Upcycled Craft: Grinch Vase

Grinch Christmas Vase



  • Empty wine bottle (or other bottle – shape or size of choice)
  • Green yarn
  • Green curly felt (wool)
  • Red sheet felt
  • Hot glue & glue gun

grinch craft supplies 

This is such an easy & fun craft for the holiday season and requires so few supplies!  Who doesn’t love that silly old Grinch?


Step 1

You can begin by removing the label on your bottle.  Depending on the size and how securely it is still adhered to the bottle you may or may not need to.

Start by placing a small bead of hot glue around the base of your bottle and firmly pressing your first row of yarn into the glue.

grinch craft how to 1

Step 2

Continue wrapping the yarn tightly around the bottle and keeping the rows of yarn tight to one another.  You should only need to glue the yarn in place every few inches or where the bottle size or shape changes

Completely cover your bottle with the green yarn.

Step 3

Pull apart a few strands of the curly green felt and glue them around the neck of the bottle, creating the hairy neck of the Grinch.  Add a small, fluffed piece of the curly green felt to one side of the front of the bottle.  Place graduating sized hearts on top of it to show how his heart grew & grew!

grinch craft how to 3

Final Step

Add holiday greens or flowers of your choice and enjoy!

DIY Grinch Crafts and Recipes

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is one of my all time most favorite stories EVER. I love it. My family loves it too, thankfully!! Here are several DIY Grinch Holiday Crafts and Recipes for you, and some Grinch Cookie Pops that are fun and festive as well!



If you love the Grinch and want to find a way to add some “grinchiness” to your holiday tree, this gorgeous Grinch fur ornament is the perfect solution. Made from a few supplies found at your local dollar store, you can easily whip up one (or two!) in no time and for just pennies. Take a look below at how to make your own and add some Grinch flare to your holiday décor.


Gorgeous Grinch Fur Ornament

If you love the Grinch and want to find a way to add some “grinchiness” to your holiday tree, this gorgeous Grinch fur ornament is the perfect solution. Made from a few supplies found at your local dollar store, you can easily whip up one (or two!) in no time and for just pennies. Take a look below at how to make your own and add some Grinch flare to your holiday décor.


Gorgeous Grinch Fur Ornament

Supplies needed:
Green feather boa
Round drinking glass
Craft glue

We were able to find the green boa and ribbon used in the sample picture at our local Dollar Tree store.

1. Begin by tracing a circle on a piece of cardboard. Use the drinking glass as your stencil. Cut the circle out.
2. You now want to cut a small circle out of your larger circle, leaving you a loop. You can do this by tracing a smaller glass on the inside of the circle, however we just freehanded one. Cut it out.
3. You now have what looks like a cardboard wreath form. Take the green boa and begin wrapping round the form.
4. Wrap until there is no boa remaining and your form is completely covered. Use your craft glue to secure the end of the boa to the board.
5. Cut a length of ribbon and run it through the now green and fluffy wreath. Tie it at the top into a bow.

That’s it! Your gorgeous Grinch fur ornament is all ready to be hung. So find a spot, nice and central on your tree so everyone can see your love for the Grinch!




Grinch Glass Cozies


This holiday season, wouldn’t it be fun for even your drinking glasses to show some Grinch pizzazz? These Grinch Glass Cozies are so easy to make, and don’t require you sewing single stitch. Plus, they will keep your hands warm while you sip. If you want your glasses to have some Grinchy goodness to them, take a look below at how to make your own Grinch glass cozies.

Grinch Glass Cozies

Supplies needed:
Mason jars or simple drinking glasses
Hot glue, glue gun
Old green sweater

A thrift store is the perfect place to find the materials you need for this project. Our local thrift store had some simple clear glasses we used for this project as well as an old green sweater perfect for snipping.

1. Begin by snipping off the sleeves of your sweater.
2. Starting at the wrist of the sweater, insert your glass to get an idea of how much sleeve you will need to cut in order for the fabric to fit.
3. Now, cut the sleeve to fit the glass.
4. Slide the sleeve onto the glass. Make sure the hemmed edge is at the top of the glass. If there is not a clean hem, just roll the sleeve down once or twice to make one.
5. Your rough edge will be at the bottom of the glass. Pull it so it folds under the glass. Continue pulling the fabric towards the center of the bottom of the glass.
6. Apply a generous dab of hot glue to the center of the glass. Continue pulling the fabric towards the center, pressing it to the glue. The fabric will adhere to it and create a nice and clean finish at the bottom of the glass.

That’s all there is to making your own Grinch Glass Cozies. They are perfect for sipping egg nog or any other holiday beverage you want to enjoy!


Grinch Party Favor


Whether you need to come up with holiday favors for your child’s classroom party or a party you are hosting in your own home, these Grinch Party Favors are the perfect treat. Made from a few simple Dollar Tree materials, these Grinch Party Favors make the perfect take home treat. Take a peek below at how to make your own.

Grinch Party Favor

Supplies needed:
Holiday ribbon
Candy canes
Green feather duster

We were able to find all of these materials at our local Dollar Tree Store, making this a holiday project that is just as frugal as it is fun!

1. Begin by snipping off some of the green feathers from the feather duster.
2. Cut some holiday ribbon (if you use the thick variety as we did, cut it in half to make it skinnier) and set aside.
3. Gather your candy cane and feathers together almost like you are making a bouquet. Place the long feathers in back of the candy cane.
4. While holding the bouquet together, start wrapping the ribbon around the base. This will hold the feathers to the candy cane nicely.
5. Finish the favor by tying any remaining ribbon into a bow nice and tight.

How simple was that? These only take seconds each to make, so they are the perfect favor if you need to make them in bulk.

Head to your local Dollar Tree and gather all of the fixings to make your own Grinch Party Favors! It is a treat your guests are sure to love.


Grinch on a Stick Fruit Skewers


Who knew that a healthy holiday snack could be so fun? These Grinch on a Stick Fruit Skewers are the perfect appetizer or snack at your next holiday party! Kids and adults both will love how fun and easy it is to turn their favorite fruits into a resemblance of the Grinch himself. Take a peek below at how you can make a batch of your own.

Grinch on a Stick Fruit Skewers

Supplies needed:
Wooden skewers
Large green grapes
Mini Marshmallows


1. Begin by prepping your fruit. Do this by washing all of the fruit and allowing it to dry. Cut the bananas into ½ inch thick coins, remove the tops from the strawberries, and wash and leave your green grapes as is.
2. On your skewers, you will place the fruit in this order: grape, banana coin, strawberry (point facing upward) and mini marshmallow.

The finished product looks like a green little Grinch all decked out in his Santa hat! How cute is that? Arrange these Grinch on a Stick Fruit Skewers in a vase or glass bottle for simple display and for guests to easily admire and help themselves to.

Make these for your child’s classroom party, for your own holiday gatherings, or just as a fun holiday craft with the kids. It is a fun and festive treat you are all sure to love, and a healthy one at that.

So head to your local grocer and gather all of the supplies you need to make your own Grinch on a Stick. They are sure to become a holiday fave!



Glowing Grinch Candle


If you are all about the Grinch décor this holiday season, this simple Glowing Grinch Candle needs to be on your to-do list. Easy to make using just a few Dollar Store materials, this Glowing Grinch Candle is the perfect way to light up your home for the holidays in a way that is a whimsical nod to the green guy himself. Take a peek below at how to make your own.

Glowing Grinch Candle

Supplies needed:
Green jar candle
Construction paper
Craft glue

We were able to find everything on this supply list at our local Dollar Tree store. So not only is this a fun and festive craft, but it is one that you can make for just pennies.

1. Begin by cutting a red strip of construction paper. This will serve as the Santa jacket on your Grinch!
2. Apply some craft glue to the ends of the red strip, wrap the strip around the candle, and press the ends into place until adhered.
3. You now want to create a buckle for the belly of your Grinch candle. To do this, cut out a square of black construction paper. Fold the square in half and cut a smaller square out of the inside of the larger one. Discard the small square leaving what looks like a nice shiny black belt buckle.
4. Apply some glue to the buckle and press it to the red strip.

Your finished product will look like the belly of the Grinch (the green candle) wearing his Santa gear (the red coat and buckle) in hopes of popping in on Who-Ville! This project takes just minutes to make, pennies to create, and is a fun way to add some Grinchy fun to your holiday décor. Give it a try and see what you can create!


Grinch in a Glass Bottled Drinks


A party just isn’t a party without the perfect beverage. If you plan on entertaining guests this holiday season, these Grinch in a Glass Bottled Drinks are the perfect solution. Easy to make and so whimsical, these green bottled drinks would make the perfect addition to your menu. Take a look below at what a cinch they are to create using a few simple supplies. Take a peek!

Grinch in a Glass Bottled Drinks

Supplies needed:
Glass bottles with lids (found at most dollar and discount stores)
Lime Kool Aid
Miniature red/white stockings

The miniature red and white stockings can be found at your local Dollar Tree. They are sold in a two pack for just $1. Glass beverage bottles are sold at most discount stores. Be sure to find ones with screw on lids so you can make them up ahead of time and refrigerate them until needed.

1. Begin by preparing your Lime Kool Aid per packet instructions. If you don’t like this beverage you can always use any green or yellow/green beverage of your choice.
2. Fill the bottle with the beverage. Place the lid on tightly.
3. Place one of the mini stockings on tops of the bottle.
4. Gather the top of the stocking and bunch it. Wrap a rubber band around the top of the stocking creating a small puff at the end. It should now resemble a Santa hat.

Fill a tub with your Grinch in a Glass Bottled Drinks and then allow guests to serve themselves. It will look so festive filled with green beverages and topped with a Santa hat, just like the Grinch!

So gather your supplies and give this fun party idea a try! It is sure to add some Grinch fun to your holidays.





DIY Light Up Christmas Tree on Canvas #TexturedSurface

This post brought to you by FrogTape provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine.

The folks at FrogTape® asked me to check out their  new FrogTape Textured Surface. Since it’s full holiday season, I decided I’d do a fun new Christmas decoration to test it out!

1 12×12 Canvas (get them on sale or with a coupon at the local craft store)

1 piece textured green paper  (Scrapbooking aisle)

1 set 20 mini LED lights

8-10 mini Christmas bulb ornaments (really, you can do anything with this, we just liked the red

Acrylic paint (we went with a Metallic Gold for more shimmer)


FrogTape® Textured Surface

1. Cut your paper into the tree shape.  You can go super simple like we did or get more complicated and do branches, etc.  I’m not great with shapes and symmetry so we kept it simple.

2. Glue tree down, let dry

3. Put the FrogTape® Textured Surface on either side of where you want to paint your “garland” on the tree

4. Using a damp cloth or paper towel, make sure the tape is adhered to your surface

5. Shake the sealer, remove lid and foil cap and replace with applicator.

6. Apply Liquid PaintBlock® Edge Sealer™

(Be sure to recap the container when you are done and get it sealed up so it doesn’t dry out!)

7. Paint your garland onto the tree

8. Remove tape (this is where I was all “OH WOW” because where I had the tape? Perfect edges!!  You can see below where the tree ‘trunk’ is that I didn’t use the tape and you can see what a big difference the tape made)

9. Taking a tiny screwdriver, poke holes where you want the LED lights to come through

New FrogTape® Textured Surface is your sharp paint line solution for most common textured surfaces!
Liquid PaintBlock® Edge Sealer™ Technology helps deliver super sharp paint lines
Easy to use, frustration free
Stripes, patterns and designs are now possible on most common textured surfaces

FrogTape® Textured Surface is treated with patented PaintBlock®Technology, a super absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, which helps prevent paint bleed.

FrogTape® is on Twitter @FrogTape- be sure to follow them for creative inspiration!

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DIY Gift Idea: Melted Snowman Ornament

Check out this super cute Melted Snowman Ornament that is very simple and very inexpensive to make.  Lots of fun – this is a great group craft idea!


Items Needed:

Sea Salt-

Black Polymer Clay

Orange Polymer Clay

Clear Plastic or Glass Ornament

Glitter (Optional)



Mold 4-5 round balls and a top hat out of the black polymer clay and allow to dry.


Take a small piece of the orange clay and shape a carrot for the nose and allow to dry.


Using a funnel fill your ornament a quarter of the way full. Add in glitter.


Gently drop in your buttons, eyes, top hat and carrot nose into the ornament.




Cherishing holiday memories #PCholiday

Every year when we take ornaments out to decorate the tree, I share the stories behind each one as we take them out and place them on the tree.  This one, I tell my kids, was made by my sister Debbie, when she was in high school.  Even at 8, 6, and 4, I hear a chorus of “MOM! We already know that, you tell us every year!”  But still I share. And I will continue to share. No matter how many eye rolls I get from the mini Martins. That’s how I instill in them a love for cherishing holiday memories like I do!


You can see the flaws in our tree. Our angels dress got stuck and the kids insisted she stay that way this year. The ornaments get moved- hourly, it seems. But it’s ours and it’s real and it’s perfect just the way it is!

There’s the paper mittens my niece Erica made at 4.


The macaroni angel Kelsey made when she was about 7.


The ornament my dad made for his mom in 1950.


The basket ornament my mom wove.


Baby’s first Christmas.   Big sister. Big brother. Photo ornaments made in classrooms.  Nativity ornaments made at church.

The 20 point origami star my sister Debbie made, I don’t even know when- but she made it, and it’s one of the few things I have that she made when she was alive.



The first family ornament given to us by my dear friend Ally, when our oldest had her first Christmas.


Almost all of our ornaments have a story.  They aren’t fancy, they don’t match, some aren’t even pretty.  But they all have a story and it’s part of OUR story, and I want my kids to know and understand the how and why we need to treasure these memories.  Every year I make a point to get each of my kids an ornament- often they are from Personal Creations, because I love their selection and quality, and GREAT pricing. But mostly, I want personalized ornaments that are symbolic of their year they’ve had.  This year, the kids are getting a Soccer player ornament (my son), a tap dancer ornament (my littlest) and a gymnast (my oldest) — because those are the things they are each loving the most right now.


My tree won’t ever be perfect.  Truthfully, I wouldn’t want it to be. There’s not matching sets, nor a color scheme. There’s not symmetry and that’s ok! The little cinnamon applesauce blob that my then 2 year old son pronounced was Santa?  That will hang proudly on my tree as long as it is around to be hung. Those are what make our family memories. Those are part of how I can share my family history with my children, and how we start our own traditions.


New addition for 2013- we each have a mini stocking. Notes, tiny gifts, gift cards, surprises? That’s my hope for these. Tiny little stockings to have some fun with!

When my kids grow up, the ornaments we’ve given them each year will leave home with them, to start their own tree.  And it will be there turn to start sharing our memories with their own new little families, and maybe one day make their own kids groan at them telling that same story about Aunt Debbie’s origami star that she made so many many years ago.


I added something new for myself for Christmas this year.  When I was growing up, we had felt stockings my mom made.  They fell apart years ago, I’m not sure what my parents used from then on, but I had always wanted a stocking with my name on it. When the kids were born, we got each a stocking with their name embroidered on it. My husband still has his childhood stocking with his name on it- it was knit by his grandma. He swears he just keeps it around because it’s knit, stretchy, and therefore can fit more stuff, but he’s full of beans.  He treasures that stocking because his grandmother made it for him. As do I.  He got me an adorable stocking from Disney one year, and we are still enjoying it – but this year, there’s a new “Mom” stocking hanging in the living room. I finally got that stocking with my name on it.
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Star of David Salt Dough Ornaments

Here’s an easy recipe to make salt dough ornaments.  We did Star of David salt dough ornaments for a Hanukkah wreath but the sky is the limit with what you’d liek to make. ALl you need is your imagination (or some cookie cutters….)

Hanukkah wreath 2 (1)

Ingredients & Supplies

  • ½ Cup Table Salt
  • ½ Cup All Purpose Flour
  • ¼ Cup Water +/-
  • Baking Sheet
  • Parchment Paper
  • Blue Gel Food Coloring
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Clear Shimmer Paint

Preheat your oven to 100C/200F.

Mix the salt and flour together.  Slowly add the water, starting with just under ¼ cup.  Knead the mixture until a dough consistency begins to form.  Gradually add the remaining water (more if necessary) until you have a “play dough” type consistency.

Add a small amount of blue gel food coloring, working into dough, until you have reached the desired color.

Taking golf ball size amounts of dough, begin rolling the dough between your hands and the counter to form a long stick like roll.

Star of David Salt Dough rolled out



Divide into equal lengths and form a triangle with the first piece, pinching the ends together.  Take the other half and weave it through the first triangle, forming a second triangle.  Again pinch the ends together and carefully press all the dough together.  Remember you can make all different sizes to use in a variety of decorations.

Star of David Salt Dough interlocking shape

Star of David Salt Dough single ready to bake

Transfer the dough cut out to a parchment paper lined baking sheet.

Bake in preheated oven for 3 hours.

Remove from oven, allow to cool.

Star of David Salt Dough baked


The ornaments will be faded slightly after they are baked.  To make them more vibrant, paint a thin coat of clear shimmer paint over each star.  This will help preserve them as well.

Star of David Salt Dough painting  Star of David Salt Dough painted half

Allow ornaments to dry completely and enjoy for the holiday season on your DIY Hanukkah Wreath!

DIY Gift Idea: Peppermint Milk Bath Recipe

I love to take a nice hot bath- and one of the things I like most is having scented water that helps soften my skin.  This peppermint bath milk  recipe is a perfect  holiday soak for yourself or to gift to a friend! diy-peppermint-milk-bath

Items Needed:

Sealable Jar or Clear Christmas Ornament

1 Cup Powdered Milk

1 peppermint Tea Bag



Empty the contents of the peppermint tea bag into a bowl and whisk together with powdered milk.

Using a funnel, fill your jars or ornaments with milk bath.

Add a festive gift tag; peppermintmilkbath

To Use: Add 2-3 tbsp of milk bath to running bath water for a relaxing, moisturizing bath.


What’s your favorite bath scent?

Homemade Gift Ideas

Homemade Gift Ideas


  1. Reindeer Food Recipe
  2. Cards, Tags, and Wrapping Paper
  3. Thumb Print Ornaments
  4. Manicure in a Jar
  5. Body Scrub: Sugar and Sage
  6. Handprint Art Oven Mitts
  7. Homemade Vanilla
  8. Peppermint Candy Bowl and Peppermint Candy Tree
  9. Hot Chocolate in a Jar
  10. Sharpie Coffee Mugs

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Link your Homemade Gift Ideas below!

Decoration Ideas for a Busy Family

Family life can be hectic, there’s no doubt about it. Nowadays, everyone is on the go. When it comes to decorating your house you can’t just select what might be the most aesthetically pleasing, you also need options that will make your life easier. Here are a few decoration ideas to consider from our friends at VastMarket.com.

Decorating Equipment On House Plans

Decorate for Functionality

One of the best ways to make life easier is to add things that make your room look nice while serving a function. Select the room you and your family exit through every day on your way to work or school. Coat racks can look classy and prevent kids from having to rush back to their room for their jacket. If you have the wall space for it, also consider shelving with hooks. This will allow you to keep your coats and other important items you take with you when you leave the house near the door. There won’t be any scrambling around looking for necessities if each is in its place. Bulletin boards have an old-school appeal about them, and are a fun convenient way of leaving your family important reminders if you find yourselves coming and going at different times.

Decorate for Organization

Storage is always needed, but you can find options that also improve the look of your room. For instance, storage ottomans are becoming quite popular. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s easy to find one that fits your space and compliments your decor.

Don’t just purchase plastic bins you’ll stuff into your garage, as there are plenty of decorative boxes to choose from. And baskets with lids can suit just about any living space without looking out of place while they keep important items from getting lost. Either label them or make a mental note of what you’ll keep in each basket. These elements will help you avoid clutter, which is key to any environment looking nice.

Open Spaces

Cramped quarters don’t look good and aren’t functional. The last thing you need is to struggle as you navigate around your own house. If you have a limited area to work with, corner desks and bookcases always look nice, and they take up less room than other options. Being in the corner of the room also guarantees they won’t be in your way. And speaking of keeping things out of the way, consider high traffic areas before rearranging your furniture. Leave a clear pathway to other rooms, and don’t place your couch across from your kitchen doorway. Consider hanging shelves above your furniture as they can provide a clean look without taking up any additional floor space. If you have a piece of furniture that’s higher than your window, don’t place it in front of it. Not only do you not want to block the light, but curtains will hang awkwardly, and the area won’t look right. You don’t have to pick form over function, you can have both with just a bit of planning.

No one leaves the lights on anymore (#Giveaway 5 winners)

Last month, I introduced you to the awesome that is the Lutron Occupancy Sensor Switch.  I also introduced you to my um…lack of attention to details at times…and you all got an inside look into the mess I made of things.  Happily, I have an amazing and talented husband who’s able to fix things for me.  And who also happens to be furloughed so he can spend time doing electrical work and installations of the afore-mentioned light sensor switch even when life is super hectic for our family….


“I participated in a campaign about light sensors on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Lutron. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”

So.  We have 2 Lutron switches  installed now.  One (shown in video below) is a “regular” single pole switch.  We have it set to turn on automatically when someone enters a room and to turn itself off automatically when no one is in the room.  We’re guessing we’ll be taking a nice vacation by the time the kids leave home, having installed it in the basement.  Why?  Well, 2/3 of our kids are afraid of the dark.  3/3 of our kids are not really all that into turning lights off.  We don’t have a walk-in pantry so most of the pantry foods are in the basement.  Our chest freezer is in the basement.  The kids like to help. See where I’m going with this?

The 2 that are scared, just like their mama did as a kid, grab what they need and BOLT up the stairs.  There’s just no time to turn a light off when you feel like the boogie man is down there with you, you know?  You need to be in and out of that room FAST.  The other, well, that one just isn’t into details like lights on and off, I suppose.

My husband, I think, surprised himself the most.  He’s somewhat of a skeptic and wasn’t really sure we’d like this light sensor switch, nor that we’d want to install more. Well, we’ve just finished remodeling our breezeway and it’s included approximately 10000 trips up and down the basement stairs, usually with arms full of things going both up and down the basement stairs.  Not having to hit that light switch on or off has been awesome for my hubby.  It’s nice for me too because while I’m very diligent about turning lights off, the basement is the one place I do sometimes forget.

You can totally set these sensor switches to go off when it’s daylight or after so many minutes- but really? This is the best use for us in this house.  We want to get another 3 way sensor switch for the upstairs hallway- that way when the kids get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, have a bad dream or aren’t feeling well, they’ll have light to see.  Or we parents can have light to get to them quicker if we hear them and something’s wrong.  It’s light but not in their bedrooms and it’s a GREAT middle ground.

Lutron-survey-infographic FNL (2)

I have a special offer for my readers: 

  • 25% off Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensor dimmers and switches on LutronStore.com PLUS one free Claro single-gang wallplate ($4.90 suggested list price) with each qualifying item.
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