Mother-Ease Diaper

Mother-ease Cloth Diapers sent us a One Size Diaper in Unbleached Cotton Terry fabric, a Snap in Liner in bamboo fabric and a Rikki Wrap Cover in Savanna.  We now have an AMAZING bedtime diaper.  Baby B nurses between dinner and bedtime, after having water with dinner, and is a pretty heavy wetter (all 3 of my kids have been)...with the [...]

>Bing “Our School Needs” Voting Opens 10/29- please read, and vote!!

>I just found another reason to like Josh Groban, aside from him being, you know, my boyfriend and stuff.  (Wink, wink).  I do love him.  His voice is just amazing. A-ma-zing!!  (I love love love driving to Josh Groban cranked up really really loudly.  Even in  my swaggerwagon- although not when anyone is with me). [...]

>Attention gDiaper fans- please read. You’ll be glad you did.

>I was told that the Nature Made giveaway prize pack included 2 packs of cloth diapers.  Until just now, I was not aware of what those diapers were. Well, I was just informed and I'm downright gleeful to share with you that the prize packs have 2 2-packs of gDiaper pants in them.  FOUR gPants. [...]

>SmartyPants Vitamins Review & ecomom Giveaway

>Growing up, we took Flintstone vitamins.  Period.  I don't know that there were other options, way back then.  Today, of course, there are 50 options for boys and 50 for girls, plus everything in between.  It can be really overwhelming, to be perfectly honest. This is what we ecomom  sent us to try out: One Month's supply [...]

> Swap a DVD for a WB BluRay!!!

>STARTING TODAY, SWAP ANY DVD YOU OWN FOR A NEW WARNER BROS. BLU-RAY DISC!- Only at www.DVD2BLU.comWhat’s NEW?  For the first time with consumers can send in ANY DVD they own (produced by any studio/sold at retail, online) even those old dusty ones under their beds or in the garage and get a new Warner Bros. Blu-ray title in [...]

>Join Parents Insight Network and have your voice heard!!

>Children's product manufacturers and service providers want to hear from real parents!  Join the Parents Insight Network today and be heard:  (Please use bbm2jwmATyahooDOTcom as referring member, although it only enters me into a drawing!!)You can read my thoughts about Parents Insight here from a few months back.