanks to Angel Soft® soft pack facial tissues.

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Life’s Little Messes: #ReadyForAnything Twitter Party

This post brought to you by Walmart. The content and opinions expressed below are that of this mama loves.

Driving around doing errands this morning, going to swim lessons, eating lunch, visiting my dad, stopping for fresh corn today, I counted seventeen times I needed to wipe something or someone off.  That’s only since we left home this morning.  Life isn’t always neat and tidy, no matter how hard we try, and as a mom, I try to be prepared for those times.  Angel Soft® facial tissues are now available at Walmart in flexible, water resistant, durable packs. That means I can keep them in the van, the swim bag, the kids’ backpacks, without worry that a little wet towel or water bottle leakage will ruin the whole pack. It also means I’m prepared no matter if I have my own bag, or just the kids, because I always insist they each have a pack of tissues in their bags as well.


Angel Soft® tissue packs conveniently fit in your purse, camera bag, backpack, coat pocket, etc., making them available at home and on the goThat means they are at hand when you need them, on the go, when you don’t have all of your supplies from home on hand.

Since many of life’s little messes seem to happen before, during or after school… and its August, back to school time, we hope you’ll join us for the…

#ReadyForAnything Twitter Party

Dates: 08/07/2014

Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm EST


Prizes: $1000 in prizes! (4) $50 Walmart gift cards, (4) $75 Walmart gift cards, (2) $100 Walmart gift cards and (1 grand prize) $300 Walmart gift card

Hashtag: #ReadyForAnything


Must attend party to win, winners announced throughout party.

First time at a Twitter Party? Check out these first-time party tips!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Come get cheesy with us! #MacAndCheesyJoke

If you know me, you know I love puns, groaners, cheesy jokes.  The worse the punchline, the better!  Cheesy should be my middle name.  Really.  Just ask my husband.  And one of my fave (actual) cheesy brands, Pirate’s Booty, have come out with Mac and Cheese!! We LOVE the booty in our house.  My kids have all yelled loudly on more than one occasion “Can we please have booty? MOM? BOOTY? PLEASE?” in a grocery store.  We love our booty.  Now we can have booty mac.  Cheesy jokes over lunch?  Yeah we will!!

Please join @socialmoms and @piratesbooty  Thursday, June 19, 2014, as we celebrate the launch of Pirate’s Booty Mac and Cheese and come up with some jokes for the Cheesiest Joke in America contest! You’ll be entered for a chance to win awesome prizes just by participating during the party. I’m your co-host! Please make sure you follow @brettbmartin@socialmoms and @piratesbooty before the party!


Date: June 19, 2014

Time: 4-5pm PSF (7-8pm EST)

Hashtag: #MacAndCheesyJoke

Hosts: @socialmoms

Co-Host: @brettbmartin

Sponsor: @piratesbooty



  • Five $20 Amazon gift cards will be randomly awarded to participants tweeting an invitation to their followers before the party using the #MacAndCheesyJoke hashtag
  • Fifteen $20 Amazon gift cards will be randomly awarded to participants tweeting with the #MacAndCheesyJoke hashtag during the party
  • One Grand Prize of a $500 gift card will be randomly awarded to a party participant during the event. You must be present at the party for a chance to win the grand prize.


(Please see pre-party official rules and Twitter party official rules)

Random drawing winners will be notified within 24 hours of the event on the @socialmoms Twitter page and via DM.

Click to Tweet an invite to your followers for a chance to win prizes!

Two things you MUST do to make the event work for everyone:

  1. To view discussions and comments you must set up a #MacAndCheesyJoke search on or on your twitter client.
  2. To make comments and/or replies you must include #MacAndCheesyJoke somewhere in your Tweet on Twitter.

About Pirate’s Booty Mac n Cheese:

Discover the richest, creamiest mac & cheese this side of the equator. Satisfying and delicious, we think its perfect for yarrr whole crew. So come aboard, and sail the high-seas of cheese!


Pirate’s Booty Mac n


Pirate’s Booty Mac n Cheese on Twitter


Pirate’s Booty Mac n Cheese on Facebook


Arrrr ye coming to the parrrrrty?



I will be compensated for co-hosting the Twitter party.  Opinions are my own.

Join Us for the #AintMomGrand Mother’s Day Twitter Party

This is part of a sponsored campaign with ProFlowers and Shari’s Berries.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

This weekend is Mother’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate moms and all that they do for their children and families. How will YOU be honoring moms this Sunday? Flowers and sweets are traditionally one of the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day, which is why we love Shari’s Berries and ProFlowers! According to the National Retail Federation Mother’s Day survey, two-thirds of those celebrating Mother’s Day this year will buy mom flowers. Shari’s Berries will dip more than 6 million strawberries for Mother’s Day alone. Both Shari’s Berries and ProFlowers are making it easy to celebrate mom’s this weekend by offering Sunday delivery!


aintmomgrand 20 coupon

Come join ProFlowers, Shari’s Berries, @StacieInAtlanta, and @JollyMom on Thursday, May 8th from 1-2 pm ET to celebrate Mother’s Day. Along with the perfect gift ideas, we’ll be sharing our favorite mom memories and all of the reasons that moms are grand! Of course, there will be lots of beautiful and delicious surprises for those who attend!


In the meantime, make sure to Tweet a picture of your mom using the #AintMomGrand hashtag. Your picture could be featured on the website!

And, enter the Shari’s Berries and ProFlowers Ain’t Mom Grand Facebook Sweepstakes! Enter to win Shari’s Berries Dozen Mother’s Day Berries and 3 Cake Pops HERE or a Deluxe All the Frills Bouquet from ProFlowers HERE.

aintmomgrand flower pic


Twitter Party Details

What: #AintMomGrand Mother’s Day Twitter Party

When: Thursday, May 8th from 1-2 p.m. EST (12 CT & 10 a.m. PT)

Where: Twitter

Who To Follow:

Brand: @ProFlowers @SharisBerries

Co-Hosts: @JollyMom @StacieInAtlanta

Blogger Panelists: @therebelchick @crissy @LkWhtMomFound @simplystacienet @brettbmartin

Rules: For the Official Rules for ProFlowers and Shari’s Berries.

For additional Mother’s Day inspiration, visit the Celebrating Our Love For Moms Pinterest Board!
Follow ProFlowers’s board Celebrating our Love for Moms on Pinterest.




Join us for the Purina Cat Chow #WhyWeightPledge Twitter Party! Tonight!

Please come and join us for the Purina Cat Chow Twitter Party.  We’ll be discussing overweight cats and ways to help them live a healthier lifestyle. There will, of course, be prizes!




Join @StacieinAtlanta and @ToneItUp

along with panelists: @CatsOutofTheBag @crissy @jollymom @DaddyMojo @DrErnieWard @brettbmartin

Make certain to follow us all on Twitter so you can keep up with the conversation.


#WhyWeightPledge Twitter Party


Twitter beginning at 8PM EST on Wednesday, April 23, 2014


1 Lucky reader who RSVP’s ahead of time  will win a prize at the start of the party.

This prize pack includes: 1-year’s supply of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight  and Purina Cat Chow Prize pack

During the party, we will be giving away:

(3) Prizes: $50 American Express gift card, three-months supply of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight and Purina Cat Chow Prize pack

(1) Grand Prize: $100 American Expresss gift card, six-month supply of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight and Purina Cat Chow Prize pack

Click below to Tweet to help us get the word out



Our Raistlin was an overweight kitty.



Purina Cat Chow #WhyWeightPledge is asking people to take a minute determine if their cat is at a healthy weight. Take the pledge today and get a free sample PLUS when they hit 100,000 pledges, Purina will donate $50,000 to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.


RSVP for the party:


This post is part of a sponsored conversation on behalf of Purina Cat Chow.  Opinions are my own.