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If you follow the blog you know Saving Toward a Better Life  posts a company a day to contact.  Contacting companies is a great way to get coupons!  Why? Because 99% of the time, they will reward the time you took to provide them with feedback with coupons!!  Read more. Here is a recap of who we contacted [...]

Kids Summer Fun: Lenticular Human Body Poster (Giveaway)


  I don't know about your kids, but mine have a fascination with the human body.  Be it bodily functions, how the moves and works, what bones look like, etc....  They love anything that has to do with the body.  I suppose they could have gotten this trait from me.  I always loved science and majored [...]

Office Max this week

Here are a few highlights for this weeks Office Max ad. To get the complete list of match-ups, check Just Trying To Save Money. ***Special Note for Office Max*** Office Max accepts manufacturer coupons, Office Max store coupons and Internet printable coupons. Looking for certain coupons? Just don’t have the time to cut coupons? Then [...]

Schwan’s for dinner again!

schwans pb dreamy ice cream

Tonight we had Black Angus Steak Burgers  from Schwan's on the grill with Mini Super Sweet Corn on the Cob also grilled...and then some Loaded Waffle Cone Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream (cones) for dessert.  Or rather, the family did.  I did have a few bites of the ice cream (no cone) and 2 mini corn [...]

Ask an Accountant

Thanks to Momondealz for bringing us this post each week! Although tax season is over, tax questions arise year round. My husband is an experienced accountant and will be answering questions sent to me at Question: I have been audited for medical expenses for 2008 (my husband became very ill) and have close to [...]

My take on Winnie the Pooh and a clip of Owl’s Cold :o)

pooh movie

The first time I saw the Winnie the Pooh movie (open TODAY, July 15th!!)when I was in LA, I loved it.  I knew I would- I have such fond memories of reading the A.A. Milne books as a child with my mom and well, I grew up with Pooh, Tigger, Kanga, Roo and Eeyore.  The [...]

Gorgeous Sterling Silver Jewelry 50% off from!! HURRY!

Today, pay only $15 for $30 Worth of Sterling Silver Jewelry from From custom birthstone rings to celebrity-inspired designs, you’ll find beautiful sterling silver jewelry that will help you create the perfect look for every occasion. They have beads that fit the Pandora, Troll and Camilla. There are a lot of them on sale [...]

FREE Fandango Movie Ticket from Offermatic!

Want to watch the final Harry Potter movie for Free? Offermatic is offering you a chance to see the new Harry Potter movie for free! (They tried to give away full-ride scholarship to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but the Ministry of Magic prevented them from doing so.) For a limited time only, you [...]