Maude Cloth Diapers- There’s a “new kid” in town!

There are so many cloth diapers on the market today that it is sometimes hard to choose which one is best for your needs.  We have both (Brett & Jenni)  have tried our fair share of diapers and have concluded that pocket diapers are definitely the way to go.  However, within the pocket diaper category, there are [...]

Zanymals from Little Tikes (Coming soon to a store near you!)

We are big fans of Little Tikes- they've been around forever (as has our sandbox from them) and they make really good, quality products that last and last.  They have a really cute, fun new product hitting stores soon called Zanymals!! ZANYMALS™: Zanymals live in the Jumble Jungle, where the ground jiggles and tornados blow, [...]

50% off Canvas Prints at

I have already started planning most of our Christmas gifts for friends and family this year! With all of these great photo savings, most of the grandparents in our family will be getting pictures of our kids in some form, prints, photo books, canvas prints, etc. I just found that RitzPix is offering 50% off [...]

iCarly: The i <3 iCarly Collection (Giveaway) (Street Date: July 19)

i heart icarly

We're only just beginning to delve into the world of non-preschool shows in this house.  Thanks to my niece E who is our babysitter, we were introduced to iCarly, which is cute and fun...and E has a friend who looks just like Miranda Cosgrove who plays iCarly!  As a mom I like how this show [...]

The New Bar Code: Not Fraudulent

Due to the significant number of people who have been using the UPC bar code on coupons to commit coupon fraud your coupons now look a bit different when you print them. If you pull almost any coupon out of your book/envelope/binder you will notice the coupon most likely has two types of bar codes [...]

$5.00 Kellogg’s Cereal Coupon *Hot* must have breakfast on the mind today!!  First the milk now the cereal... Print now and hang onto it until there's a sale and save big!  Look under zip code 84711!! Under Foods and they will be on the first 2 pages!! Thanks, Pays to Save!

Have you tried Snapily?

I haven't, tried Snapily yet but I just saw they have a $3 credit for signing up- has anyone tried them?  I think this looks like it could be something really fun especially for gift giving!! [ad#glam between posts]


Print this one ASAP!! I've not ever seen a coupon for milk without having to buy something else :o) **Look under zip code 84711!! Under Foods and they will be on the first 2 pages!!  This is, I've been told, JUST For UT and ID.  Thank you, Pays to Save for the head's up!![ad#glam between [...]