Dollar Store DIY: Flower Flip Flops

Are your feet ready for flip flops? If so, head over to the dollar store and snag a pair (or 10). You will be amazed at with a few supplies what exactly you can do to it! Take a peek below at these fun spring flip flops you can make yourself, just in time for the spring season.


DIY Flower Flip Flops

Supplies needed:

Foam flip flops
Silk flowers
Spring ribbon
Hot glue, glue gun


As mentioned, everything we used in the sample project we found at our local dollar store.


1. Begin by cutting a 4 inch length of ribbon.  Bend it in half and secure the seam with glue.
2. Add a dab of glue to the ribbon and press it to the band of the flip flop. Hold in place until dry and secure.

3. You can now add another ribbon if you wish, or move on to step 4.
4. Snip the head of your silk flower so as little stem remains as possible.
5. Add a few generous dabs of glue to the underside of the flower petals. Press to the flip flop band and hold in place until dry and secure.
6. If you want a little more flare on your flip flops, cut additional ribbon, add glue, and press it under the blooms.


Your spring flip flops are now ready to be enjoyed! They look adorable with a sundress or are even great for gift giving. Gather your supplies and give this easy DIY a try!

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Orange Peel Flower Bird Feeder

Who says you need to spend big bucks on fancy birdfeeders? The truth is, you can create your own fun and frugal feeders from items you already have around your home. Take a look below at how with a few simple supplies, we created an orange peel flower bird feeder that is full of whimsy. It was so easy, and a great way to use some scraps that were otherwise headed for the trash. Take a look!


Orange Peel Flower Bird Feeder

Here is what you will need:

1 orange

Pipe cleaner


Silk leaves

Bird seed

We found everything we needed either in our home or at our local dollar stores

For the silk leaves, just remove the leaves from a silk flower bouquet. To do this, slide them right off of the stem.



1. Begin by cutting your orange in half and removing the fruit. We usually save the peel after removing the fruit for a salad, this way none of it is wasted.

2. Rinse out the peel well and then dry it with a napkin or towel. Poke a hole in the bottom of the peel with a sharp pencil.

3. Run a pipe cleaner (we used green for a stem) into the hole. Bend it into a knot on the inside of the peel so it stays in place.


4. Slide the silk leaves up the stem. If you are unable to slide them up, you can glue them on or twist them in place.


5. Fill the orange peel with seed and place the flower into one of your pots or the ground. It will act as a pick and go right into the soil.


Watch the birds as they swoop by and dine on the seed from this adorable orange peel flower bird feeder. This is a craft the kids, the birds, and even you are sure to love!



Felt Napkin Rings

These adorable napkin rings are fun and simple to make, and would be a great Mother’s Day gift (hint, hint, family) or just a fun craft to make for yourself. But some bright colored napkins to go in them, and you’ll have a beautiful (and inexpensive) gift made with love!



Turquoise felt

Red or Pink Felt


napkin rings supplies



Hot glue gun


1. Cut a 1 1/2″ x 5″ piece of turquoise felt.

2. Draw three different sized circles out of the red or pink felt. Glue one on top of the other using hot glue. Adhere a button of your choice to the top of the circles.

napkin rings button

3. Attach the stack of circles to the center of the turquoise felt. Create a tube out of the felt, overlapping the ends just a bit, and use hot glue to attach together. Repeat until you have enough napkin rings for the entire table.

napkin rings close

Snowflake Wreath from Paper Straws

I just love all of the paper straws I see in the party supplies or in the baking aisle.  They come in so many patterns and colors.  I recently found these blue paper straws with snowflakes at the dollar store and thought they would make a fun craft.  The last few days have been so, so very cold and we’ve been staying inside and doing crafts since it’s too frigid to be outside playing.  Today we made a Snowflake Wreath from those adorable paper straws.  This project took about an hour and cost less than $10 to make!

Snowflake Wreath from Paper Straws

Snowflake Wreath from Paper Straws


  • Paper Straws (I used about 5 packages of 15 count straws
  • cardboard to make a wreath form
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • scissors
  • wooden snowflake ornament
  • white paint
  • paint brush

winter straw wreath


Begin by cutting a circle from a piece of cardboard.  You could use other things for the wreath form but I found that the hot glue secured the paper straws to the cardboard better than to other items.  I first tried a ring for a mason jar and the straws did not want to stay attached.

winter straw wreath

Begin attaching the straws to the cardboard ring with the hot glue.  I attached straws opposite each other first to try to keep them somewhat in line, then added the straws in between.  Do not crowd them but keep them close together.  I let the straws overlap the card board on the inside by about 1 1/2″.

winter straw wreath

You’ll probably have lots of strings of hot glue but those can easily be removed when the wreath is finished.  Continue gluing the straw on, now overlapping them.  After you’ve made the wreath quite full with whole straws, cut several in half and add those.  This gives the wreath more depth and dimension.

winter straw wreath

Paint the wooden snowflake ornament with white paint and let it dry completely.  Once  dry, attach it to the center of the straw wreath with hot glue.

winter straw wreath

The cardboard ring that the wreath is mounted to easily slips over a trim nail or wreath hook.

Hang and enjoy all winter long!  I know after taking my holiday decorations down I needed something new and fun to brighten things up!

Frozen Peg Dolls Craft

Sorry folks, the Frozen craze is not yet over. Clothing, toys, snacks, etc… Nope, I don’t think it is going anywhere soon.

frozen peg dolls vert



These Frozen themed peg dolls are a great way to indulge their love of Frozen in a simpler way.  Handmade gifts show that you put time and attention into just the perfect gift, even kids can recognize that.  These dolls are ideally sized for travel, great for keeping the kids busy in a restaurant or at the Dr.’s office or work with smaller doll houses.  You don’t have to be an artist to paint these, the key is to use a small paintbrush and keep it simple- just a few key details make these characters completely recognizable. If you are a craft supply horder like I am you will probably only need to pick up a bag of unfinished wood pegs.


 Frozen Peg Dolls Craft


unfinished wooden peg dolls

small paintbrushes

Acrylic paint in the following colors :

light blue

light teal/aqua

pale yellow

reddish brown

purple black




Black fine tipped paint pen

white fine tipped paint pen

frozen peg doll supplies



Go ahead and put about a quarter sized dot of all your paint colors on paper plates (this makes for super easy clean up)

frozen peg dolls paint

We are going to paint these dolls in 3 different phases and let them dry well between each.

Start with Olaf- paint him white all over, set aside to dry while you move on to the other.


olaf peg dollNext paint Elsa light teal/aqua from the neck down.

Paint Anna’s Skirt area and chest blue, set aside to dry.

Once your peg dolls are dry to the touch:

Paint a dark purple cape on Anna, add detail like flowers to her dress front, paint on her hair.  Use white paint pen to add dress details (and the white streak in her hair). Add dot’s for her eyes and pink cheeks if desired. For very small detail work I use the opposite end of the brush, there is more control using the tip of the hard plastic than in bristles. Remember the key is to keep it simple.

anna collage

Paint on Elsa’s light blonde hair, don’t forget her famous side braid. Paint her light blue cape, if desired while paint is wet add a little glitter to make her cape sparkle.

frozen peg doll elsa collage


Finish of Olaf’s features like his carrot nose, eyes, arching eyebrows, buttons, and his stick arms.


If desired add a coat or two of clear spray paint to help your peg dolls last a bit longer.  Include a piece of white felt for a playmat and some small snowflake buttons or ornaments. These would be great in a sensory bin, travel case, or on their own.

DIY Ornament Gift Tag

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BIC® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tis the season for shopping…and wrapping.  Here are some fun (and easy) DIY Ornament gift tags you can make to add something personal to your packages- and also give a homemade keepsake to your family and friends! diy-ornament-gift-tags

DIY Ornament Gift Tags

What you need:

BIC Mark-It™ permanent markers (I used #Sapphire)

Cardstock Ribbon Scissors Printable ornament gift tags (OrnamentTemplates) OrnamentTemplates Your creativity   Inspiration: bic-merrymarking-sapphire

Directions Print your ornament templates on cardstock (or go freehand- I’m not skilled enough with scissors to do freehand) Design, decorate, have some fun with the ornament gift tags Cut out your ornaments, cut the ornament opening at the tip, slip ribbon through. Tie ribbon at top, curl ends, affix to package. Super simple, really fun, and these really add a personal touch to your gift.


Make sure you get the booklet of merry marking and a coupon to start marking! Plus there’s a $1 coupon!


After you’ve opened your gifts, enjoy those ornament gift tags on the tree.  Happy Holidays!

diy ornament gift tags

What’s the next thing you’ll be Merry Marking this holiday season? I challenge Kelly, Melissa and Jen to get to some #BICMerryMarking!

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Silhouette Portrait T-Shirt Project

I have a new toy, and I love it!  The Silhouette Portrait puts all other crafting tools to shame-  Not only is it super easy to use but the variety of projects and mediums that you can use makes it a crafters MUST have on your desk at all times item. Check out what I made on my first try with the Silhouette Portrait!

silhouette portrait main


I must say honestly, at first I was intimidated when I first opened the Silhouette Studio software. There were A LOT of drop down menus, options, and various tools for the machine.  There was no way I could learn this. I decided to start with a project using one of the kits they sent me-the Heat Transfer Starter Kit, this kit came with 5 different colors of heat transfer material in various finishes, a hook tool for lifting cut vinyl, an instructional DVD, a simple booklet, and a card for 10 exclusive  heat transfer designs from the Silhouette Online Design Store.

silhoutte cameo heat transfer kit

The first page in the book had simple step by step instructions for using the kit with your Silhouette.  While there are a lot of options on the software the instructions broke it down so easily that I was choosing and  downloading images from the store in less than 10 minutes after I installed the software-seriously that easy.  I opted for a simple T-Shirt since I had a couple white plain t’s laying around waiting to become craft projects.  I found this cute phrase, pulled out the vinyl I wanted, and had it cut and inhered in another 20 minutes. Here is how I did it.


Choose and download your image and/or fonts from the design store.

Create your design.

Choose mirror option (the booklet will give more detailed instructions on how ) so that when you iron onto your fabric it will be the correct way.

Select type of material that you are using from the right drop down menu, it will tell you exactly which setting to put your blade on, remove blade and change number with the tool provided.

silhoutte screen shot

Insert heat transfer material shiny side down.

Press button to feed it into machine.

Send to Silhouette (via the top row of buttons in design studio).

The machine cuts out your design within a minute or two.

Peel off excess vinyl, leaving only the design attached to the shiny transfer paper.

Place clear backing so that the design is on your t shirt, cover with a thin cloth, and hold iron over the entire design for 45-60 seconds. Remove fabric, and backing, if letters stick to backing instead of fabric, lay it down again and repeat, be sure to press firmly.

silhouette portrait collage

The heat transfer kit isn’t only for t-shirts you can dress up plates, mirrors, pillows, candle holders etc…

This isn’t all the Silhouette Portrait can do however- it cuts card stock, vinyl, fabric, transparencies, vellum, magnet paper, and more. You can also replace the blade with sketch pens and make customized stickers or other embellishments.  If you are a beginning crafter or a veteran and have been thinking about purchasing one of these machines I highly recommend the Silhouette Portrait.


Silhouette has some amazing sales going on right now !

Portrait Bundle – Portrait machine & 1 free year to Club Silhouette for $179.99

CAMEO Bundle #1 – CAMEO machine, Designer Edition software upgrade, Dust Cover, 4 Tools and $25 Download card to the Silhouette Design Store for $269.99

CAMEO Bundle #2 – CAMEO machine, Design Edition software upgrade and 1 free year to Club Silhouette for $299.99

CAMEO & Portrait Bundle (One for you, one for a friend!) – CAMEO machine, Portrait machine and 2, $25 Download cards to the Silhouette Design Store for $299.99


Already a Silhouette user? Use my code-  THISMAMA to receive 40% off at (*excluding machines, design downloads, download cards, subscriptions and gift cards)

PLUS Free Shipping on orders over $25 for the lower 48 states 50% off all designs at – no code needed!
One reader will win a Silhouette Portrait!



I received the Silhouette Portrait electronic cutting tool as well as a heat transfer starter kit and double sided adhesive starter kit in exchange for my review but opinions are my own true impressions of the products.

DIY Gift Idea: Manicure in a Jar

Items Needed to make this DIY Gift Idea: Manicure in a Jar:

Cotton balls

Sealable Clear Container


Ideas for Gifts:

Nail polish

Nail File


Nail Clippers

Travel Size Nail Polish Remover

Hand Lotion


Fill the bottom of your jar with cotton balls.


Add in your gifts, placing additional cotton balls around items to help keep them up right.


Fill remaining empty space with cotton balls and seal the jar.

Print the labels, affix, and you are done! Manicure PDF (Labels)


DIY Date Night Invite

This post brought to you by BIC®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of this mama loves.

My husband is the hardest person on my list to shop for.  He doesn’t like a lot of ‘stuff’ and we don’t like to buy gifts just to buy gifts. BUT, he’s also my husband and I love him and want to do something for him for holidays. Thanks to a little inspiration from the folks at BiC, from their BiC’s Month of Merry Marking, I have a whole date night planned out that I’ll surprise him with Christmas morning.

DIY Gift Idea: Date Night Invite

First, I made some movie tickets. I’ll let him choose the movie we see, since it is his gift. This was my inspiration, you can get the booklet of merry marking and a coupon to start marking on your own! diy-date-night-collage Which I took a few liberties with, but it was inspiration and I decided since we are trying to have less “things” in the house, that buying new cardstock just to match a color was maybe not something I needed to do.  I actually love the Fandango Pink on the green paper, it’s fun and festive!

DIY Date Night Invite


What you need:

Cardstock (color of choice, although I’m pretty sure the pink won’t show on a black paper very well) Free Movie TicketTemplates TicketTemplates BIC Mark-It™ permanent markers ( get the booklet of merry marking and a coupon to start marking at home!) Scissors (I had a pair of scrapbooking scissors with a fun edge plus regular scissors) Adhesive (I used a roll of double sided adhesive so the edges don’t curl up) Your creativity


Cut your cardstock into 2 same sized movie tickets. Use our free printable template to make life easier (I tried for an hour to freehand.  Fail!!) I am in love with these markers. BiC’s array of vibrant, low odor and acid free (no added acid, no measurable pH) BIC Mark-It™ permanent markers are so much fun to play with.  SO many colors, a nice fine tip so you can use them on any sized surface… and fun options like the metallics to add a little pizazz to your projects. diy-date-night-supplies Once you have your supplies set, it’s time to relax and get your craft on. I didn’t want to go out and buy new cardstock because I have a good amount- not the perfect colors, but this was not a spend money gift idea. diy-date-night-template You CAN also print the template with cardstock and skip this whole thing, but I decided not to. Either decorate the tickets as cardstock or on printer paper and then cut them out. diy-date-night-template-done

I stayed with the #FandangoPink suggested by BiC in the Merry Marking booklet because I LOVE pink and it’s the best color ever, so why stray? The ultra fine tip meant I didn’t have bleeding into other letters or anything. Once my tickets were designed and cut out, I used a strip adhesive that’s double sided to adhere them to the cardstock.  Then I cut using the outlines. After they were all cut and affixed, I traced the outlines with one of the Metallic BiC markers and you can’t even tell there was black under. Now, the tickets were done, but I felt like they were lacking in presentation. I gave my husband a gift card to a semi-local restaurant we love for Christmas 2 years ago.  We haven’t made the time to use it. So I decided… since I was making this and not wanting to spend a lot… I’d be a little sneaky and include that dinner gift card with our movie date tickets.  Still needed something for him to open to see it all together… and decided I’d just have a little fun, nothing fancy. diy-date-night-coverHere’s the inside: date-night-invite-inside Much better than an envelope with tickets, don’t you think? Now that I made a card, I didn’t have any envelopes to put it in, so I decided I could make something that I can stick on the tree for Christmas. I folded it over the card, wrapped bands of cream cardstock around (cut with scrapbooking scissors) and used my adhesive again to affix it.  Looks a lot like a fun surprise to me! diy-date-night-packaged

I challenge Jody, Racquel and Laura to join me in the #BICMerryMarking crafting!! What will you make?

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Frozen Inspired I SPY Ornament

OK,  this one combines several things that kids love so it should be  a big hit in your house. Frozen+Handmade Christmas ornament+ I Spy Game= Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! This is a fun idea to make and let them give to their friends, keep for themselves, or use in an ornament exchange.  Here’s the thing.. it is super easy and inexpensive to make even a half dozen of these up Start by picking up a multi pack of clear plastic balls on sale this shouldn’t cost you more than a couple dollars for 4 to 6, then use a little imagination to turn what you already have on hand into “Frozen” props. Let’s get starte

Frozen I Spy Ornament
frozen i spy


Supplies Needed:

Large clear plastic ball ornaments

Fake snow, epsom salt, or clear bath salts.

small Frozen or snow themed items

Hot glue gun/sticks

Ribbon or string



Pull off the hanger portion of your ball ornament.

Make sure every object you choose can fit inside the opening of your ball, I used an oversized clear ornament  to give me a little more width. Choose your items for I Spy-  I cut a heart from craft foam to represent the sisters love, a small  smooth rock for the rock people, a flower for Elsas eternal spring and optimish,  a small bent piece of orange chenille stem for Olafs nose, a snowflake button, I also included  alpha beads in the first initial of all the main characters- O- Olaf, A-Anna, E-Elsa, K- Kristoff, etc

Before you load up your I spy spread all the items you are going to use inside on a piece of white paper and snap a picture. Print this out and laminate or cover in clear contact paper on both sides so kids can mark off objects as they find them with a dry erase marker.

frozen i spy pic

Now take all your little items and drop them gently through the opening.

frozen i spy items

Use a funnel (or a funnel shaped piece of paper if you cant’ find yours because you never put things back where they go-which may or may not have happened to me) to fill your ball between ½ to ¾ of the way full with filler, I used epsom salt because that is what I had on hand.

Place the tongs of your hanger  back inside but don’t seat the metal cap yet, run a generous line of hot glue all the way around the neck of your ornament and press cap down, allow it to dry for 5 minutes before touching again. Tie on ribbon, or use a pretty glittered tulle in Frozen colors to dress it up a bit more.