Rice Krispies wants to know what’s hard for your kids to digest #HardtoDigest

What’s hard for your kids to digest?  Around here, the things that are hard for my kids to digest, in no particular order:


This is a sponsored post, opinions are my own.

1. Film cameras.  Blank stares when we showed them.

2. The concept that no, mommy was not around the week God created the earth.

3. Wearing underpants EVERY time we leave the house

4. Why can’t we put things in our nose?

5.  How long it takes for Christmas to come.

6. But WHY do we have to have healthy grow food every time?

7. Why can’t I have some of my gum? (At 2 am)

8. Why don’t you ever give me my food in a bowl on the floor?

9. When can we get a pet skunk?

10. Why can’t we put stickers on our privates?


There’s rarely a dull moment around here.  Or, really, any home with small children.  Kids don’t always find the adult ways of doing things, or rules about how to do things, easy to digest.  At least with RICE KRISPIES® CEREAL, you can rest assured that it is easy for kids to digest.  That’s because it’s made of rice, which moms know is gentle on tummies.

Truth be told, when my littlest one was about 2?? One of the big kids mentioned wanting the noisy cereal that talks for breakfast.  After she freaked out and didn’t want her cereal to talk, she heard the fun snap, crackle and pop that we’ve all known for so long and proceeded to only want talking “ice” ripsies for months afterwards.  Kids are so funny!


Photo Credit: RiceKrispies.com

What are YOUR kids’ hard to digest moments? If you share them with Kellogg’s using the #hardtodigest hashtag, you may just see it pop up on the RiceKrispies.com website! 


DIY Glow in the Dark Skeleton Halloween Shirt

  Disclosure: This DIY skeleton Halloween shirt post was sponsored by Hub Network through their partnership with Circle of Moms. While I was compensated to write a post about Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash Costume Contest, all opinions are my own.


What you need to make the DIY Glow in the Dark Skeleton Halloween Shirt:

Glow in the Dark Duck Tape (sheets or rolls of tape)

Black shirt (Short or long sleeved)


Here’s where the internet learns just how little drawing talent I have!

I would gladly have used the sheets of glow in the dark duck tape but wasn’t able to find them locally in time to get this done. I like to let the kids wear their Halloween stuff for at least the full month before Halloween-otherwise, they wear it once and that’s it!  If you do the sheets, use  utililty or craft knife to cut the bones out. 

I kind of traced the outline of a skeleton I found online and traced it piece by piece onto the glow in the dark duck tape. Made things easier for me since I’m not an artiste, to say the least! I think it would take a lot less time to just freehand.

I got this done while hanging out watching a movie with my husband- one kiddo has a fun new Halloween shirt, and now I can easily make more for the other 2 kids!  I’m thinking we may do some accessorizing like a “tie” for a boy skeleton and a hair bow for a girl skeleton.  We have a lot of duck tape around.

If you want, you can enlarge the bones  and add a pair of black pants or leggings and make a full skeleton costume.  It really wouldn’t be much more work!


This is an easy costume idea for the kids who don’t really like to wear a full costume but want to enjoy the fun and festivities!


hub-network-annual-halloween-bashSpeaking of Halloween costumes, the Hub Network is having their first annual Halloween Bash Costume Contest and they want YOU to enter!  This is a FUN promotion- I just spent almost an hour looking at the submissions so far- I just love looking at kids in costumes, don’t you?  So put your creative caps on and get moving- there’s just 19 days left to submit your entry for consideration. Who wouldn’t want a chance to win $25,000?

Costumes must be original, one of a kind.  Nothing store bought. The six costume categories:

1. Spook-tacular

2. Howl-arious

3. Blast from the Past

4. Everyday stuff

5. Animal Kingdom

6. Mad Genius
Entering the Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash Costume Contest gives you the chance to win a  prize valued at $25,000 !


And with the blink of an eye, summer is gone #CherishedChildhood

It’s over.  Summer, that is.  We did something new this summer, the kids and I, and had a blast.  We laughed, we played, we swam (a ton) and learned a lot.  We made new friends, visited with old, and have so many new memories. Memories that I will cherish – and hopefully, my kids will too!


We climbed (and lost teeth)


waited out a storm in puddles


swam on a shark


and on a dolphin


played marbles with friends


and painted toenails when her chin got split open and she couldn’t do her swim lessons.

So many memories to cherish and so many more to make…

The folks at Gymboree want you to join them in celebrating and sharing cherished moments in childhood. Gymboree has created an amazing new video to help kick off this campaign and I am thrilled to share it with you. This video is truly touching and must be watched by all parents. So watch and enjoy, then share your favorite cherished childhood moments in the comments! Be sure to use the hashtag #cherishchildhood when commenting or if you share this video with friends! Without further ado, I present to you “Today we’ve got to play!” sponsored by Gymboree:




Pretty Poppies for Back to School ($100 Gymboree Giveaway)

This post about Pretty Poppies for Back to School is brought to you by our fashion forward friends at Gymboree.  I don’t even think I have a lot to SAY about these pieces- I think the photos kind of speak for themselves.  Gymboree is known for quality clothing that comes in lines that mix, match and coordinate to your heart’s content.  My oldest chose this Pretty Poppies outfit specifically SO she and her little sister could match for back to school and I think she did a great job choosing pieces.


You can see that my little one has some growing to do before these fit her really well, but thanks to adjustable waist jeans, she can wear them now with no issues.  They will fit better length wise when she actually wears shoes, but hey, it’s August and we’re not back at school and the only person who wears shoes consistently in our family is my husband.

Speaking of shoes, both girls are upset that I didn’t order the adorable and glittery navy ballet flats that go with this outfit.  I promise you I would have but honestly? I couldn’t afford to include EVERYTHING! I did notice they ARE on sale when I was looking for the link to the outfit so they may just show up at the front door in the next week or so.  They really truly would be the perfect way to finish off this outfit!


I am amazed that my 8 year old is wearing jeans- and willingly.  She’s NOT a jeans girl.  But these are nice and soft, plus adjustable waist, and how can you not love the poppies on the bottom?  Too cute.  The seam that goes down the legs just gives the jeans a little extra bit of fun and she loves that.  The over-the-top-cute patent leather bow belt was a must for her.  We did not get the belt for my 4 year old because, well, she’s still learning to undo snaps on her pants and she waits way too long as it is to go to the bathroom. We dont’ need any obstacles in her way.

Little sis got the bracelet (pictured above) in lieu of the belt.  Actually, she got 2 bracelets, because my older daughter declared that it was too tight and doesn’t fit. (So there you go.  The bracelet runs small). My little one is the accessory girl in our house anyway, so she’s happy to wear 2 or 20 bracelets, necklaces and anything else she can put on her little person.


One of the things I love the very most about Gymboree is of course that they make a great quality product, which means I’m getting my money’s worth, but also…at the end of the day, they stay true to the idea that they are making clothes and fashion FOR KIDS and they design the clothes to be played in.  Sometimes I find brands forget that kids move and climb and jump and cartwheel and however else they want to move and aren’t just sitting at a desk or in a magazine shoot.  Gymboree does not forget.  My girls were MORE than happy to strike a bunch of poses to show just how much you CAN do with their fabulous new outfits.


So, now that you’ve decided that you want your children dressed just like my girls for back to school….or maybe not (…although I won’t be upset if you decide to tell me how darling they are or how cute they look.  I really won’t.), who wants to win a gift card to spend for back to school or whatever else you’d like???



One reader will win a $100 Gymboree Gift Card!



Home Depot Kids Workshops are fun and educational #DigIn

We are a family that does our projects ourselves…we always DIY.  I think we’ve hired someone to do things exactly three times since we purchased our first home.  Naturally, our kids want to help and be part of our projects, but sometimes those projects just aren’t suitable for little ones to be helping.  We try to include them whenever possible.  As they’ve gotten older (I say older, when my oldest isn’t quite 8 and my youngest is still 3), we’ve been able to give them different tasks and they’ve been able to be more a part of things.  Having them learn the tools and skills they will need to be able to help with our family projects and also with their own down the road is important to us as parents to teach and instill in our children from an early age.  That’s where The Home Depot Kids Workshops come into play.  I’m not sure why we’ve not been going to these since – well, since we had kids, but we’ll be making them a part of our schedule on the first Saturday of each month. This post is part of a series of posts that The Home Depot has sponsored on this site to talk about all kinds of DIY projects and including kids within those projects.  home depot kids workshop getting help

The Kids Workshops are free to all and happen on the first Saturday of each month.  This past month we were able to go and my younger two were able to make little herb planters.  My littlest one is 3, and she was not able to complete the project independently, but with some help from Mr. Nick, pictured both above this paragraph and below. He had so much fun with my daughter, she was telling him just what to do and what he needed to “do the job right” like a Phillips screwdriver.  It was very clear to all of the adults at our workshop that Nick really and truly does enjoy his job, especially on Kids Workshop days.

home depot kids-workshopMy 5 1/2 year old was VERY very excited because he could do this project 100% by himself.  He beamed all day long with pride.  It was awesome.  He loves to use real tools and this was no exception.

home depot kids workshop all by himselfThe Kids Workshops are set up so that families can walk up, do their project, with all parts, pieces and tools easily accessible, and when finished, each child gets a pin for their very own Home Depot apron!  Kids learn some DIY skills and have fun doing so, and get to show off their projects.  It’s a great program and we can’t wait to go back!

home depot kids workshop plantersHere are our herb planters.  3 pots had sprouts.  1 kitten got into the pots.  We are replanting the post this weekend.

 The Home Depot offers other kid-friendly DIY experiences. FREE hands-on workshops designed for children ages 5 – 12 are offered the 1st Saturday of every month at all The Home Depot stores between 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Workshops teach children do-it-yourself skills, tool safety and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment. All kids get to keep their craft and receive a FREE Kids Workshop Apron, commemorative pin and certificate of achievement.

It’s home improvement time, and The Home Depot has everything you need to #DigIn for Spring. No matter what projects you want to tackle, they have great values on all you need. They’re ready to help you with renovation ideas and expert advice, too.

Get over $300 in email exclusive savings each year, sneak peeks on new products, monthly lawn & garden ideas for your region and access to The Home Depot’s gardening experts. Click here to join the world’s largest garden community today! Or go to homedepot.com/gardenclub to see some of the many benefits of membership.

June’s Home Depot Kids Workshops will be lawn mower pencil holders on June 1st.  We can’t wait!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.




The kids may leave your phone and tablet alone with the MG! (Giveaway)

play mg android based gaming device giveawayAttention parents! You may get your smartphone back– without having to get your kid their own!  Play MG (M=More G=Game) is an Android based gaming system designed for young people under the age of 18. It’s got a nice-sized 4 inch touchscreen and over 60,000 apps to choose from.  Kids can use their own money to buy more apps and games, or maybe, if they get lucky, a little of mom and dad’s money instead. The MG has a sleek, modern design and will definitely fill that tech-lovers need to have a cool new gadget- at a surprising price that won’t break the bank.  The reason?  There is no contract for service.  No data plan to pay for each month.  The MG uses wi-fi.  It’s kind of like a little tablet that fits in your pocket.  It’s got photo and video capability with a 1.3 megapixel camera.  With the wifi and the camera capabilities, I think this does work more like a pocket sized tablet than a gaming system.  I think the “big names” are going to have some serious competition on their hands!

play mg with charger and protective case

The MG comes preloaded with 11 games.  Eleven.  That’s not too shabby.  The unit alone sells for $169.99 although it’s marked down to $149.99 right now AND it comes with some extras- including $10 of premium games already loaded onto the unit, an 8gb micro SD card, plus a $10 credit on the “BillMyParents” SpendSmart prepaid with Mastercard on deposit (which is where you can have your own money or the kids’ money loaded to add more games to their MG). The charger isn’t included with purchase because the device can go into any standard USB charging port.  That’s good for our earth! (And in my house, one less thing to lose track of…)

Not sure you want to have all of those games already loaded when you gift the MG?  No problem- there are 2 other options for purchase right now- one is the MG unit with a case plus charger, priced at $159.99- which comes to a $15 overall savings. Be prepared because there are 5 case colors to choose from.  Not adult colors and definitely not little kid colors- perfect for the teens and tweens who will be using this device!  The 8mg micro SD is included on all of the MG models!

The last option for purchase right now is the MG gaming system with 2 cases. This would probably be my first choice- if only because I love cases and view them as accessories first and protection second.  This runs for $169.99.  This would be an awesome holiday gift and if you wanted to add something else, you could add some cash to a “BillMyParents” card!


The $10 worth of top EA Mobile games ‘Need for Speed Hot Pursuit’ and ‘NBA JAM’ preloaded
• Eight Com2uS popular game titles preloaded; Slice It, Swing Shot, Homerun Battle2, Tiny Farm, Tower Defense, 9 Innings Baseball, Super Action Hero and Derby Days
• Proprietary MG Origins Avatar System: as gamers use the MG, they gain points, customize and unlock the origin= story of their own personal gaming companion
• 1.3 Megapixel Front-­‐Facing Camera and ability to shoot and play video
• Stereo Headset Jack
• Operating on ICS 4.0

Did I mention? The MG fits in your pocket!  This is going to get parents their smartphones back, my friends.  Just you wait.  Of course, I have a feeling that a few parents may start playing with the MG themselves….it’s a pretty cool device, after all. Parents can also rest assured because of Remote Trust that all MG units come with – parents can access and view anything their child is looking at, downloading or playing on the MG.

Play MG is available for purchase on their website and also on Amazon.com. This would make a marvelous gift.

Now the exciting part: one lucky reader will win a PlayMG of their own! 

To Enter: Leave a comment telling one feature of the MG device you like or can’t wait to check out!

Want extra entries?
Leave a separate comment for each entry method you do and either leave your username or the URL of your “share”

Visit PlayMg.com and tell me something you like or learned.  Leave a comment with what you learned, liked, loved or bought!

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This giveaway will end on December 21 2012 at 11:59 pm EST. Winner has 24 hours to confirm shipping info. We’ll do our best to get this to you by 12/24!

A sample was provided to facilitate this post. Opinions are my own.

The Children’s Place Superstar Model Search- have you entered? Have you voted?

childrens place kids model searchCalling all aspiring – and adorable – models. The Children’s Place is launching its second annual model search this fall to discover its next superstar. Does your little star shine for the camera? Submit a photo of your handsome little man or darling little girl, and he or she just might win a starring role in the upcoming photo shoot for The Children’s Place, as well as a $500 shopping spree.

I love The Children’s Place- great style, great quality, and great comfort.  Plus you can’t beat the pricing!

Simply visit The Children’s Place to upload your photo and vote on your favorite little rising star!  Maybe they should call this the 5 superstar model search, since there will be 5

There will be a grand prize winner selected for each of the following categories:

· Newborn (boys and girls, 0-12 months)

· Baby Boy (1-4 years)

· Baby Girl (1-4 years)

· Boy (5-12 years)

· Girl (5-12 years)


Each grand prize winner, along with two designated guardians, will receive round-trip air transportation to the glam set of The Children’s Place photo shoot, as well as a $500 gift card to spend on all the latest styles.

Additionally, one entrant will be randomly selected each day to receive a $50 gift card to The Children’s Place, and one lucky bonus sweeps winner will receive a $500 gift card at the end of the contest.

WHAT: The Children’s Place Model Search

WHEN: Going on now – October 20th, 2012

WHERE: Visit The Children’s Place to enter and vote


Kidorable Hooded Towels (Discount & Giveaway)

kidorable hooded firefighter towel

My kids have kind of outgrown all of our fun towels.  It’s kind of sad, for me.  I know they will grow older, but can’t they have fun and be super cute while growing older?  I was happy to see Kidorable’s current Hooded Towel promotion.  Adorable and FUN towels that are big enough even for my 7 year old (the larger size, size M, is for ages 3-6 but most styles are very generously sized to get you several years of fun (dry) use!) 

kidorable fairy towel

All of the Kidorable towels we have had to date except for the Fairy towel have a snap to keep the towel secured in front- which means kids are able to wear it as a towel, or a coverup at the pool/lake…but also means they can use their towels for dressup and pretend play.  You can see by the photos that the fairy towel has a bit of a different shape and this one does not have the snap- it has a lot of cool embellishments on it that make it so much fun instead!  That’s one thing I really like about these towels- they are soft and plush, yes, but also made so that kids can use them- and want to use them.  The Mermaid towel has shell pockets- which, if you know any 2-4 year olds, are huge.  Add a pocket to something, and you have given them a magical gift.

kidorable mermaid hooded towelkidorable fairy and mermaid hooded towelskidorable fairy hooded towel










From September 15-30, you can save 20% off your entire order when when you purchase one of their super soft cotton hooded towels.  Use code DRYOFF33 at checkout!

Our customers tell us that our towel designs are the best anywhere.  Now our towel quality leads the industry as well.  The old material was a soft and absorbent terrycloth.  The new material retains all that is good about that, and adds a layer of super soft velour.  The result is an equally absorbent, and now lighter, brighter, softer towel.  These quality towels come in two sizes—newborn to two years, and ages three to six.  Check out all our towel styles for girls and boys!

These towels make wonderful gifts- I can’t tell you how many times I hear from parents that their kids don’t need any.more.toys.  Why not a fun towel that will get tons of use?  They are priced at $38 each but with the 20% discount, you’ll pay just $30.40 and have a gift that will be used over and over.

Kidorable would like to send one reader a hooded towel of their choice!  


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Samples of this product were received to facilitate my review. Opinions are my own. 


5 Things I Never Thought I’d Say

There are many phrases parents don’t expect to utter until they have children….here are a few of my current faves!  Parenting sure is fun sometimes!

1. Please don’t cut the cat’s hair…your sister’s hair… the dog’s hair…mommy’s hair….

2. Please don’t put stickers on your penis.

3.Please don’t feed the cat waffles.

4. Please don’t feed the baby the dog’s food.

5. Please don’t lick the lobster tank.

lobster tank

Photo credit: http://www.swwilson.com/stainless_steel_pan


Got any of your own?


Yoplait Trix Yogurt Offers Healthy Snack Options for Kids

We try very hard to offer healthy snack options for our children.  I’ve struggled with weight my whole life, and I’m trying to instill healthy habits from an early age in the hopes that my children don’t follow this particular set of footprints of mine.  One of the things I’m thrilled that my children love to have for snack is yogurt– all three of them love it.  Their current favorite is Yoplait Trix Yogurt.  They love the Trix yogurt for the fun Trix bunny, plus the “fun” flavors offered.  I love it because yogurt is a great source of Vitamind D, calcium and protein, and I know that yogurt is a snack that will fill them up and keep them going.  They also love that they can have yogurt with “cotton candy” for a flavor, because they have had cotton candy exactly twice in their lives, and would love to have it daily.

Another thing I like as a mom with the Trix yogurt is that it’s budget friendly.  Often on sale, and frequently with coupons out, you can have a little fun with the kids’ yogurt without breaking the bank.  I’m a buy it in bulk kind of mom- when I can, I purchase larger containers (my kids would do a very happy dance if I brought home a 32 oz container of Trix, I can promise that!!)- but especially when we are on the go, or when school starts again, it’s nice to have some more portable options around.

We have been known to push a popsicle stick into the foil cover of Trix yogurts and stick them in the freezer.  They are sweet enough to be a treat for the kids, and really, its hard not to love any snack that comes on a stick!  Mostly, the kids just love to have it.  They’ll eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack if we let them.

We try to encourage the kids to have a variety of healthy foods each day- for snacks and meals.  We also try to get creative with yogurt- aside from making yogurt popsicles, we’ve also put frozen blueberries into it (the yogurt freezes around the berries, making them almost frozen little treats) and my little ones really love dunking pieces of graham cracker and strawberries  into their yogurt as a dip.  There are so many ways we can include healthy snack options for our kids – and it always amazes me how one little thing changed can make an old snack seem new again.  Setting out tiny cups of yogurt “dip” with a platter of fruits and a few graham crackers or animal crackers makes for a huge hit with the kids- its the same fruit and yogurt we’re eating on so many other days, but switch it up and it’s like new!  The kids are happy they have a fun snack that tastes great, and I’m happy because they are eating healthy foods.

Trix yogurt has no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors or sweeteners.  I hate buying products with high fructose corn syrup and my kids know if there is HFCS in something, mommy’s probably not going to think about buying it.  Trix is a treat in my house and my kids get very excited when I bring it home for them.

Trix yogurt also comes with Box Tops for Education on the packaging- which shows me that this is a company that cares about our children and our future.  Our school here in town collects Box Tops, and I’ve got just about everyone I know collecting them along with us.  It’s quite simple, really- you just cut the little box tops out and tuck them into a baggie or envelope.  Drop them off at a local school or at a neighbor’s house who has kids.  It’s such a simple way to help our schools!

“Trix are for kids” but unwanted additives definitely are not. That’s why Yoplait® Trix® Yogurt comes in silly, swirly flavors kids love, without high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, or sweeteners. It’s still the same bright, fun, colorful snack, only better. You’ll love that they love it!

What are your families’ favorite healthy snacks?  Do you have any creative ideas to share?  

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by General Mills via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of General Mills.