Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Rinse, part 2

We have been using the Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Clean Multi-Protection Rinse for a few weeks now.  My husband has taken to using it as well- and he’s very particular about what he uses for oral and dental care.   We’ve both kind of been using this right after we brush in the morning and again when we brush right before bed.  They say things become habit after 21 days so I think we’re in “habit” mode of using this product now (and I need to get a new one!)

I am happy to report that this still doesn’t have a strong medicinal taste nor a strong alcohol taste to it.  I wasn’t sure if I just really wanted it to not have that yucky taste that so many rinses have when I started using this.  (I’d posted here about my initial impression of the product).  I’ve been feeling like my breath stays fresher a bit longer, but also that I’m doing something proactive to maintain the health of my teeth, gums and mouth in general , which makes me feel good.  That makes me like using the rinse.  I like that I’m finding something that I don’t MIND the taste of because too often I stop using oral care products when I hate the taste.  My husband and I are both happy to have found a product we BOTH like touse because space is at a premium in our house and we don’t have to have 2 different product bottles on the shelf.

One thing I’ve noticed about this product is that it makes a mess in your sink.  Not necessarily a bad thing- it means my sink is being cleaned at least 1x/day in the upstairs bathroom of our house.  It certainly isn’t something that would deter me from purchasing this, but it is messy.  Or maybe our mouths are messy.  Either way, our sink is REALLY clean every night before bed!!

“I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Crest and received a sample to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central Consulting sent me a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Day Out with Thomas: Leader of the Track Tour 2011 Coming to Essex, CT in May!



Thomas the Tank Engine™ To Visit ESSEX STEAM TRAIN

MAY 14-15 & 21-22 

ESSEX, CT – It’s “Steamies” versus “Diesels” and our favorite No.1 engine is right on track! Thomas the Tank Engine™ is pulling into ESSEX STEAM TRAIN for the Day Out With Thomas™: Leader of the Track Tour, presented by HIT Entertainment, a worldwide leader in children’s entertainment, and sponsored by MEGA Brands, a leading toy company. This fun-filled event offers little engineers and their families the opportunity to take a ride with a 15-ton replica of Thomas the Tank Engine, star of the popular Thomas & Friends™ series. Children will ride along with their favorite hero on his latest adventure. The tour, now in its 16th year, will make stops in more than 45 US cities and is expected to welcome more than one million passengers in 2011. However…Essex Steam Train will host the only Day Out with Thomas event in Connecticut this year!

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Couponing for the Extremely Normal

Here’s a great post from Madame Deals about couponing for the “rest” of us…
Welcome to Couponing for the Extremely Normal! Have you watched the new TLC series “Extreme Couponing”? If so, you must realize how extreme these couponers can be.

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B Kind 2 Earth Day – will you promise with me? #kind2earth


So, my beloved readers, will you help me with something?  I promise it will cost you nothing and the benefits will be reaped for – well, maybe forever.  Maybe just for a day.  Either way, there will be a benefit at no cost to you.  I know I spend a lot of time bringing products to you in reviews and giveaways and stuff, and ways to save money, but I also sneak in a lot of my feelings about doing what I can to be as kind to our earth as I can be.  We ALL live here, on Earth (well, as far as I can tell, all of you do, but when the stat counters plot my readership across the globe I’m not sure it occurs to them to look outside of Earth).  Since we all live here together, no matter where we actually are physically, I figure, we should do what we can to make it a better place- for now, for tomorrow, and for all of the tomorrows that are yet to come. 

Being “green” is very cool right now.  Do you know that this is probably the first time in my life I am “cool”?  That’s right.  Me. Cool.  Hip.  In with the “in” crowd.  But this isn’t about being cool.  Its about respecting where we live and taking care of what sustains us- and it matters.  In just a few weeks we’ll be celebrating Earth Day, which has become a bit of a holiday around here.  I’m totally serious.  We’re going to plant some stuff, to help keep our air clean, and give the compost pile a nice once-over with the pitchfork, and end the day with a compost cake (idea courtesy of Family Fun magazine). 

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Caillou plush doll and toy train (Review)

If you have ever watched PBS Kids or Sprout with your own or other people’s little kids, chances are you are familiar with a little bald 4 year old boy named Caillou who has his very own animated show- and what may possibly the catchiest theme song ever.  (I can hear the notes now just typing this).   Kids love him, and they love the show.  My kids are no exception.  We’ve had a LOT of sick days in my family this winter which has made for a lot of extra television viewing time- including Caillou.  My 3 year old likes to snuggle on my bed with me after big sister gets on the bus for school and little sister goes for her nap- he likes to watch Caillou with me and then we turn off the TV and read some books together before nap.  Its one of the few things that are “ours” together, just him and me, and I love those times.

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Kids Relief All Natural Medicine

My littlest one is sick, again.  Or maybe, still.  Poor thing.  She’s had a really tough winter with stomach bugs and ear infections, plus scarlet fever.  Sometimes more than one of these illnesses at once.  That’s a lot for a 1 year old.  When she’s not feeling well, and really, when anyone in our family isn’t feeling great, I turn to natural and homeopathic remedies more and more first- like I did half an hour ago when I gave her some Kids Relief Pain & Fever and the Earache relief before her nap to keep her comfortable.  I’m fairly certain her ear infections from a few weeks ago have returned (or never went away) and she’s been very uncomfortable and crabby.  We can’t get in to the pediatrician until 4:45 this afternoon and she’s really overtired.

Why homeopathic first?  I try to avoid chemicals out of our home and our bodies when possible.  Obviously at times there’s a need for them, but if I can avoid them, I will.  Plus, there have been so many recalls on things in recent years that I would rather avoid medicines that have previously been recalled if able to.  Kids Reilef has a nice selection of products that provide relief for so many symptoms our kids can experience from 0-12!

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“Truth Be Told” for Family Movie Night- Premieres 4/16

The premiere of “Truth Be Told” is THIS Saturday, April 16th on FOX at 8pm/7ct.  If you haven’t yet heard about “Truth Be Told,” its a family movie that stars Candace Cameron Bure (From “Full House” fame) who plays a marriage and family counselor who likes to work “outside the box” counsels that honesty is the key to successful relationships longterm.  Her character, Maddie Morgan, hasn’t ever been married, and as the movie description tells it, also doesn’t follow her own advice.  She gets a huge career opportunity to be on a radio show but the catch is, the guy giving her the chance wants her to spend the weekend at his family ranch in New Mexico with her family….he’d seen her with Mark and his 2 children at a social event and assumed they were a family, and insisted that her whole family come to spend the weekend at his ranch. What follows is the story of what happens once they arrive at the ranch together, pretending to be a family- and I won’t tell the rest because it would ruin the story.

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Kids Frugal Fun

Here’s this week’s Kids Frugal Fun from Mom on Dealz!

Each week I bring you a craft or activity to do with your child that is educational and frugal! This week’s idea was submitted by Madame Deals do directions will be given for her particular project.

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