Shopkins Valentines Day Cards {Printable}

Shopkins.  Shopkins, Shopkins, Shopkins.  They’re little, they’re adorable, and they are EVERYWHERE.  They are figures, they are games, they are collectibles, they are hard to find, they’re in blind bags, they’re on underwear, bags, shirts, dresses, pajamas, sheets, and yes, there’s an app for them (it’s actually a super cute app and even kids who claim to be “too old” for Shopkins like it (*coughcoughmy10yearoldcoughcough*). They’re cute and they may take over the world, so why would Valentine’s Day be an exception?  My little one loves her Shopkins pals oh so much and she’s having so much fun sharing her doubles with friends, so when she asked for some Shopkins Valentines for her classmates, it was hard to refuse her!  As I usually do, I turned to my friend Liz who is the  maker-of-the-epic-printables in my world and she worked her magic. Shopkins lovers, get ready!!Love them? Click on the image above to download the Shopkins Valentines PDF file or click right here!

Printable Shopkins Valentines Day Cards- This Mama Loves

Shopkins Valentines {Printable}

What you need:

Card stock

your printer


pen/pencil/crayon/marker/colored pencil for signing!

Shopkins Valentine PDF

What to do:

Download PDF file.

Print your Shopkins Valentines, cut to size and sign. Add candy (or a Shopkins!) for a fun surprise.  That’s it!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!


PS: Can’t decide what kind you want to send?  Check out our Star Wars Valentines, American Girl, Minecraft, Lego, Hipster and other fun Valentines Day card ideas!

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  • You just saved my tail! Kids valentines are due at school tomorrow and I did not pick up cards. They're really pretty. Thanks!
    • We had our last day of school before Valentine's Day yesterday and my littlest brought them in- she was SO excited. She brought one to our (male) Vice Principal and he loved them too!
  • Hi there! Thanks for the adorable valentines, my older daughter will LOVE these but the links keep taking me to a "page not found" - am I clicking on the wrong thing? Thank you again!!
  • The link for the Shopkins PDF isn't working. Do you have one you would be able to send to me?
  • The pdf page or attachment is not found? I really need this :(
  • The link is not working

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