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Delicious Dishes Recipe Party: Light and Healthy Recipes

Happy New Year! We're back, and I write this in anticipation of my first toning class at the gym. Assuming they remember me and the roof doesn't cave in, I'm adding a new activity to my healthy goals today. I don't even know what to wear. But-- I need it.  I let loose a bit [...]

>Rockin’ Green Soap #Blogmania Sponsor Review & Spotlight

>Rockin' Green sent us some samples of their classic detergent to try out. We got to try 2 of the Motley Clean scent and 2 of the Smashing Watermelons scent. I think most of you already know we use cloth diapers.  Finding the 'right' cloth diaper detergent isn't always simple, especially, for some reason, with [...]

>Scentsy Review- Blogmania Sponsor

>Pre-Kids, I was a candle burning junkie.  Oh, did I love me a nice big jar candle burning in just about every room of my house.  Of course, with kids came my realization that safety with candles isn't just about fire safety, and I slowly weaned myself from candles and tried some soy varieties- although [...]

>The Clean 15: Foods You Don’t Have to Buy Organic

>Buying organic makes sense for the health of the earth, farm workers and your family ... But if you're pinching pennies (and who isn't these days?), choose from this list to avoid pesticide residue.  We've probably all heard about the Dirty Dozen foods (watch for a post on that later today) to always buy organic- [...]

>Requesting Assistance and/or Advice Please. Time is a factor.

>So I have heard of "Trunk or Treat" for a few years now, on the internet.  I have not, however, heard of Trunk or Treat anyplace near to me.  I think this is a REALLY great idea for small towns (like mine) AND for small children - everything is in one place and safe. I'm [...]

>Hasbro Guess Who Mix n Mash Review- Family Game Night!!

>We got to check out the new Hasbro Mix n Mash game - its so much fun!!  Its the Guess Who I remember from  years ago, playing with kids I babysat, my nieces, and nephews, etc....only with a twist.  There are over 3,000 face combinations in this edition!!   It isn't just a man or [...]

>Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally Review- Family Movie Night!!

>Sometimes on Fridays, we do Family Game Night.  Tonight, we did a Family Movie Night.  We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally.  Mickey and his pals are back doing what they do always, making silly mistakes and solving problems with the assistance of Toodles...although there's a twist- Toodles now has the ability to sing and [...]

>Tweetie Pie Bags Blogmania Sponsor Review

>I saw Tweetie Pie Bags on another blog about a month ago.  I fell in love.  Love, I tell you.  I'm sure by now you are all fully aware that we try to live a green life in our house, and my kids are enthusiastic supporters of this.  Part of living green includes our shopping [...]

10 Ways to Make Your Favorite Foods Healthier #SmartOnes

>You know, even if you aren't trying to lose weight, eating healthier is never a bad thing.  It's not like a doctor is ever going to look at you and say, "you need to eat more junk food, and add some trans fats to your diet, please."  So I am going to share with you, [...]