Homemade Gluten Free Gnocchi

Homemade Gluten Free Gnocchi

My family loves gnocchi but it's one of those foods that is hard to find in a gluten free option available in the stores.  Gnocchi, if you aren't familiar, is like a potato dumpling.  We like to think of them as these perfect, little potato pillows.  Like most things we love, I experiment making our [...]


>I finally picked the winners for:Thomas & Friends Misty Island RescueandExpressiva and we're trying something new...........you can find the winner's info HERE!!

>Still not sure about purchasing the new Tinker Bell movie? A trailer, a deleted scene and an interview for you!

>Check out my review post about The Great Fairy Rescue- you can see a trailer from the movie!Here is a deleted scene for you to enjoyhttp://www.totaleclips.com/player/Splash.aspx?custid=907&clipid=e69605&playerid=69&affiliateid=-1&bitrateid=378&formatid=10And an interview with Lucy Liuhttp://www.totaleclips.com/player/Splash.aspx?custid=907&clipid=e74526&playerid=69&affiliateid=-1&bitrateid=378&formatid=10

>Family Game Night

>I've written before about how much I love Family Game Nights (here, and here -oh, here, too!) and why I think they are so important to have.  Thanks to an unexpected opportunity from the folks at Collective Bias, I was inspired to have a Family Game Night spur of the moment and we had a blast!! [...]

>Baby GoGo Doll Review

>We have a new baby doll friend in our house.  "His" name is...Baby GoGo.  For a few brief hours he was also known as "Billy" but little man has decided that Baby GoGo is the name.  If you have not yet heard of the Baby GoGo doll, you soon will.  They've taken a traditional baby doll [...]

>My Crafty Mom is running a special for Mom Bloggers who use Blogspot

>Kim at My Crafty Mom is the one who did my fantabulous makeover!! I noticed in her newsletter this morning she's running a special so I thought I'd share since so many people said they love my new look.  She has a special also running for Wordpress, Etsy shops and E-Commerce Shops.  Check it out!! [...]

>Giveaway: 250 DieCut Business Cards (Mommy Cards, Blogger Cards)

>Designer Cards, blogger cards, Mommy Cards (I do use these, they are awesome when you meet a new mom friend and don't have anything to exchange info with !!) and so much more… From marketing materials to personal cards, business cards have developed from the plain boring to a more modern and rounded corners, square [...]

>10 Things You Should Always Buy Generic- from Yahoo.Com

>1. Pain relievers and other over-the-counter medicationsAcetaminophen — the active ingredient in Tylenol — is available in many generic products. Note that the generics aren't similar: they're identical. Why would you ever pay more for an identical product? This also applies to everything from cold medicine to eye drops — virtually every over-the-counter medication. The [...]

>Confirmed Blogmania WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

>Winner of Prize Pack #1Comment # 534HomemadeBaby said...I really like Nomie's Kimono shirt!marysa at marysa dot comWinner of Prize Pack #2Comment # 168vhubler said...I would buy the Diaper Covers from Written in ThreadAGAIN!! IF anyone wins anything from anyone else, please share.  I will be living vicariously through you!!!!!!!!!!!!!