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Delicious Dishes Recipe Party: Breakfast Recipes

We are on day 5 of winter break. Send help.  Also casseroles. I'm exhausted! So much packed into 5 short days. Ending it all with a regular gymnastics filled evening but it's photo night so the kids have to wear competition leos and have hair looking decent before practice.  Thankfully I planned ahead and did [...]

>The Rattle: Rattle On CD Review & Giveaway

>The minute I put this CD on, I was thinking "Beatles!" because really, to me, The Rattles sound so much like the Beatles- with the same sounds, but kid friendly and appropriate lyrics throughout.  Love.  We've been shaking and grooving to this CD daily since it came in the mail.Who ARE The Rattles?  They are [...]

>KraftMaid Cabinetry- 2011 Product Launch- and a dream of mine…

>KraftMaid is launching their new products for 2011, and I'm in love.  Seriously.  If you have ever been to my house you have seen my kitchen (jumbled "cabinets" that were just put up and built in place at some point and time) and my upstairs bathroom - pitiful state of being.  Someday, with time and [...]

>Dinosaur Train & Halloween

>Sorry for the placement, Blogger will not let me adjust where these are going!The Jim Henson Company will be celebrating Halloween in two weeks, offering a spooktacular episode of Dinosaur Train and all-new Halloween costumes available for purchase or to make-it-yourself!  We hope you will be interested in encouraging your readers to check out the [...]

>Progresso Reduced Sodium Soup Review & Giveaway #MyBlogSpark

>Information Shared with me:  Choosing select Progresso® Reduced Sodium soups may help lower cholesterol2when eaten with other heart healthy, soluble fiber containing foods. By looking for the “May Help Lower Cholesterol”2 banner and the Heart Healthy2logo on certain varieties of Reduced Sodium soups, Progresso makes it even easier for you to stick to a heart healthy diet. [...]

>Ready to try Swagbucks? 30 Swagbucks inside just for new referrals!!!

>Today is introducing Swagbucks TV, the new home for rewarding video content on the web.  Find fun, fresh, and original video entertainment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on topics ranging from Health&Beauty, to Technology, Sports, Nature, and more!  In addition to all the great content, you'll be eligible to earn Swag [...]

Got some spare apples? You want to try this recipe!! (Apple Pie Bars)

My friend Jen introduced me to this Family Fun recipe for Apple Pie Bars.  They are divine.  I accept no responsibility for how many you eat!! My dad is coming over tomorrow morning and I decided that he deserves a special treat- plus its my husband's birthday tomorrow (18th) and so does I'm making [...]

>Get a *new* coffeemaker, carafe, tumbler and Coffee for $22.95!!

>Gevalia - Coffee Maker, Carafe, Tumbler & Coffee for $22.95Coffee or tea drinker? Try two half pound boxes of Gevalia Kaffe or tea and get a stainless steel coffeemaker, stainless steel coffee carafe and stainless steel tumbler FREE. $168 value, Delivered to your home for $22.95 + $5.95 shipping! All Yours to keep with no further obligation, [...]