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One of my fantabulous readers will win a $100 Target Gift Card!! Just follow instructions on the Giveaway tools form below:  Entry-Form

Meet the #Doozers on #Hulu! #Giveaway


We have four new friends we want you to meet.  They are Doozers, and their little group of friends is called "the Pod Squad." They live in Doozer Creek, a modern and eco-friendly community.  Doozer Creek is full of adventures galore for the Pod Squad, with friends who engage in exciting projects and who love ...

Pomegranate Sugar Scrub Homemade Recipe

pomegranate sugar scrub homemade recipe

I LOVE taking baths. I really, really do. It's my escape, my me time. One of my favorite things to use in the tub is a good sugar scrub that leaves me feeling like I have no dry skin at all.  I'm smitten with Pomegranate (I love the smell, but I also love the pink) ...

What I really want for Mother’s Day is… HoneyBaked Ham?


Someone asked me today what my dream Mother's Day would be.  I realized, I don't have a great answer for that. I could be sappy and sentimental and want to spend the day with my family.  It kind of got me thinking, though.  What WOULD my day look like? What do I really want for ...

Join Us for the #AintMomGrand Mother’s Day Twitter Party

aintmomgrand flower pic

This is part of a sponsored campaign with ProFlowers and Shari’s Berries.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. This weekend is Mother’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate moms and all that they do for their children and families. How will YOU be honoring moms this Sunday? Flowers and sweets are traditionally one of the ...

Little Life Lessons from Mom #KeepGoodGoing

My mom and me, circa 1979? and probably the last photo taken of us together.

This post brought to you by New York Life. All opinions are 100% mine. Did your mom have little bits of wisdom that seemed so small when she said them, but later in life you realized were just profound truths?   My mom did.  Be the friend you want to have. A smile can make a BIG difference. There's always ...

Crafty Party Tips #TrashCrashers

crafty party tips

Having a crafty party can be tons of fun.  Having crafts available means everyone has something to do and there's no risk of "down time" where people get bored.  This is especially great for kid parties, if there's not a place for them to get outside and run around to play. But craft supplies can also ...

Brownie Recipe: Snickers Brownies


I don't know that these need an intro.  I do know, however, that I need a chocolate fix something fierce and this is a great way to use up leftover candy from the kids' baskets, buckets, stockings, etc. I love a good brownie recipe and I love Snickers so this was kind of a perfect ...

Three things you don’t know about me (Get 2 free music downloads!)


Just for fun, I'm going to tell you three things you don't know about me.  There are many things, but today you get 3. 1. I'm the youngest of 8.  Yes, 8.  I'm the baby.  My oldest brother graduated high school when I was 3 weeks old. 2. I can't snap my fingers. The first trick my ...