Elf on the Shelf Alternatives

By now most people have heard of the Elf on the Shelf.

elf starbucks


I’ve even posted him on here….and Christopher PopinKins.  But they aren’t the only elves in town.  Given that December is just a few weeks away and many of us have our elves arriving Thanksgiving night, I thought I’d share some of the OTHER elves I’ve seen – we all have our own style and taste, and to be honest, I want one of each. (I love Christmas!)

I also wanted to note- we do move our Elves almost every night (sometimes we forget).  Our elves in our house do NOT “report” on behavior.  You’ll see some elves in this post that go along with that idea, you’ll see beloved character friends, a Hannukah “elf” alternative and more.  I love the spirit of Christmas and find the elf tradition to just add to that fun and magic of the holiday season, so I embrace it.  So many of our friends do crazy elf antics that I’ve done (and have more planned) whole posts about Elf on the Shelf ideas!


Elf on the Shelf Alternatives

elf on the shelf alternatives

Christmas Angel

Photo from Christmas Angel

Photo from Christmas Angel


Christopher Pop-in-Kins


Photo from ElfFun.com


Elf Magic


Hide-n-Hug Olaf

Credit: Hide and Hug Olaf

Credit: Hide and Hug Olaf




Credit: Annalee

Elves Around the World

elves around world

Credit: Elves Around the World

Santa’s Secret Elf (Fiesta)


Credit: Fiesta


Mensch on a Bench


Credit: Mensch on a Bench

Sitting Elves JWM Collection


Photo Credit: JWM Collection

RAZ Imports Poseable Elf


Amber’s Elves (Handmade)

Credit: Amber's Elves

Credit: Amber’s Elves

Kindness Elves (Handmade)

For some sweet ideas on what to do with a Kindness Elf? Check the Imagination Tree’s Kindess Elf post.



Uncle Si the Christmas Elf

Yes, THAT Uncle Si.  From Duck Dynasty.




Do you have elves that come to your house for the holidays?

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  • The Christmas Angel sounds great! We decided to try Melk the Christmas Monkey this year. http://bit.ly/2hTbp27
  • Hi! LOVE this post and I remember reading it last year so I had to come back and tell you about this AWESOME Christian Elf on the Shelf alternative I found called The Shepherd's Treasure! I just ordered it cuz if I'm honest that little elf kinda creeps me out a bit! But the Shepherd comes with a Jesus doll and kids follow him on a treasure hunt to find Jesus during the month of December so I thought that was cool! :) Anyway... thanks for your posts! :)
  • Here's another one to add to the list: The Spirit Post. It's a positive alternative to the Elf on the Shelf that'll help teach kids to be kind even when no one is watching: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0188MV88Y. My husband and I created it because we hated the threat-based, naughty/nice, "he sees you when your sleeping" vibe of a lot of Christmas toys and products. The Spirit Post uses positive, internal motivation to encourage kids to spread kindness year-round. Our parent guide has more info: http://thespiritpost.com/parent-guide/ Keep up the great work!

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