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Delicious Dishes Recipe Party: Light and Healthy Recipes

Happy New Year! We're back, and I write this in anticipation of my first toning class at the gym. Assuming they remember me and the roof doesn't cave in, I'm adding a new activity to my healthy goals today. I don't even know what to wear. But-- I need it.  I let loose a bit [...]

*Ended* Kidtoons October feature: Spookley the Square Pumpkin Giveaway (2 winners!)

>The October Kidtoons feature is Spookley The Square Pumpkin.  One Day in the Pumpkin Patch, the strangest little pumpkin hatched...Spookley the Square Pumpkin was different.  In a world where "The only good pumpkins are round pumpkins!", Spookley is shunned by the other pumpkins until a mighty storm threatens to destroy the entire patch.  As the storm [...]

>Some finds at Target today and Shaun the Sheep winner…

>Met a friend and saw her scrumptious new baby girl today - oh, sweet baby!! Anyway, we met up at Target and perused the clearance sections. Some great finds:Girls' scooters and t's (short sleeved) $1.74 eachAll Terrain All Natural Bug Repellant $1.48Elmer's Glue (bigger bottles) .38 each (we brought 15 to little man's preschool teacher. [...]

>CSN does have it all

>I swear, every time I go to I find something different that they sell.  Need a crib? They have it.  Cheap bedroom furniture?  They have that too!I have an upcoming review for CSN, and it'll be for something I seriously had NO idea they carried....but I'm not going to share *just* yet.  You'll have [...]

>We ran out of printer ink AGAIN. Simply Ink to the rescue!!

>Sadly, yes.  I'm excited to get ink in the mail.  We have the weirdest luck with electronics- but oh, do we go through printer ink like mad.  I don't know why, because we don't print that adds up really fast. At least I got free shipping because I spent $55!!  Thank you Simply Ink! [...]

>Synovate Surveys & Product Testing Still Accepting New Members!!

>Synovate is a leading global provider of market research information and analysis with over 60 years of experience. Synovate provides its panelists with a voice to be heard by some of the largest companies in the world.Every survey invitation you receive will indicate how many points you are eligible to earn for completing that survey. After you earn [...]