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We are on day 5 of winter break. Send help.  Also casseroles. I'm exhausted! So much packed into 5 short days. Ending it all with a regular gymnastics filled evening but it's photo night so the kids have to wear competition leos and have hair looking decent before practice.  Thankfully I planned ahead and did [...]

Exederm Review

If you've ever had a child that suffers from eczema, dermatitis or sensitive skin then you know the importance of good bath and body products.  I have found that this is no easy feat.  We have been through countless bottles of "sensitive" and "gentle"  baby cleansers, but most of them are still too drying and can aggravate [...]

Scruble Cube

You already know how much I love  word games.  I can't wait until my kids are old enough to play with me so we can do all of these games together!  A new game I got to try is Scruble Cube- its kind of Scrabble meets the Rubik's Cube, and its a pretty neat concept. [...]

Eating at restaurants with young children

Do you know that when we go out to eat, we almost always bring our three kids?  Yes, we do.  I think it is important to bring them to places and get them used to what is expected in certain establishments, and setting some expectations.  I'm not saying I expect them to be prim and [...]

Rainbow Rice (Tutorial)

rainbow rice tutorial

Are you looking for a super fun, quick and easy craft to do with your kids this summer?  I ran across this idea on Homemade Serenity.  Since the weather is getting nice and we are able to move our craft projects outdoors, I thought I would get brave and try out something with liquid watercolors.  This [...]

Swankini Swimwear from (Giveaway)

Summer is fast approaching, and that means bathing suits are in our very near future here in Connecticut.  Having lost 25 pounds and counting, my swimsuits from the past few years are obviously not going to work anymore.  Too big, I say, with a big grin on my face!! Unfortunately for me, I'm not a [...]

Lilac Maternity Review and Giveaway Ends 6/1/11

What can I say about Lilac Denim other than, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE! I am not kidding when I say that this particular pair of jeans is THE number one item in my maternity wardrobe. I have thrown all my other maternity pants by the wayside in favor of these. In fact, [...]

Gnomeo & Juliet BluRay/DVD Combo Pack Giveaway

If you haven't yet heard of Gnomeo & Juliet, the humorous twist on Shakespeare's classic tragedy of Romeo & Juliet, well, I'm not sure where you've been!!  It is such a cute, funny movie and has, in my opinion, succeeded in updating a timeless tale for the modern day- not that anything could replace the [...]

FiberChoice® is encouraging ‘Choices for Better Health’

I've shared with you before how important fiber is in our diets- having learned this the hard way, I think its important to talk about and educate ourselves on not so fun topics like having enough fiber for our diets.   I think that many of us cringe when we hear "fiber" because we think of the [...]

Little Twig Review

I admit it.  I'm kind of addicted to baby bath products.  Not your run of the mill grocery store baby wash, but all natural super yummy smelling bath products.  There is just nothing more fun than bathing those little bodies and making them smell so sweet!  I have been dying to try Little Twig bath [...]

Frugal Gardening

Thanks, Just Trying to Save Money for this great post!!!  If you are looking for a way to save some money with out having the care of your own garden, you can always visit your local Farm. Visit PickYourOwn and search for a local farm in your area where you can tour their farm, pick [...]