7 Ways to Attract Mosquito Eating Birds

If you are struggling with mosquitoes in your yard, attracting mosquito eating birds can be a wonderful solution. The truth is there are many birds that love eating mosquitoes, and can eat dozens a day certainly helping reduce the number of biting bugs on your property!

Some of these birds include barn swallows, purple martins, robins, nuthatches, and chickadees are all perfect for eating mosquitoes, and with the right elements in place will love flocking to your yard. Take a look below at 7 ways to attract mosquito eating birds so you can enjoy more birds and less bugs!

Attract mosquito eating birds to your yard or garden with these simple tips!

7 Ways to Attract Mosquito Eating Birds

1. Provide fresh water.
Birds will always flock to fresh water sources. Keep a bird bath, fountain, or better yet a bubbling water source in your yard. It will be sure to attract them and keep them coming back for more during the hot summer months.

2. Use multiple feeders.
Space feeders all over your yard and not in just one spot. You want the birds to visit all areas of your yard and not congregate in just one space since mosquitoes are in fact all over the space! Be creative with your placement and put feeders both high and low and in various corners of your yard for best coverage.

3. Switch up your seed.
The more kinds of birdseed you use, the more kinds of birds you will attract. Try blends, sunflower seed, safflower seed, and even suet. These various varieties will help attract a wide assortment of birds which is your best bet for getting the best mosquito eating coverage.

4. Provide plenty of ground cover.
Birds feel protected when there are low shrubs and ground cover for them to hide in. By planting ground cover and low shrubs, you will attract more birds who will feel safe and protected on your property. It also provides shade on hot days and cover during storms.

5. Put out plenty of housing options.
Invest in a few bird houses and place them in various spots of the yard. Like your feeders, you want to spread them out to cover a fast area. This way birds won’t stay in one spot of the yard but spread out and provide more coverage.

6. Keep cats indoors.
If cats are known to roam your yard, the birds will steer clear. Instead, keep cats indoors where they won’t scare away your mosquito eaters! If you do need to let your cats out, supervise them and make their outdoor visits brief.

7. Practice patience.
You may not see birds right away. Instead, give them a few weeks to find your food sources and bird houses. Once a few get the idea, the rest will quickly follow. Be patient and once you have established your yard as bird friendly, word will get out!

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Are you ready to enjoy more birds and less biting bugs in your yard? Give these 7 ways to attract mosquito eating birds a try and see what a difference they can make.

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