What do you do for at-home exercise?

I always wonder what makes people enjoy  their exercise routine?  I can’t seem to fine one i enjoy.  I want to like exercise.  I just don’t.  So I ask YOU, what exercise programs do you enjoy

Is anyone else like me, and feeling like there are eleventy billion exercise programs out there and you just don’t know what to start with or which direction to turn?  I did couch 2 5k, and NEED to do it again.  But I feel like I should be doing something ELSE. I wouldn’t mind looking more like this girl pictured above than…well…what I look like now.

Something else, like strength training?  Or a kid-friendly workout I can do on days like today that are cold, rainy and we’re stuck in the house?  Gym memberships aren’t a feasible option at this point- gyms around us that are affordable don’t offer childcare.  The ones that offer childcare are way out of price range.

So, home it is.  I do have Zumba Fitness Rush for Kinect that I love, and the kids can try to do with me, which is great.  We’re all up and moving together, the kids get a good laugh at mommy, and I burn some calories.  Someday, we’ll get past the “Learn the Steps” mode, but for now, it’s a whole lot of fun, tons of giggles, and many calories vanishing.  (We are past this stage, but it was a HUGE help for me….huge.)

I’m wanting to try something new.  Maybe something with a timeline/calendar to follow?  I know Gayle is doing a program and sharing about it on here.  I want to know what others have tried- especially for those who were NOT in shape…or at least, in overly round shape when they started.

Turbo Fire Week 2 Progress

Turbo Fire Intense Cardio fitness progess

This is my gym.

I have successfully completed the first two weeks of Turbo Fire Intense Cardio Conditioning program.  I am thrilled to report that I have lost 3 pounds and 1/2 and inch off my waist.  The workouts are really fun and on my rest day I miss having a work out but I know my body needs a break.  Six times each week I strap on my workout shoes and head to the basement to sweat.  By the end of most of the workouts I am dripping with sweat and I have burned as many as 500 calories in an hour.  Most of the workouts are cardio but some are for toning, sculpting and stretching.  When the instructor, Chalene, said that I would remember the core workout the next day, she was not kidding.  My abs were feeling it but, it was so exciting to know it was going to show results.  My biggest fear was that as a 42 year old I would not be able to keep up with the routines.  Each class has a “new to class” option that breaks down the routines for you can follow until you are confident.  The first time to each class I used the “new to class” option and after that I pushed and played the regular class.  I might miss a punch, kick or jump sometimes but I am moving and sweating.

My next Turbo Fire post will  have my before picture and a week 4 update picture.  I am noticing small changes in the appearance of my body and I am feeling stronger.  You can find some really encouraging before and after pictures on the Beachbody website.  There they have success stories and you can also find some great results on their message boards.

Hartford Marathon Foundation’s FitKids program

The longer I am working at being healthier (even with my too-frequent setbacks), the more my children are getting interested in and excited about being healthier.  They not only cheer me on when I’m “running” past them doing a race, but they want to go WITH me!! At 2, 4 and 6 they are still a bit too young to be participating in larger 5k events, even for just the crowds alone, but events like the HMF FitKids series are perfect for kids – the fun and exercise go hand in hand at events designed especially for them!  You can see my older kids a little tired and “spent” from a kid race last November, but they still have their green ribbons proudly displayed in their bedrooms!
The Hartford Marathon Foundation’s Youth Running Races will take place at least once a month from March to December. The races will be held in various towns in Connecticut, including Bloomfield, Cromwell, Hartford, Higganum, New Britain, West Hartford, and Wethersfield.
All HMF youth races are $10 and offer several distances (50 yds, ¼ mile, ½ mile, and one-mile) and are determined by the age of participating child. Kids may also register for an HMF 5K race at the same price of $10. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent/guardian to participate. All participants receive a cotton t-shirt and finisher’s medal.
  • April 14th – Burn Calories for Fuel Kids Fun Run, Bloomfield
  • May 12th – CT Race in the Park Kids Fun Run, New Britain
  • June 3rd – Amica Iron Horse Kids Fun Run, Simsbury
  • June 9th – BlumShapiro 5k for Camp Courant Kids Fun Run, Cromwell
  • July 7th – Red Dress Run for Women Kids Fun Run, Hartford
  • August 28th – Old Wethersfield Kids Fun Run, Wethersfield
  • October 13th – ING Hartford Marathon Kids K, Hartford
  • October 28th – Pumpkin Run Kids Fun Run, Higganum
  • December 2nd – Blue Back Mitten Run Kids Fun Run, West Hartford
The HMF is also offering a 

 Family Fit Training Program:
6:30-7:30 P.M. Monday nights at Glastonbury High School Track
6/25, 7/2, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30
$10 per child, $15 for 18+ or $25 per family
Finally, a running and fitness program the whole family can do together! This unique program incorporates exercises, walk/run track workouts and good old basic exercises. Our coaches will teach good running form while building endurance and strength during each hour session. Adults can join in with the youth group or participate in walk or run workouts on the track. The youth will be grouped according to age in a fun and friendly environment. Our goal is to make this so fun that you will not realize how much exercise you’re getting! All abilities welcome!

I gave my daughter some sage advice. I’m going to follow it.

Today, just like on Sunday afternoon, I took my 6 year old on the bike path with me so I could run.  I signed up for the O’Hartford race and have a month to get myself ready.  She loves to ride her bike, with one of her beloved dolls in the doll bike seat, so I figured this would be a win-win situation.   We’d get some mommy-daughter bonding time, the little kids could nap (hubby was home) and we could both get some exercise.

I was feeling all kinds of awesome about this, and we even had our dog, Tobey with us.  Things went FABULOUSLY for about 10 yards.  Little Busy girl was already ahead of me, and turned her head

“Mom?  I thought you said you were going to run while I ride my bike!?”

“I am running.  This is how I run!”  (Still feeling great about starting this up again)

“Well, you aren’t very fast.”

“Nope, I’m not.” [click to continue…]

Tropicana® Trop50® True Resolutions – What’s your resolution this year? #Trop50

Hey, look! It’s January!! Time to start a fresh year, a clean slate, a new calendar.  Time to MAKE YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.

Except I have a little tiny problem.

I didn’t do the resolution thing this year.

I kind of conveniently forgot.   Probably someone trained in psychology would call it “avoidance” but whatever.  I didn’t resolve.  Or re-resolve.

I can’t. I know myself, and I won’t stick to it.

But my resolutions are still here.  They are not going anywhere.  I’m on the slow and steady pace to win the race of resolutions.  My resolution is a “big picture” kind of thing.  I want to grow old. I want to stick around this world long enough to watch my kids get married, and maybe have their own kids, and spoil those hypothetical most-adorable-grandbabies-in-the-world to death.  The path I was on a year or so ago, was not the path to seeing my dreams come to fruition.  No exercise, crappy eating habits, and depression=fat, unhappy and unhealthy mom of three young children who were learning what they lived.

Fast forward to now.  (Remember, I’m on the SLOW and steady pace. I’m human, mmmkay?  There’s no superhero cape on my back).  I’m still pretty fat.  But I’m way less fat.  I still make crummy choices with junk food (if chocolate didn’t exist I might be skinny)…BUT… [click to continue…]

$35 for $209 6 weeks of unlimited BCOR Boot Camp Classes!!

This is a HUGE savings!!
BCOR Fitness – Multiple Locations
$35 for Six Weeks of Unlimited Boot Camp Classes ($209 Value)

Though couture flip-flops and flats make frequent appearances at selective summer camps, only gym shoes have the drive and stamina needed to survive at boot camp. Take your well-heeled soles to camp with today’s Groupon: for $35, you get a six-week pass for unlimited boot camp classes at BCOR Fitness (a $209 value), valid at all locations nationwide. Class schedules vary between locations and some camps are wom [click to continue…]

Guest Post on Getting Fit Frugally

If you’re a mom, you know how difficult it can be to fit in excercise. Many women join gyms and take advantage of their daycare facilities. Unfortunately, gym memberships were one of the first things to go when we cut our budget in order for me to stay home with the kids. However, staying fit and excercising are still top priorities for my husband and I. There are many ways we accomplish our goals in more frugal ways-
1. Running outside-I have always hated running. However, after having my second child, I knew I had to do something to lose the baby weight. I signed up for my first 5k for motivation-and it worked! I now run 3 times a week and take the kids with me. It has become part of our morning routine and they love it! Not only do they get fresh air and sunshine, we also get to talk about things in the neighborhood and I use it as a good time to practice colors by playing “I Spy” with Will (ie I spy a yellow truck).
[click to continue…]

Yoga By the Dozen (Giveaway)

Yoga By the Dozen is a new favorite pasttime in my house.  Even Baby B loves it!!  I’m still amazed at how quickly my Busy girl picked up the names for the Yoga poses- ones that I still stumble over weeks later, she’s rolling them off her tongue like she’s known them her whole life. 

This DVD is great. Totally geared toward young kids, the repetition and simplicity is awesome- and the yoga is fun!  Definitely a DVD we’ve put into the player over and over again- and its hard to not say yes when they want to “watch” a DVD that ultimately gets them up and moving – habits I want to last a lifetime with my kids.   I’m so glad they all three of them love it- and twice when we’ve done it we’ve had other kids here who also jumped right in and got involved.  JoAnna and the kids on the DVD are very engaging and very fun to watch and imitate [click to continue…]