Get the action shots you want with Fast Camera app from iTunes

fast camera screenshot 2

I love the convenience of a camera on my phone. I won't lie.  I love it so much that I made the (very hard for me) decision to leave my DSLR and lenses home when we went to Disney in January so that I could have less weight to carry in my bag and also ...

Wendy’s new Right Price Right Size Menu #ClaimYourTaste

wendys gift cards

Wendy's is updating their logo soon and revamping many of their locations.  Fans can have their chance at 15 minutes of famle with the new Right Prize Right Size Menu which has 18 favorite items  all of which have been nicknamed for consumer enjoyment (with names such as "Aah," "Cheesy," and "Bang"). When you pick your ...

Westin Kids Club Activities at the Westin Copley Place

cookies at westin

Over President's Day weekend, the kids and I headed up to Boston for a few days of fun.  The Westin Copley Place invited us to come up and check out their Kids Club, which was having it's first vacation event.  There's nothing else to say except that we had a blast!  I was particularly excited ...

3 Spring Party Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

spring party saving ideas

With Easter just a few weeks away, it's time to start thinking about spring and shaking off the winter blahs. You can have a fun get-together without spending a lot of money. Pick up some inexpensive party supplies at the discount store. You can also use any leftover solid-color plates, cups and utensils from previous ...

Sell out your Bake Sale with these bake sale recipe ideas!

no fail bake sale recipes

Do the words "Bake Sale Goods Needed" strike fear in your heart like they do mine?  I always panic. What if I mess up? What if I don't make the prettiest treats? What if no one buys my stuff?  Well, I asked some of my blogging friends what THEIR no-fail Bake Sale recipe ideas are...and ...

$100 Amazon Giveaway- Twitter Blast


Makobi Scribe is bringing you this Amazon Twitter blast. We host one of these blasts each week! If you are a blogger, you can sign up for the blast here. If you are a reader, then good luck! The winner will receive an Amazon gift card for $100. The giveaway is open WW. Entry-Form

GoodNites Bed Mats Help Boost Kids’ Confidence

Huggies Confidence Booster Kit GoodNites Bed Mats

There's a phase for many kids between being potty trained and being dry at night.  For some kids, it's a short time, for others, a really long time.  The older kids get, the less they want to have to wear absorbent pants of any kind- and I can't say I blame them.  My littlest one ...

Online Reputation Management for Dummies

9781118338599 cover.indd

By no means is this breaking news, but I am one of the Dummies that the entire line of ______ for Dummies books was created for.  If you can screw it up, I can screw it up better.  Or worse.  I need basics. I was asked to review Online Reputation Management for Dummies- something I ...

Protect Your Kids’ Eyes with Real Kids Shades

real kids shades

I think sometimes we forget as adults that kids' eyes need protection from the sun just as much as ours do.  For me, I'd quite easily forget, but I have a husband who has eyes that are very photosensitive and it's made me much more aware about his comfort- and that of our children.  I've ...