iPieces Games for iPad by Pressman (Giveaway) #GiftGuide

ipieces snakes and ladders

I have a FUN stocking stuffer idea for all of you who own iPads!  Pressman Toy has these fun new games that bring old school board games into the world of technology- the new line of iPieces!  These games are fun- the digital boards mean things can move, you can have sound effects, etc.  That's ...

Magic Forest app review

magic forest logic based app

I have found a really, really cute physics based app from Ola Games that 4 of us in my family cannot get enough of.  Magic Forest.  It's cute, it has animals, there's no voilence, no  questionable language, and has just enough challenge to keep you interested (at least until level 16, none of us can ...

What are your favorite apps?


I have my phone...and my iPad, and we have an iTouch, but we're kind of lacking in apps.  I mean, I have the important ones (email, Facebook, Words with Friends) but clearly I'm missing many.  So what are your faves?  Have you found any super cool apps you love? I asked friends and readers and ...

Teach kids about money and finances with Tykoon #MoneySmartKid

Tykoon app for kids and money

My kids are getting to the age where they want to buy their own "stuff."  Maybe it's something I won't spend my money on, or maybe it's something they really want and it's not birthday or Christmas time- my husband and I decided that we'd let them start having opportunities to earn some money in ...

2 FREE Apps from Disney Junior out this week with “Yo Ho, Let’s Go Summer” promotion

jake and the neverland pirates, apps

We are big Disney Junior fans around here.  Wholesome programming with positive messages, engaging characters and fun storylines make for entertaining programs that interest all three of my kids.  That doesn't happen very often.  We've already downloaded Jake's Never Land Pirate School (remember, it's free!) and the kids love it.  I wish it was compatible ...

Catalogue App by TheFind has me hooked

catalogue screenshot

So I have this super fun new toy.  Maybe you've heard of it, the iPad3?  Yea, I'm all kinds of lucky.  I finally have one.  My husband jokes that it has become attached to my hand.  Not quite that bad, but probably not that far off. One thing that's fun about the iPad are the apps...I've ...

FREE Storia ereading app from Scholastic!

storia app from scholastic

Scholastic has a FREE ereading app, Storia, available for many platforms right now- you can download it on your Windows laptop or desktop, for your iPad and coming soon for Android tablets!! The app comes with 5 FREE books when you open it!!    

FREE LeapFrog LeapPad and Explorer App and eBook!

free leappad apps

Yay for freebies!! I'm downloading these free LeapPad apps while I type this post up quickly so I can't share what we think, but I'm confident they'll be fun, I haven't met any LeapFrog stuff that wasn't in all my years of parenting!! Getting these freebies is simple- connect your unit to the computer, go to ...

Babydot- New Parents Chat (App) $100 iTunes #Giveaway

babydot logo

In the age of smartphones, new parents have it far easier than many before us.  Or before them, since I guess I'm not a "new" parent anymore.  Got a question in the middle of the night?  Worried about a symptom?  Not sure why this is happening, or that makes them crabby at 3 am?  There's ...

The Looney Tunes Scene & Sound Machine APP: The Digital Card

happy birthday looney tunes card

What can you do with The Digital Card feature of The Looney Tunes Scene & Sound Machine App? You can choose from a variety of headers (main greetings), then add your own personalized message at the bottom in a text box.  There aren't a ton of options to choose from for frames or images but you ...