Got some spare apples? You want to try this recipe!! (Apple Pie Bars)

My friend Jen introduced me to this Family Fun recipe for Apple Pie Bars.  They are divine.  I accept no responsibility for how many you eat!! My dad is coming over tomorrow morning and I decided that he deserves a special treat- plus its my husband's birthday tomorrow (18th) and so does I'm making [...]

>Get a *new* coffeemaker, carafe, tumbler and Coffee for $22.95!!

>Gevalia - Coffee Maker, Carafe, Tumbler & Coffee for $22.95Coffee or tea drinker? Try two half pound boxes of Gevalia Kaffe or tea and get a stainless steel coffeemaker, stainless steel coffee carafe and stainless steel tumbler FREE. $168 value, Delivered to your home for $22.95 + $5.95 shipping! All Yours to keep with no further obligation, [...]

>Families of the World Series: Families of Afghanistan DVD (Release date 11/2/10)Giveaway

>‘Families of Afghanistan ’Newest Title in the Award-Winning Families of the World Series Arrives on DVD  November 2, 2010 fromMaster CommunicationsWins National Association of Parenting Publications Honors AwardWe received a copy of Families in Afghanistan and its really neat to watch- *I* learned a lot and I think its great for kids to see how other people live [...]

>Holiday Card time again…

>You know, every year I get these grand ideas in my mind about what our holiday card will look like.  I won't lie to you, my secret dream (that will never, EVER come true) is coordinating family outfits...the dog and cat might even be included in that.  (I draw the line with the fish...)  Seriously. [...]

>Shalom Sesame: Welcome to Israel Review & Giveaway

>Welcome to Israel is the first of a 12 part DVD series designed to bring Jewish culture and tradition and the diversity of Israeli life to American children and their families.  I have always, always had a soft spot for Sesame Street and this DVD series only deepens my love.  Plus, furry, lovable Grover is [...]

>Teddy’s Pride Review & Giveaway

>You know, when we brought Tobey into our home 9 and a half years ago, he had that awesome puppy smell. His breath had that awesome puppy breath smell to go with it.  Fast forward nine and a half years...and um...he definitely has an awesome smell much of the time but the definition of "awesome" [...]