Coconut Citrus Body Scrub

Whether you have been on a tropical cruise and you want to recapture the feeling or you have just had THAT kind of day you need to escape from this delicious Coconut Citrus Body Scrub is the answer. Just where did the inspiration for this fabulous scrub come from?  The amazing Caribbean Princess cruise ship, on a 5 day Western Caribbean cruise I enjoyed with my cousin in October, which included both tropical cocktails, mocktails and spa treatments! A recurring ingredient and fragrance of those yummy drinks and spa treatments? Coconuts! (Check out our Tips for First Time Cruisers and our Girls Week Away post!)

tropical inspiration


To be temporarily whisked away to that tropical paradise, all you have to do is reach into your pantry and create a luxurious spa treatment at home. This decadent body scrub leaves your skin clean, moisturized, and soft while the scent transports you to the coast of somewhere wonderful where breezes blow, hammocks sway, and the waves lazily lap at the shore. It is perfectly acceptable to hoard this treasure to yourself but it also makes a fantastic homemade gift for friends and family- on it’s own or tucked inside a basket of other spa goodies.



Coconut Citrus Body Scrub


1 cup granulated sugar

1/4 cup coconut oil

1 Tbsp. Dr. Bronner’s castile soap

1 1/2 tsp coconut extract

1 tsp. orange extract

1 tsp pineapple extract

zest of 1 orange

coconut citrus scrub ingredients


Finely grate the entire skin of one orange.

coconut citrus scrub grate

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, you may want to add a bit more oil or extract to your body scrub until texture and smell are appealing to you- it is totally a matter of preference.

citrus coconut scrub

To use rub gently in a circular motion on wet skin then rinse off.


If you love homemade beauty products here are a few more you will enjoy:

pomegranate body scrub

Pomegranate Sugar Scrub

diy energizing citrus hand and body scrub

DIY Energizing Citrus Hand & Body Scrub



Thank you so so much to the Princess Cruise Lines for inviting myself and a guest on the Western Caribbean Cruise.  So many memories were made on that trip and so many things have been inspired since our return!


DIY Gift Idea: Manicure in a Jar

Items Needed to make this DIY Gift Idea: Manicure in a Jar:

Cotton balls

Sealable Clear Container


Ideas for Gifts:

Nail polish

Nail File


Nail Clippers

Travel Size Nail Polish Remover

Hand Lotion


Fill the bottom of your jar with cotton balls.


Add in your gifts, placing additional cotton balls around items to help keep them up right.


Fill remaining empty space with cotton balls and seal the jar.

Print the labels, affix, and you are done! Manicure PDF (Labels)


Cork Angel Ornament

Do you love crafting your own holiday ornaments? If so, this cork angel ornament is the perfect project for you to try. You can make your own cork angel ornament using just a cork and a few other easy to find supplies. As you can see, the end result is too sweet to miss. Take a peek and see how you can get started crafting your own!

Cork Angel Ornament


Here is what you will need:
1 cork
White paint
Gold or silver pipe cleaner
Wood doll head (check the wood craft section of your local craft store)
1 coffee filter
Hot glue, glue gun
Paint brush

cork angel

You can use old beverage corks you have on hand, or buy a few at your local craft store. I posted on Facebook asking if anyone had some around, because we are making these at church with the Sunday School kids and several ideas I had to check were: local bars, wineries, restaurants, Whole Foods (they have had a cork recycle bin in the past).  Ask around before you head to the store if you want to save some money!

1. Begin by applying two coats of white paint to your cork. Simply brush the paint on, and allow it to dry thoroughly.

cork angel 2
2. Once the cork is dry, you can attach the wood doll head. Add a generous amount of glue to the bottom of the head and press it to the top of the cork. Hold in place until secure.
3. Cut a small length of silver or gold pipe cleaner and twist it into a loop. Add a small dab of glue and press it to the top of the doll head. This will act as the halo.
4. Using the coffee filter, cut out two small triangles. Glue the triangles to the back of the cork so they look like wings.
5. Cut a length of ribbon to use for hanging. Loop the ribbon and glue the ends to the back of the cork.
6. Finish the angel by drawing a face on the doll head. Use a pencil and make some simple crescent shapes for the eyes.


Your cork angel ornament is now ready to be enjoyed. Hang it from your holiday tree and enjoy it all season long! These would be great attached to gifts as well.

Delta Temp2O Shower Head #DeltaFaucet #HappiMess #giveaway

Life gets messy.  In my house, kids get messy.  Really messy. Truthfully, we all do, especially when we play together, which is something we put a lot of emphasis on. Weather permitting, we play outside together before and/or after dinner each day. Even if it’s raining or snowing. We figure it’s more important to be together and enjoy another’s company than worrying about getting messy.

Besides, we have ways to clean up after getting messy. So what’s the big deal? Puddles are made for jumping.  On hot summer days, why shouldn’t we run around outside and get soaked playing in the rain? Cake plates are made for licking.

licking plate


We do a lot of soccer outside- all 3 kids love the game and that works for us! It’s fun, and it gets us moving.  Given that the kids are 50% mine genetically, they have my lack of grace, and fall often.  Muddy and grass stained knees are part of our daily routine as a result. But- it doesn’t matter. Grass and mud are a quick thing to get off in the shower.  The together time is more important than the worry about cleanup.


Each of the kids also plays soccer for the town. Which means dirty, messy kids after a hard practice and/or game. The littles have practice that ends in a game, and our oldest is on a team that plays other towns so she’s played up to 4 games in a day.

Chickens are pets in our house. They are held and we pet them. That’s a guaranteed shower right there!

baby chicken

Messy. Happy messes, but messes nonetheless.  I find the tradeoff from a happy mess (aka HappiMess) more than worth it, and don’t mind for a second doing that extra laundry. (We won’t talk about folding it).


Showers are an almost daily thing here for our kids.  We recently installed a Delta Temp2O™ Shower Head and have been really pleased with the results.  It took a few minutes to install- and the water itself powers the temp screen to let you know just how hot (or not) the shower water is. This is REALLY a great thing for us because we are at the point where the kids want to shower themselves, and not have mommy help… but I worry that they may have the water too hot- or too cold. Now I can peek in above their heads and be sure that water is in the safe zone. (It also told me that our water temp doesn’t seem to be set at 120 anymore, so we had to take care of that).

I really love the 6 settings for the Delta Temp20 shower head. We haven’t had one that adjusts in a while and I forgot how much I like the options! 3 of the options have massage in their name, and that’s what I like. I like feeling like I’m having a little indulgent spa time even on a regular day. It’s also water-efficient so I’m not using excess water just to have a little indulgence, and I don’t need to feel guilty about it. It’s a really great blend of form, function and design- and packaged at a great price.  Parents having a little ‘spa’ experience AND the knowledge that the temps are where they should be is a pretty great package if you ask me!


You can see in the photo above that the shower head shows different temps in different colors.  That’s the cool technology working.

delta shower temp

Shower is off.

When you turn the shower on, within a second or two, the color lights up and a temp readout pops up.

delta shower cold

Blue = cool temps.

As the water gets warmer, the display changes color

delta shower purple 104

Purple = happy zone

And if you get that water too hot, it’ll turn red to warn you

Too hot!

Too hot!



“Why do people treat mess like it’s a bad thing? It’s actually the evidence of a life well lived. When you’re out there making, creating, doing and playing, embrace your #HappiMess and let Delta kitchen and bath innovations help clean up so you can do it all again tomorrow.”

delta logo


Temp2O™ (pronounced Temp-Two-Oh) Technology is a digital temperature display featuring LED color indicators to signal different water temperature ranges. Giving consumers convenience and peace of mind knowing the temperature of the water flowing from their shower or bathtub spout before getting in, this new offering is available on a variety of handshowers, showerheads and tub showers.

  • Handshowers and showerheads featuring Temp2O™ Technology are hydro-powered, offering consumers a versatile, transitional design that comes in: Chrome, Brilliance® Stainless and Venetian® Bronze finishes.



One of my readers will win a Delta Temp2O™ handshower or showerhead

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Delta via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Delta.

Fall Decor – Pumpkin with Felt Flowers

I love fall decor that is not just Halloween related, items that can come out early October and stay out until it’s time to decorate for winter.  This Pumpkin with Felt Flowers is perfect for all of fall!  I used all browns and creams but you could easily add any color you’d like.  The felt flowers are so easy to make and are great for decorating all kinds of things – wreaths, picture frames, head bands, lamp shades, really anything you can imagine!

Fall Pumpkin with Felt Flowers

Fall Decor – Pumpkin with Felt Flowers


  • felt in your choice of colors
  • needle and thread
  • ribbon in complimentary color
  • scissors
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • artificial pumpkin (or real if you prefer)

Fall Pumpkin Felt Flower tutorial


The first thing is to decide how many flowers you want to have on your pumpkin and what type of flowers.  I chose to make 2 different kinds of flowers in 2 different colors.

The first type of flower is made by cutting a strip of felt.  The length and width of the strip will determine how big the flower is.  I made my strip approximately 2 1/2″ wide and 8″ long.  Begin by folding the strip in half lengthwise so it is just over an inch by 8″ long.

Next you’ll cut slits in the felt from the folded side.  I cut these slits on an angle.  Be sure not to cut the slits all the way through so that the strip remains intact.

Once you’ve cut the slits in the felt strip, begin rolling the strip tightly to create a flower.  Tack the flower together with a needle and thread as you go.

felt flower tutorial 2

For the second type of flower, begin with a circular piece of felt.  I used a circle approximately 3″-4″ around.

Starting from the outside, cut the circle into a 1″ coil until you’ve reached the middle as shown.

Begin rolling the strip tightly to create a flower.  Tack the flower together with a needle and thread as you go.

felt flower collage 1

Continue making felt flowers until you have as many as you need to decorate your pumpkin.  My pumpkin is only about 6″ so I didn’t want too many.

fall pumpkin tutorial

Heat your hot glue gun and begin gluing the flowers onto the pumpkin.  I wanted them to cascade down the side of the pumpkin, somewhat at an angle from the top.

close up of felt flowers

To finish my pumpkin, I added a simple brown bow near the stem!

This pumpkin is beautiful displayed with other fall decor, pumpkins with do added decor or colorful gourds.

What’s your favorite fall decoration?



How to Host a Quick & Easy Breakfast #DeltaFaucet #HappiMess

I see some of my girlfriends almost daily.  Those who have kids at the same school and/or in the same activities- I see them frequently.  What I’ve realized lately is that although I see them regularly, we don’t really get to spend much time together, as friends.  We’re together as parents, because of a shared interest our kids have, or school, but not just us, to spend time together.  (Really, though, I don’t know that I will ever feel like I get to see ANY of my girlfriends enough. Life is so busy!). I decided I’d invite a few of my ladies over one morning and have a quick and easy breakfast.  We are all super busy, and actually talked about that, and set a time where we could all feel ok to get up and leave.  What was important was for us to have some US time, to sit, to chat, to laugh, eat, and enjoy. Prep and set up had to be quick, and simple. So did cleanup. I didn’t want to waste my friend time doing chores, I wanted to sit, enjoy and laugh.

How to Host a Quick & Easy Breakfast (in Under an Hour)


1. Plan a SIMPLE menu.  In fact, KISS it.  (Keep it simple, silly!) One hot dish, if you want. I did a quick hashbrown casserole. Took 3 minutes to prep, 45 to bake, it was out of the oven before anyone walked in the door, and ready to eat when everyone arrived.


2. Less is more. Just a few things to eat will be fine.  I set out some fruit arranged on a plate along with apple cider donuts (it is fall… these are a treat) and the casserole.  Add some coffee and boom. Done. More guests than 4-5? Add more fruit on a larger platter. It doesn’t have to be cut fancy, just make sure it’s ready to grab and eat for your guests!


3. Keep it simple. Make sure your party areas are neat and clean- but you really don’t need to have a lot of fuss.


4. Enjoy. Seriously. This is why you are HAVING people over for breakfast- so you can enjoy their company. So sit down, don’t worry about the cleanup until later.  Eat that hot dish while it’s still warm. Nibble on the donut.  Enjoy that fruit.


Just a note: I did not have a please-wear-black dress code request. Apparently when my friends have to get up and know they may be in photos, they opt for black. I find it kind of funny :)


And cleanup?  Well, if you keep the menu simple, chances are, the cleanup will be too.  Making a mess in prepping for the party was not something I minded doing. It was a Happimess. That’s a phrase Delta has coined when messes happen because life is lived, fun is had. The cleanup wasn’t bad either- reminders of a happy morning, time spent with friends, moments shared. The Delta Faucet Touch20 technology makes cleanup SO easy.  Also kind of fun.  With a quick touch of the faucet- any part of your faucet- it’s an easy on- so you aren’t getting the mess that’s on your hands onto the faucet.  You aren’t having to wash hands before you wash dishes. Plus, it’s just another conversation starter…. and friends will want to test out your faucet.  It’s pretty cool technology.


I’d rather have a happimess than an immaculate living space every single day if it means more moments with friends and family to treasure. Wouldn’t you?

delta logo

Why do people treat mess like it’s a bad thing? It’s actually the evidence of a life well lived. When you’re out there making, creating, doing and playing, embrace your #HappiMess and let Delta kitchen and bath innovations help clean up so you can do it all again tomorrow.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Delta via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Delta.

Frozen Inspired Olaf Upcycled K-Cup Craft

If you are like me and you have a little Frozen lover in your house (and also a Keurig) then you are definitely going to want to put together this fun Olaf craft.  I always look at those little cups after I am done knocking back a few (coffees that is) and think what a waste to just toss them out! So while playing around trying to figure out what I  could make out of them I thought- hmm snowman… but being the mom to a Frozen obsessed daughter I didn’t think just any snowman, it had to be dear sweet Olaf- Who likes warm hugs! 2 empty k cups, a hot glue gun and a few art supplies and you can have your own upcycled Olaf craft. If you have a craft stash you likely wont even need to leave the house to put this guy together-an awesome and free craft!olaf


Olaf  Character From Upcycled K Cups

Supplies Needed:

Empty, clean k cups

black pipe cleaner

orange pipe cleaner

black craft foam

white craft foam

googly eyes

2 small twigs from the yard

2 small white pompoms

sharpie marker

Glue gun/glue sticks

Screw/screwdriver/ utility knife


olaf supplies




Poke a small hole in the bottom of one of your  cups.

olaf hole poke

On the same cup poke holes near the opening of the  cup for arms, make them large enough for your twigs to fit in snugly.

Cut a 2″ piece of black chenille stem (pipe cleaner) and also a 1/2″ piece, poke them through the hole in the bottom of the cup for Olaf’s hair. Add a bit of hot glue around it to secure.

Poke twigs through holes in side, again secure arms to cup with hot glue.

Cut a 1″ piece of orange chenille stem and bend it into a carrot shape, hot glue onto center of cup for a nose.

Cut black craft foam into an almost pocket shape that stretches out on the side, then cut out his white teeth- use hot glue to secure both.

Use your sharpie to draw on buttons, and eyebrows.

olaf features

Hot glue the two cups together to form head and body.

Glue on two white pompoms for Olaf’s feet.

Allow glue to set and sharpie to dry, your Olaf is now ready for fun!

Olaf Nutter Butter Cookies Frozen Movie

Can’t get enough Olaf? Make some Olaf Cookies




Baseball Decor – DIY Baseball Wreath

Our family loves everything baseball, especially Boston Red Sox Baseball and Baseball Decor like this DIY Baseball Wreath.  We have tons of baseballs around our house but none that my son was willing to part with and I really wanted the baseballs to look aged and well used so I headed to the thrift stores and found enough to create this great wreath just in time to show my love of baseball for the end of this season.

DIY Baseball Wreath

Baseball Decor – DIY Baseball Wreath


  • used baseballs (quantity depends on how big you want the wreath)
  • wire wreath form or wire coat hanger
  • small screws
  • copper wire
  • ribbon
  • wooden letter (to represent your team or monogram for last name)
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • paint


I like to make things from stuff around the house as much as I can and keep costs down so instead of purchasing a wire wreath form, I used an old wire coat hanger.  I took bent it into a circle but left the hook part of the hanger in place.  I knew that the wreath would be heavy so I thought this would be the best way to hang the wreath when it was finished.

Baseball Wreath Decor

To attach the balls to the wreath, I inserted small screws into each one.  I didn’t have to drill wholes as the screws went into the balls very easily.  I used pliers to hold and twist the screws rather than a screw driver because I didn’t want to chance the screw slipping.

Once the screws were in each ball, I cut a length of copper wire and twisted it around each screw.

baseball wreath tutorial

This copper wire then gets twisted around the wire wreath form or coat hanger to hold the ball in place.  Add wire to each ball and attach them to the wreath.

Use a small amount of hot glue between each ball to keep them from shifting or slipping.

I also used a bit of hot glue to cover the wire and screw on the back of the ball.  This will keep it from scratching the door or wall where you hang the wreath.

I purchased a small wooden B and painted it red for Boston Red Sox and blue ribbon to keep with the team colors.  I tied a simple bow in the ribbon and attached it to the back of the B with hot glue and attached the bow to the wreath.

It’s a great wreath for the front door of the house or would be perfect for a boy’s bedroom!

Baseball wreath



Small living space design: Living Room

I am so excited to tell you all that our tough-to-decorate living room is now functional- and BEAUTIFUL. Small living space design is possible- it’s just something you  need to be (very) creative with. Our once awkward living room space that was short on style, function and seating is now beautiful, functional and has plenty of seating!

The inspiration for this room came from Option 3 (remember, I shared with you the three concepts that Raymour & Flanigan sent over a few weeks ago)! Many of you also chose option 3- does it scare you that so many of you think just like me?

Option 1 Artemis II Photo A


Now, you can also make a mockup of furniture placement for yourself – for free- right on Raymour & Flanigan’s Room Planner. It’s a great tool- we were able to try so many pieces in different configurations and it was nice to be able to see what the physical space was going to be between pieces- something I have to admit I kind of didn’t think of at first.  Thankfully one of us in this house has a good head on their shoulders.  :)

Once we knew we were going for this look, I headed into our local Raymour & Flanigan to make sure the pieces were both comfortable and something we liked the look of before bringing the whole family in.  The staff was more than helpful and gave some very good insight and suggestions to work with the concept we liked best. About a week later, all five of us descended onto the same store…. and I have to tell you, we had so much help. SO much.  Not only were the staff members available for questions, but they were quick to offer suggestions and alternatives when we were unsure of something, offering bottles of water to the kids and asking them lots of questions as we parents shopped and looked into details and measurements. As a mom, this is a BIG DEAL to me- we can’t always hire a sitter to take the kids so they are often with us for purchases and decisions like this and being in an environment where the kids are not just tolerated but welcomed and talked with is a HUGE thing and one that will get me back through the doors next time I have a similar purchase to make.



What they suggested vs. What we chose

We loved the overall feel of this design. We felt like the 2 chairs and a table might not be the best fit for our family since the kids like to pile on daddy when he’s in a chair… so we opted to look into some of the larger chair options.  The Artemis II 3-pc. Microfiber Sectional Sofa was an absolute yes for us- although we didn’t go with the chocolate color as pictured above.  That would be directly due to Tobey, our yellow lab who sheds like crazy! The actual pieces we have here at the house aren’t quite the same as the 3 piece on the site- we have a loveseat on the left and a right facing chair on the right with the wedge in the middle.  The wedge, by the way, is the coveted spot by all 3 kids and mom. The stores carry the Artemis II pieces in both the River Rock and Gypsy Vintage (our color) in stock so there wasn’t a delay for us in ordering a different sized option.  That one extra seat on the couch has made a huge difference for family movie nights and game nights!


Entertainment Center – while we liked the unit chosen, we weren’t sure we wanted a full sized unit.  We opted instead for the Del Mar 52″ TV Console – a shorter unit that we thought would help make the room feel larger. It also keeps the television just a bit higher off the ground and a little further away from little hands!


Chairs with a table mid-room.  The Phoebe leather accent chairs are darling. I sat in them at the store. They just aren’t something that would fit our family needs.  If we had another living space, or a more formal living room, I would get at least one of these because they are a fun color, great design and actually quite comfortable. We had a mission to maximize space and usage and stuck to our goal. We went through at least 35 chairs before we made a decision. Kind of like Goldilocks, only times five.  The Emmett Microfiber Rocker Recliner had us at “hello” because of the super comfy cushioning, wide seat (it’s 50 inches wide, so small enough for our space and large enough for at least an adult and kid to snuggle), and luxurious fabric in a charcoal color that complements the lighter grey of the sectional and offers a different texture for contrast.  I’m in love with this chair. It’s that chair that I’ll snuggle up with a blanket and lose myself in a book for hours on end.


Living in a smaller, older home, we are short on closet and storage space. The Karia Flip-Top Storage Ottoman gives another texture to the room, a place for playing games, setting drinks or snacks, resting feet, or even extra seating.  The rounded shape means less bumps into corners- and helps give a more spacious feel in the room. This suggestion was spot on!


Floor lamp. We love the idea of a floor lamp behind the couch- the wedge gives a nice little space for a lamp (and soon, a small table).  We opted for a single uplight because we felt like the arc lamps might get bumped and knocked around a lot with kids in the house.  The warm bronze dark finish of the Multi Scroll Floor Lamp fit with the colors we were going for in the room and also had the uplight feature so we could worry less about kids bumping the glass.


Small table and chairs. I LOVED the Nevada 3-pc. Dining Set when I saw it. I knew the kids would want to sit and play games, build Legos, puzzles, do homework, etc. together.  (I didn’t really think the whole 2 chairs thing through, and we will likely be adding 2 more to the mix quite soon). The colors work with the room and drop-leaf sides mean that bigger puzzles or games, or groups can be accomodated.  Cards, anyone?


Area rug- given that most of what we’d chosen was in greys, browns and blacks ,we thought a silver or grey based rug would work well to pull things together in our living room.  We did the Brigitte Area Rug in two sizes, one for the main area and a smaller size for the “kids’ end” of the room.  It helps define the spaces but adds some warmth and comfort to the room.



REVEAL!  It’s reveal time! 


So that’s it. Our brand new, functional and stylish living room.  Decorating a small space can be done- and done well- with some creativity!!


Check back in a few weeks- I’ll be updating when our new window treatments arrive to complete the look. This whole room was furnished top to bottom for under $5000, and including the 5 year platinum protection plan and custom window treatments for 3 windows.  We did already have the storage cubes/shelves and one small lamp that we repurposed but everything else is brand new! I have to call this one a win by Raymour & Flanigan and a BIG score for the Martin family!


Small living room furniture challenges

We have a small living room with some big challenges in it.  So many times, we’ve grabbed magazines or searched online for help decorating “difficult” spaces or small spaces and what we find is – well, not the same as our definition of small. It’s frustrating.  We have my parents’ old (they’d had it for 2-3 years before my mom died and dad gave it to us) living room furniture, and while it’s great furniture, super comfortable and excellent quality, it’s way too big for the room and it’s just. not.working.


Here are some photos so you can see just what our obstacles are.  Doorways, windows, radiators and a fireplace with surrounding gate all team up to give me a headache when trying to make something work in this room! As it is now, all 5 of us can’t sit together and watch a movie together unless we move furniture around or pile on top of one another.



This is the first doorway into the living room.  Notice how the couch is at the edge of the doorway.  The fish tank may or may not stay where it is.



That’s the one wall we have that’s kind of usable.  See how big the couch is?  It’s enormous for the room.  (Also super comfortable).


The back of the room is the “play area” — you can see the “bumpy floor” as we call it and the 923432432 Lego blocks and creations around.  Also the fireplace gate.  There’s just no space for the pieces we have and I’m ready for something more functional and also more deliberate.


Here’s the view from the bumpy floor.  See how messy the room is?  We’re human! My house is NOT perfect.  You can also see just how the furniture does not fit in the space and how much we need help.


The nice folks at Raymour & Flanigan  agreed that our small living room was a challenge, and gave us a really big surprise.  They came up with not one, not two but 3 different options for the space! There IS hope for small living room furniture challenge rooms like our own!


Option 1:Option 2 Ashton


Option 1 Photo (Note the blue tape- those are from our measurements of our living room). This option is lovely but maybe too  formal for our house with 3 little ones running around.

Option 2 Ashton Photo A


Option 2:

Option 3 Meyer Choice BoardI love the pieces in this layout.  The colors and lines are so pretty!

Option 3:

Option 1 Artemis IIOption 3 Photo:

Option 1 Artemis II Photo A

So I am curious- which of the 3 concepts would you choose for this space?  Which do you think we’re going to go by?



Many, many thanks to Raymour & Flanigan for sponsoring today’s post and the gift card to make our new living room possible.  We’ll be sharing the “after” in a few weeks!