LeapFrog’s LeapPad and Tag Reader (We had another party!)

LeapFrog has done it again. Or maybe I should say, done it still? LeapFrog is one of our favorite toy brands, and has been since Busy Bargains was a new baby. We’ve had countless toys and games from LeapFrog, and I forsee many more in our future.

Recently we got some really cool stuff from LeapFrog to check out and share with some friends. After a few scheduling glitches, we were able to get together with friends and share the Tag Reader with several books and a World Map, and also the brand new LeapPad Explorer, which I have a feeling is going to be a very, very hot item this holiday season. (Mr. Bargains finds the LeapPad more appealing than my tablet!!)

The Tag Reader is something I’ve had my eye on but not purchased over the years. The kids thought it was really neat to be able to sit with a book and not ask mom for help – they were having a blast reading with just their friends!!  (I am a mom who adores reading with the kids- but the kids love their independence and this was so fun for them).    kids did really like the books, especially with their favorite characters in them, and having the books read aloud to them or being able to play games within each book.  My son and his friend Q were so excited to see Spiderman in a book made for their age group! 

Learn to read with the #1 selling reading system!* The amazing touch technology of the interactive Tag™ Reader sounds out words, reads stories and brings books to life teaching phonics, vocabulary, comprehension skills and more.

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Let’s Rock! Elmo (Giveaway)

Let’s Rock! Elmo may very well be one of *the* hot toys for the preschool crowd this year.  It’s got the components that kids love- you can play with it, sing with it, dance with it, and interacts with them.  Music, technology and entertainment in an adorable, furry red package.  The black tshirt Elmo’s wearing helps him look the rock star part for sure!  I love that Elmo interacts with the other instruments in the LET’S ROCK line- offering the juice box crowd a way to form a friendly (and age appropriate) little rock band of their own. 

My kids love music, they love technology and they LOVE to sing and dance so I had to jump at the chance to check out this new Elmo- and I’m so glad I did!  He’s so cool, and so much fun- plus, even though he’s a cool rock star, Elmo stays true to his roots- he remembers to say please and thank you when asking for and receiving his instruments.  The songs he sings are also very appropriate (including Elmo’s World).  

One thing that immediately stuck out to me is that Elmo really does interact with the instruments.  He shakes the tambourine, lifts the mic to his mouth, sometimes even when humming, and pounds on the drums with his arm- sometimes both arms.  Sometimes “interactive” toys don’t necessarily work properly- but as you can see in this video, which I had to do when the kids were alseep (because I can’t get a minute alone with Elmo to let him do his thing to show you all!!) down in the basement…but you can see just how much he interacts with the drums, the tambourine and the microphone that come along in the box with Let’s Rock! Elmo.

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